Good excuses not to put your relationship status?
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  1. Good excuses not to put your relationship status?

    I've been trying to get the 'perfect' girlfriend. But i realize my game is too poor to get a good looking smart girl who I could be fully into. So Ive decided rather than staying a virgin, and missing out totally on life experience, I'll go for second-best... overweight or not so good looking HBs. But I don't want everyone to know about her. Kind of shallow, but if you know you're not in it for the long-term, no point letting others see your temporary girl.

    What are some good excuses I could use to tell her why I'm not keen on putting our relationship status on facebook?

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    Why do you need to change your Facebook status if you are not in a serious relationship with a girl? I dont get it... I have a FWB that ive had for weeks now and my status still says single.

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    Hmmm...I can't think of a good reason to tell her why not.

    Try telling her you are shy and don't want everyone, including people that really aren't your friend, to meddle in your business.

  4. Don't be an asshole. Fat chicks have feelings too, contrary to popular belief. Nothing wrong with dating or stating that you are just looking for a fling. Also don't be down on yourself. You damn sure can meet that girl at any moment so stay sharp.

  5. Don't bring it up.

    If this girl brings it up tell her it's just a casual thing right now. Nothing serious. Since you're trying to improve your game that's all this girl should be right? You should still be out gaming other girls and learning get higher quality girls. This "fat girl" should just be a FWB and you need to make sure she understands this, in a nice way.

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    just act as if you really passionately hate people that post up all the details of there life for everyone to see on facebook

    consider doing other things to make you look congruent. like removing your date of birth, restricting access to your page, changing how your name is spelt slightly

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goilli123 View Post
    Don't be an asshole. Fat chicks have feelings too.
    Yea the feeling is called hungry

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Armac View Post
    Yea the feeling is called hungry
    Good stuff!

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    Has a girl actually asked you why you haven't put a relationship status up? I just have the hometown part filled out. I use it more like Linked In, and I've pissed women off by not taking their friend requests because I had a couple of accounts, and some women figured that out. But my name's kind of common and I've had friend requests from complete strangers thinking I was someone else (esp. when you don't write where you currently reside), but the smartass in me came out and we hit it off well enough to keep in touch and meet up, had a fun time. I'd tell them "you were just looking for a date and threw darts on FB, weren't ya", and she'd prove to me that she was telling the truth, but it was all in fun.

    I'll ask her what her sign is and backtrack it to the day she wrote me, and if it's something to the effect of "you're going to meet someone important today", send it off to her so it's like I was destined to meet her and see what her reaction is. There's tons of horoscopes out there from the local paper to whatever you find on search engines, look for one that works in your favor. If people play the lottery, they usually read their "horrorscopes", too, they're hopeful people with dreams and look for good luck. FB also has the horrorscopes and predictions. Oldest line in the book is "what's your sign", but it's chick crack unless she's a hardcore analyst type and big time skeptic who thinks that's all a bunch of crap.

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    hahaha i get you!!! some girls take to serious being "facebook official" ... do what i do!!! change your facebook relationship status to something funny like "widowed" and when she asks you why is like that just tell her a funny story about your relationship with your fish that died or something like that...

    also another thing that works is to hide your relationship status... (when it stills as single) so she wouldn't ask you to put it back.. for her it's hard to send you the "relationship request" so it'd be harder to also ask you to show it on your profile. if she does send you the request. accept it and then hide it.. if she asks why you'd do it tell her that "you don't like other people to know about your private life"...


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