my boss touches me
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    my boss touches me

    i've been working at a store for about a month now and my boss is a cougar and sometimes when i'm working she sneak up behind me and grab my sides or she'll sneak up and touch me and say tickle tickle, i haven't seen her do this to any one else i'm just wondering do you think she is interested
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    Yes, she is interested, and yes, it's a bad idea for her to do that or for you to respond.

    Also, I removed the name of the store, as this is a public Forum ...
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    my boss touches me

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    This is plain awesome. It's happened to me before. I didn't really respond (how could you?). I'd just take it as a compliment and something to look forward to at work, nothing else. You don't wanna be fired.

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    Are they hiring?

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    get this shit if you don't mind risking your job lol, i would totally go for it, but my job isn't important to me.

  7. Dont shit where you eat :/
    ...Or is it dont eat where you shit? meh i forget

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