Why some women are "easy"
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  1. Why some women are "easy"

    In the case of insecure individuals, sexuality always makes a premature entrance. Since a woman of low self-esteem does not have any genuine virtues to offer a man, such as courage, integrity, nobility and so on, she must create value in some other manner. Typically, the “value” that this type of woman brings to the early part of a relationship is sexual availability.



    It seems to me like this argument doesn't work as most men, if they were better at game, would sleep around more. But does wanting sex automatically equate to being low-value? Similarly, does a woman who "puts out" necessarily have lower value just because she's horny a lot?

  2. I think the quote is very right. You got it in a wrong context.
    Wanting sex isn't low value but having sex just to keep the mate is.
    There's no problem with horny people.

    Wanting sex isnt low-value. The excerpt talks about women who GIVE sex because they can't offer anything else.

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