Vol. 55 Gaming in Public Transport - (Future and Pendrixx)

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    Vol. 55 Gaming in Public Transport - (Future and Pendrixx)

    Have you ever been lucky enough to be seated next to a total knockout on a 5 hour flight and then realized that you were totally unprepared for the opportunity? Have you ever spotted that beautiful girl on the bus or subway and did not know how to properly approach her without coming off like a creep? Have you ever been in an elevator with a stunning woman and completely froze because you knew you only had 30 seconds to make an impression? Well that is about to change. Join New Yorker Future and Boston native Pendrixx as they teach you how to make the most of these opportunities and also share their own triumphant experiences of gaming on public transportation.

    Some of the points discussed on this interview are:

    •Differences between gaming on public transport vs. a nightclub or coffeeshop
    •How a sense of social awareness will help you when gaming on public transport
    •The best way to approach a girl on a plane
    •The best way to approach a girl on a bus or subway train
    •The best way to approach a girl in the elevator
    •How to overcome the uneasiness of approaching with other people watching and listening
    •How to approach a girl who is preoccupied with her cell phone, Ipod, laptop, etc.
    •How far you can take this type of interaction

    Quotes From The Interview

    "Get logistics out of the way early"

    "Even if she feels awkward for getting hit on in front of other people, it’s not going to take away from the underlying attraction she’s feeling for you as a confident man."

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    Vol. 55 Gaming in Public Transport - (Future and Pendrixx)

    Future and Pendrixx are mad cool. It's clear they know what they're talking about. I take the bus everywhere (no car!) but honestly, after hearing this, I just see it as a whole new opportunity. The interview is called "Gaming on Public Transport," but it's really about gaming anywhere with a time contraint based on physical location. My initial thought was... why wouldn't I just wait for a situation that's not socially awkward to talk to girls like at a bar or club? But there are some interesting pros -- for example, it doesn't take that much to be entertaining on a plane, elevator, etc; It mostly just takes balls and some social intuition. The interview also offers great lines and some smooth moves.

    Future is hilarious throughout and Pendrixx seems chill. They talk about the importance of generally having good vibes and not letting your environment or anything get in the way of your success. This interview is really good.

    Nice quote from Future..
    "Wow! Look at this: I'm having sex on a plane -- in my seat. I mean, it was odd to me, and I've got phenomenal game. That's how far it can go."


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    wow, that's awesome. Now I gotta take a listen.

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