Mr M & Jeremy Soul Bootcamp - London, September 2010
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    Mr M & Jeremy Soul Bootcamp - London, September 2010

    10-11-12 September, London
    Instructors = Mr M and Jeremy Soul
    Approach Coaches = Venture, MarkV, Micha, Spinstorm and Farmer (for one of the days)

    Overall Impression / Recommendation
    I would highly advise ANYONE who's looking to improve any particular part of their game to attend a bootcamp if the combined package of Mr M and Soul is on offer again! To say that they are expert teachers in this field would be akin to saying that Megan Fox is pretty - it's incredibly difficult to do their prowess (both in their game and in teaching it to others) justice in writing, it almost has to be seen to be believed

    Bootcamp format
    Three classroom seminars (2pm-7pm Fri, Sat and Sun)
    Two in-field sessions (10pm-2am Fri, Sat)

    Mr M and Soul led the class [~10 people] through the different stages of the emotional progression model, covering everything along the way (approach / transition / attraction / qualification / comfort / seduction / relationships / social circles), including the very basics but also going into more detail on any of the more challenging aspects (also went into further depth into anything that students had further questions on).

    There were lots of interactive exercises along the way as on the first day, Mr M along with other approach coaches made attendants play out "he said / she said" exercises, work on "trigger words", corrected body language (the first of many thank yous that will go to Venture in particular in this recap) and played out direct and indirect opening and transitioning to get everyone ready for the first in-field outing.

    Saturday saw a recap of the in-field session (perhaps one suggestion is to make the process more efficient as I didn't think that a lot of the students were paying attention to others' sticking points and mainly wanted to talk about their own with specific instructors/coaches that saw them in action) and then continuation of going through the emotional progression model, this time looking at stages beyond making initial contact (which what effectively Friday in-field was all about)

    Sunday also started with a recap of the previous day's in-field outing and then concluded with the theory behind the final stages of the emotional progression model + Soul's quick introduction to Day Game for those that haven't had the chance to experience it.

    On Friday, everyone started out at "Tiger Tiger" and then some people went on to "Jewel Bar" round the corner at a later stage of the night. If you're not familiar with these venues, I would paint the following picture: imagine Amsterdam's Red Light District trialling "free blowjob hour" and times the amount of people that would show up by 2 and you get the volume of sets that were on offer that night. Of course, being the sweaty tourist meat markets that they are, you wouldn't have mistaken either for the Playboy Mansion in terms of quality but the main point of the night for pretty much every student was to practice opening and transitioning sets after several tweaks made by instructors and approach coaches. There was a very high level of personal attention and I could see that student sets were always being watched by someone (and feedback was meticulously noted down on iphones!). Those with approach anxiety of any kind were simply being pushed in and I believe that even the most shy students overcame it (if not that night then by the end of the bootcamp). Also, every instructor and approach coach that I spent time with was willing to perform a demo on cue if asked by anyone. Big thank you #2 (and special props of the night) goes to Venture who was able to demonstrate phenomenal escalation to f-close a girl who didn't even speak English in under 5 minutes.

    Saturday was a little bit more fragmented as students were split up into different groups but the premise was the same - retain volume around Leicester Square areas and try to get into as many sets as possible for practice (if anyone is super-picky like me, I'd still say that it's totally worth doing anyway - there are two arguments... there are still hot girls out there, just a little harder to find but I've number/kiss-closed three 8+ ranked girls [on a high standards scale] and one of the worthless sets that I opened just to warm up as per Soul's suggestion later gave me a phenomenal DHV spike in a random street opening which got me another number as it turned out the girl was heading to a birthday party in one of the dive bars we just came from and I was able to throw in the names of the people there [sometimes stars align bizzarely!]). Also remember that in London, it's basically impossible to go anywhere else besides that area and get into the upscale clubs with only a bunch of guys).

    I won't be able to speak for everyone's experience that night as I saw only some of the guys some of the time but I was lucky enough to have gone street gaming with Soul and quite honestly, I have NEVER had so much fun on the game front in my entire life. I've never done direct approaches before coming to the bootcamp [big thank you to Mr M who simply forbade me to approach anyone in an indirect way on the first day and pushed me through my fear of the type of blowout I haven't encountered before] and having got over that sticking point, I was ready to embrace street game and learning it by Soul's side made it as easily digestable as is humanly possible. Having seen Soul in action on the street and opened sets with him, I can honestly say that there is no one out there who's better than him at the moment.

