Did I handle this AMOG right?
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    Did I handle this AMOG right?

    I didn't realize this before, but I've become my social groups Alpha. Everyone looks to me to get parties going, and when I do, they attract a wide group of people and it’s always a big deal.

    Anyway, I organized this bon fire the other night. And this dude (the AMOG in question) showed up with an HB5 (HB6 if I was drunk). The HB started paying more attention to me because I had the attention of the group.

    The fire was burning really hot because we had just thrown some pallets on, and a flaming log rolled out of the fire. I was trying to use a stick to flick it back in and it wasn't really working. People started lightly teasing me because it did look humorous and it obviously wasn't the best way to get the job done, but I was determined to make it work to show everyone I could…you know…just messing around and joking while doing this.

    Keep in mind, this log has been in the fire for a while and it's covered in burning embers. I would most certainly be severely burned if I touched it.

    This dude then was like:

    AMOG: If you were a real man you would pick it up with your hands.
    Me: I would think it would be manly not to have giant bruises on your hands (I meant burns, but said bruises. He then gave me shit for misspeaking but I can't remember exactly what he said.)
    AMOG: Come on, be a man, just grab it.
    Me: Are you the Arbiter of All that is Man?
    AMOG: Uhhh what?
    Me: Never mind. Can get your number so next time I need to feel manly I can give you a call and ask what the manliest course of action is?

    I didn't give him a chance to answer. I left the fire circle to get another stick, so I could use them as chopsticks....which worked.

    I am thinking I handled it okay because he didn't give me shit after that. How did I handle that guys?
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    It kinda seems as though you were on the defense... if you allow him to put you on the defense that way it makes him appear more alpha. Maybe you should have just laguhed with him and said "you are absolutely right" (with a huge smile) and allowed him to demonstrate the correct way to do it. Then even if he DID succeed in getting the log back in you could have initiated a round of applause and patted him on the back slightly harder than normal. He would have felt like an idiot either way and the group would have seen that you were completely UNPHASED by his attempt to AMOG you.

  3. yeah over exaggerate his action, be like woooah! first man on earth to put a log back in the fire with his bare hands... good on ya pal.... "oh by the way.. how are the hands...?"

    but i doubt anyone is stupid enough to touch that..

    or even call him out, say "who invited this guy?... anybody...?".. or " Here bro, you can do it.. you need to impress the hb5 more than me.. all yours brother!"

  4. Quote Originally Posted by amyzz View Post
    " Here bro, you can do it.. you need to impress the hb5 more than me.. all yours brother!"
    That's a win.

  5. "I quite like my hands the way they are"

    Are you the Arbiter of All that is Man? - This is bad because it is too vague, you lose interest here.

    I would have been like go for it...

  6. You took him seriously = auto fail.

    Nidmight's response is the correct one.

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    "Arbiter of All Men"?

    "Enough comments from the peanut gallery if they're just going to sit and watch. Come on,... AMOG, you're the one who's trying to impress the girl, roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty..."

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    First of all, what the fuck? What kind of idiot grabs a flaming log with his bare hands?

    But nah, you handled it pretty good. Sucks you misspoke with the bruises thing, but it sounds like a one-time thing. People will probably forget about it. You're fine.

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    Thanks for the responses everyone. I do think I could have handled it better. Good suggestions. I don't think it was too damaging though, because he left soon after and I didn't make a big deal of it, but next time I see him I'll know how to handle him.

    Thats the bummer about living in Alaska. The towns are too small and you run into the same assholes over and over....

    It also makes gaming slightly more challenging.

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    Hell, if you can't pick up a 1000 degree burning log with your hands then you're chump. Just the other day I picked one up with my dick. I'm currently on the three year plan in which I will train myself to pick a melting led pipe up with my tongue. It'll be real manly and all the HB5's will dig me.

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