First FMF threesome set up for next week.
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  1. First FMF threesome set up for next week.

    Hello all, wanted to see if anybody had any advice on this subject. I have an 8.5 that I have been "visiting" for about a year and a half, behind her bf's back. She bragged about my making her squirt to one of her friends and now they both are planning on "visiting" me togather next week. Both are 20 and very bisexual, and have bf's they will be cheating on with me. The friend has never had an orgasm, and thinks I will be able to change that (I made no promises!) Needless to say I am very looking forward to it. Any advice would be great. Yes its going to be a GRRRREAT week!

    PS I owe all of this to mystery and his staff

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    What advice? Just make them squirt and fuck them.

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    Very nice man.. Dont think you need advice just do your job haha

  4. I was referring to positions and such?

  5. Seems like you are trying to brag... If you need advice on positions you shouldn't be banging 2 girls. Do every position

  6. Fuck yea I am, I worked hard to get to this point and I dont want this fucker coming off the rails. A friend of mine had the same thing and it self destructed part way thru. I am not asking how to doggy a chick from behind, more of how to work the dynamic of ths situation. Do they compete, do I compete with them? Is there a buyers remorse with this kinda deal? I suspect that is what happened to my friend.

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    I've gotten an older woman to squirt who has never squirted before. She was laying completely flat on her stomach and I was straddling her from behind. I think this position puts a lot of friction on the G spot. Give it a try

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