You know when you know you're fu*ed? (rebound??)
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  1. You know when you know you're fu*ed? (rebound??)

    You know when you're in a situation where you know you're fu*ed but still wants advice or reasons to neglect or deny your hopeless situation??

    Well, I think I'm in that situation right now...

    I chatted with a girl, who's BF had broke up with her and, she said she didn't have any feelings for him but was still really really sad cause he was her first...

    She started chatting with me and she looks great so I kind of messed it up by being too kind, goofy and available, (no challange)... So she lost interest I think... I know I have opened her but can I somehow fix the "damage" cause she knows by know I want her...

    My friend said she's a rebound and I agree but, I think she's worth waiting/fighting for cause she has style and character no other girl I met have... not to speak of her angelic look...

    she's 19 and I'm 20...

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    If you feel in your gut that you're fucked in this situation, then you most likely are. This girl used you as therapy to get over her ex. Do you really want to be someone who can get used like that? Just end it now or regret not ending it earlier when she ends it. I know you're probably not even going to listen to me, because I was in a somewhat similar situation not too long ago and people here gave me the same exact advice.

  3. I will listen to you man... thanks

  4. aah fu*ck! I can't every time she responds she melts my heart man..

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    it's going to suck WAY worse when she dumps you and all of the sudden cuts off all contact with you. she will more than likely do it in a completely detached manner and will have no qualms about crushing your heart. there's a possibility that if you dump her now, you will get breakup sex for a little while and also be able to hunt for new bitches. if you're not in a situation where you can get breakup sex, then still, who cares.

    like someone said earlier, the relationship where you're miserable while you're with her and miserable when you're without her, that's the WORST.

    dump her and be the better person. she's a user cunt.

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    btw, you're oneitising. there is no woman worth fighting for unless she completely reciprocates your respect and love for her.

  7. well, im telling her right now about rebounding and that we should cut our communication... let's see where this leads, juz hoping i aint makin a misstake, cause she seems kind of pissed, dunno if she's playing games tough...

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    Yeah, you don't want to be the rebound. I spent four months trying to get a girl who got dumped by her bf, and in the end, she still went crawling back to her bf. Almost a year later after things ended, I still don't like talking to her (we're in the same program). Don't waste your time; find a girl who wants to be with you, not one still hung up on an ex.

  9. Ok but the girl u was with, did she convince u that she didnt had any feelings for her ex? cause i told her about rebounding but she said she wanted o know me and eventually get rid of the wounds, she says its painful and takes time... but i dont know man, im so confused right now...

  10. Update:
    After a month together with her - she broke it off...
    (odd because I'd threatened breaking it off 3-4 times but she resisted)


    I tell you guys, even if I knew I was fucked from the beginning- I gotta admit, it surely was all worth it, at least we had sex and all.... and I feel you know... more developed as a person.

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