Texting Vs Phone Calls with Strippers

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  1. Texting Vs Phone Calls with Strippers

    I had an interesting conversation today with a buddy about whether its more appropriate to text or call a stripper.

    My Buddy believes that when dealing with strippers its almost never appropriate to call them because its too personal, and that texting should be used exclusively.
    My theory is that you should mix texting and calling once you have built enough comfort. I have a more traditional mindset so Ive always favored calls over texting.

    I have dated several strippers in the past and never thought that calling would be construed as inappropriate.

    I wanted to see what the community thought about which school of thought is more appropriate.

    I have seen my text game increase by leaps and bounds through the help of the community. So any advice to advance my skills would be greatly appreciated.


  2. I don't have much experience but one thing to note is that if the stripper is working, its very hard for her to talk because of the level of the music, and texting would be better. To hear your call she has to go to the dressing room or go outside the club to talk. She may be dancing or sitting with a customer. I've generally got voice mail when I've called and they get back to me.

    That said I've found when they are interested in you and you don't respond to their text pings then they call you.

    Last night I was at the club and set up a tentative date with one. I used the princples of Magic Bullets and Braddocks text game book and made it for a specific thing and date but kept it tentative. She seemed interested. We locked phones and I told her to call me if she wanted to do it. She texted me this morning and said she wanted to and I said I would get back with her on the day to confirm. So I have a tentative date with a stripper/internet porn star.

    Even though I am basically at the AFC level the principles I've learned from the products here have been really helpful. There is a lot to be said for just getting out there and trying. Before dating science I went out to the hotel bar every night for four weeks when I changed jobs and pulled two one night stands and a girlfriend MLTR. If I had Magic Bullets and the Interview Series I am sure I would have pulled every night. In fact its fun to go back in my mind and thinking "oh, that's why that didn't work". I can tell you that in my experience the principles apply in strip clubs as well. I've DLV'd myself out of a lot of nce situations. But in strip clubs I think you have to demonstrate that you understand her reality.

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    Hey man i's reading your post and well take a look at this interaction that i had with a stripper not long time ago!!! tell me what do you think of it!!

    It was one of those nights were you decide to go to an stripclub!! and well being there and looking at those girls i decided to start using my game..

    unlike other instructors i go out and try to have fun and prove new techniques and i don't care if i look "needy" or "geeky" as long as i get the girl... so everything started with all of my friends wasting money by getting lap dances.. so i was there when one hot striper ( her name was "miss cuttie") haha approached and offered me a lap dance.

    misscuttie: hey do you want a lap dance..
    idronek:No but i'd accept a nice conversation....
    misscuttie: you come here to talk???
    idronek: i do actually.. i think strippers are really talkative and they always laugh at my jokes...
    misscuttie: really? hmm what you do for a living?
    idronek: i'm a party promoter ( a complete lie) and i'm also a dating coach...
    misscuttie: do you actually get money doing that?
    idronek: hey.. well let's drop the silly talk.. i will be having a party in 2 weeks.. and u're cute.. if you bring your friends, at least five of them i will let you come... it's gonna be a pool party so you have to look shiny...
    misscuttie: where??

    at this exact moment one of my drunk friends join us...

    drunkfriend: hey what's up cuttie... how much do you make a day???
    misscuttie: it depends on the night.. do you want a lap dance?
    idronek: hey that's interesting .. i used to date a stripper before.. and she told me that her club charges like 200 dlls a night .. and she can keep the change lol..... it sucked.
    misscuttie: well here we have like a "standard rate"
    drunkfriend: i'll give you $400 to go out with me...
    misscuttie: i don't do that.. i can't also..
    idronek: well here (giving her my cellphone) write down your phone number then i'll call you so you can party with me.. remember you have to bring friends and at least five.. and you won't be working so this means i won't pay you, you can come if you just want to have fun...
    misscuttie: yeah i will here (putting her cellphone number on my cell) ok.. give me a call so i can have yours..
    idronek: (calling her) .. enter my name as idronek. the god of love..
    misscuttie: hahahaha ok.. but i've a problem i can just get like 3 of my girlfriends is that cool?
    idronek: don't worry we will work it out.... hey come here... (opening my arms like i was going to give her a hug)

    she approaches kclose.. then my drunk friend says ... i'd love to party with you too...
    misscuttie: cool it's gonna cost you like $500 then hahaa
    drunkfriend: i will give you that money...
    misscuttie: nah i was joking i don't do that... well byee!

    a week after i ask her out.. we went clubbing and she brought 2 friends instead of 3 .. of course i didn't care.. they gave me preselection and i ended up fclosing her.. however my cellphone died like a week ago so i don't have her phone number anymore.. hahaha guess i'll have to do it again!!

    i think the key is to show her that you're a regular guy and you treat them like real women, not just because of her body, also that you see more on her than just a nice piece of ass..

    hope it helps


  4. Thats fantastic idronek. Very smooth.

    I'd add on texting that I think strippers are generally very good at texting, at least I've found that. The one I'm going on a traditional date with just texted me with a pix of her friend and asked if it would be OK for her to come too. How could I say no?

    Another thing I've noticed at my club is that the bad economy seems to be really cutting into their income and they are getting more desparate. That may mean they are easier to pick up.

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