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  1. Facebook Connect feature on this forum

    It is located right beside your account name, right where it says "Welcome, Username" at the top right of the screen... does anyone use it? Isn't it kind of dangerous to connect your Facebook account with this forum? Will it disclose your forum activity on Facebook?

    I don't know about you guys, but I would never link my Facebook account with this forum (for online privacy and safety reasons)...

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    yeah it's kind of useless for 99% of people. Don't click it accidentally hehehe

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    Yeah remove it if at all possible.

  4. I was kinda creeped out when fb first came out with the "fb platform." Going on websites and seeing which of my friends 'liked' some stuff and the website knowing my name pissed me off. I have the platform turned off completely. Even if I accidentally clicked on fb connect it would first ask me to turn on my platform before. So I am safe in that regards. For all of you who don't want the platform keeping track of all your internet activity turn it off.

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    I agree that it should be removed. A forum that prides itself on anonymity shouldn't make it easy for people to accidentally lose that anonymity.

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