    Some individual points:

    Mr M >> brilliant to see in-person, phenomenally knowledgeable about the subject, a great teacher and public speaker as well. Takes feedback to a new level as I've never seen anyone type so furiously on an iphone after pushing a student into set after set. Phenomenally attentive to individual student needs - was always happy to address individual sticking points in classroom breaks and in-field (even picking specific locations to suit different people). Also, as a particular highlight, he's the only one who was able to perfectly contain what could only be described as a live nuclear warhead of a protective-bodyguard-woman-type of a 2-set that I was working (3 students and 2 approach coaches were blown out by the inner b*tch shield in this 5'2'' Mike-Tyson-in-Michelle-McManus-body girl) - his push/pull with her was a work of art

    Soul >> as per above, quite simply on a different planet (which I didn't even know existed before going on this bootcamp) when it comes to day game. Different style to Mr M but has a great way of teaching the class and is unbelievably well-spoken when it comes to anything within game. I found that he was able to introduce little nuances and tweaks to things that I haven't even considered before. I will say on the record that getting in a set of 4 Swedish girls with him and watching him progress everything in a perfect way, especially on the logistical front, was my favourite 10 minutes of the bootcamp. If you have an opportunity of coming to one of this workshops, don't think twice.

    Venture >> big thank you #3 ... not only was he always hugely willing to help in any way, his particular take on body language and escalation was extremely beneficial. It was also brilliant to be able to observe his particular game style on this program as if one compares getting a girl to getting inside a house, Venture doesn't bother knocking, kicks the door down, helps himself to a beer from the fridge, settles down on the couch and puts his dirty shoes on a sweater that Grandma's been knitting for Christmas... And then the girl thanks him for showing up. Has to be seen to be believed in some cases.

    MarkV >> doesn't mess around when it comes to approaching ... I've seen him push many students through the fear barrier and he made some great points on locking in + routine stacks in class exercises

    SpinStorm >> one approach coach that never wasted a second [he took me day gaming during tea breaks in seminars!] and tried to impart a brilliant mentality to all students when it comes to approaching which I'm pretty sure helped quite a few overcome anxiety

    Main Suggestion:
    Like I said earlier, I'd highly recommend this bootcamp to ANYONE who's looking to improve their game. The main suggestion to anyone that does (I honestly think this is the most important thing) is as follows: follow exactly what instructors tell you to do - make sure you check your inhibitions at the door and be ready to "roll with it", even if what you're told to do doesn't immediately seem obvious or natural - these guys KNOW what it takes to get you good and as long as you're willing to keep trying what they say, YOU WILL GET BETTER

    So a final big thank you to all the instructors and coaches for an awesome weekend, you're all responsible for some crucial tweaks to my game which has already yielded great results! I'll keep working on everything you guys recommended and will always be extremely grateful for your help in getting on this path.
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    Since Vx2 has covered a lot about the course, I will cover more about why I signed up, my experiences and what I achieved from it. So if someone is reading this review because they aren't sure whether to make the decision to go on the course, it might help. Maybe you're in the same shoes as I was.

    About me
    Before signing up for the bootcamp it was a long decision to make. 2000 is not easy to part with, but personally I came to a point in my life where I hit rock bottom and was willing to try anything.

    I wanted to make sure I was making the right decision though, so I read a lot of previous love systems reviews, watched the videos and bought the magic bullets book. I wanted to test what I read in the magic bullets book first so I went to a club which I haven't done in a long time (5 years) and used the techniques. I was surprised how far I managed to get with a girl but I still sucked pretty bad (I got to kiss her, but before that it was 5 years since I had even kissed a girl).

    When signing up for the course I asked myself why I was doing this, for me it was to be able to get to know lots of different girls and in time, be able to choose a girlfriend instead of settling for a girl I knew through a friend or online. After signing up, the thought of making the wrong decision crossed my mind many times.

    Boot Camp
    Friday came and we had a seminar with Mr M and other approach coaches. I was very nervous but Mr M has a way with words, and before I knew it I was in the mood to try what he was teaching. We did some role play with Mr M and the approach coaches. It was tough at first being told what you're doing wrong but eventually I got there in the end. By the time I finished the role play my body language improved and I knew how to speak correctly to a girl.

