Help, name failure.
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  1. Help, name failure.

    I met this girl at a bus stop. She's cute but has a bf (but it's a non issue as of now). The bus never came cause of the holiday so we ended up walking for 30 minutes and had a great conversation. It was late on a weekend and I had just smoked with my friends.

    Anyways it all went well she asked me for my number and I've been slowly texting her. We found out we have a same class and she skipped it today and wants me to help her study (which is sweet)

    The only problem is I'm not sure what her name is (the name in my phone is a guess lol) Should I go with what I think it is or is there a smooth way to get her to say it?

    Thanks in advance.

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    ZachE84 Guest

    Ask her for her full first and middle name. When she tells you, say cool - what do they mean? She will then go on to tell you how they came about.

  3. Remind me of your name.

    How do you spell your name.

    If you tell me your name again then I'll help you study.

    Let's be facebook friends. Tell me how to find you.

  4. I would tell her: "How do you want me to help you study if you don't even know your name" she will say "sure I do!" to which you reply "Really? What is it?"

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