    Friday night was infield and the point of this exercise was to practice on opening and transitioning. On the way to the club my nerves were through the roof. The only way I managed to get over my approach anxiety was to keep telling myself they are just girls, I won't be seeing them again and all I expect is to fail so I didn't have any expectations. I asked the coaches for a few examples to give me the courage to do it myself. What I noticed was that sometimes even the coaches got blown out and I remember being told, everyone gets blown out at some point, no-one is perfect. After hearing this it made me realise even if a girl did reject me, I could go find another one who would be interested in talking to me. I got assigned a coach and he pushed me into many sets, by the end of the night I must have approached roughly 20 girls. I found that I was going a lot further than opening and transition. I managed to get to comfort quite a lot, but each time I got to that stage I ran out of things to say. I had to wait until saturday for my lesson in comfort.

    Through the night we all got assigned other coaches. I really enjoyed that because each one has their own style and you got to learn so much from it. The problems I had on Friday was the fact my body language and eye contact sucked again. Mr M watched me approach various girls and wrote down everything I was doing wrong and showed it to me. I remember him telling me not to be offended but all I was thinking about was, tell me everything you know, I felt like I was in a gold mine. By the end of the night I had approached some girls by myself and was proud of what I achieved.

    On Saturday we had another seminar, and by the end of the seminar I knew what most girls would say to me so I wrote down some routines I would use if I got stuck. That night I approached around 15-20 girls. I was even more nervous than Friday when I got there, but my coach just put me into sets and it got a lot easier. The change from Friday and Saturday in me was huge in my opinion. I managed to get 2 phone numbers, 1 face book and I could have kissed closed a couple girls but I wanted to exit and practice more. I still messed up a lot, for example, I remember approaching one hot girl and everytime she told me something about herself I kept saying that was boring, however I did manage to stay talking to her longer than I normally would have if I hadn't taken the course ( I ejected myself rather than being blown out too).

    I am hoping someone reads this who is similar to me and is unsure whether the course is worth it or not. It is, you don't have to be good looking to get the hot girl, it might help if you screw up more, but the guy who knows how to talk to women properly is the one who gets her in the end. I am an IT geek, I haven't had a girlfriend in 5 years, I rarely go out and I managed to achieve what I thought was impossible. I like to think you need to change things in little steps but this experience has given me everything I need to be able to go out where I live and talk to a girl and the chance to find a girlfriend.

    The Instructors:
    I want to say a big thanks to all the coaches who helped me and put in all the effort they could.

    He did everything he could to help me and even though I was difficult, he persisted and didn't give up. Pushed me into sets I never thought possible, I learnt a lot from him. That 6 set of girls were the hottest group of girls I have ever gone up to in my entire life and I managed to do it all alone without a wing and I got one of the girls facebook (and it was real!!! )

    Being around MarkV was like having balls of steel. He gave me the confidence I needed to approach girls. Always helping me improve where I went wrong. I remember talking to a Russian girl and he just moved me into the bar to lockin and I couldn't get the grin off my face afterwards.

    Mr M:
    There is a reason they call him one of the best in the world and having the chance to see him and learn from him has helped me more than I ever could have done by myself. Mr M was always doing everything he could to help each and every student, he was an amazing teacher.

    The moment I saw him walk that smoking hot girl past me as my jaw dropped to the floor, was what made me try approach hot girls in the clubs. He showed me how far you can push your own limits and how far you can progress in the time that he has had.

    I remember seeing him walk in for the first time and couldn't believe my eyes. After watching all the videos and finally being able to meet in person was like meeting a celebrity. Thanks for all the help you gave me. I remember him tapping me on the back and reminding me about body language and through my mind at the time I was thinking "What a legend".

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    It was great to meet everyone at the bootcamp and a huge pleasure to help you guys succeed with women.

    When you get it to become part of who you are you realise that you can meet women anywhere and at anytime - there is no reason to ever miss an opportunity!

    Vx2 - It was a shame there were not more girls walking past us when we were out!

    Matt Dragon2 - That was a smoking hot table and they all wanted to hear what you had to say!

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    There's not much else I can add, it was a fantastic weekend and you will be shattered by the Sunday, but I would definitely recommend it. Some advice I would offer;

    - For those that really suffer with A.A. try and get over it beforehand. (Just asking for the time or directions is a great way to start, the build up from there). Trying to deal with it out in the field during the bootcamp in my opinion, is not a good way to utilize the valuable time you have with the instructors.

    - Get a wingman. (Depending on your location, it can be just as hard as pickup itself!) The best way to go would be to do a bootcamp together, or if you cant find one before, you may find a wing at the bootcamp. Having the instructors teaching you together, I think would benefit you so much more.

    I hope this is helpful.


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