Orgasmatron's Strip Club Safety Guide

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    Orgasmatron's Strip Club Safety Guide

    The following is pure fiction. Made from my imagination because I like to
    write fiction.
    For the guys who work or worked at strip clubs please feel free to add to this thread. I am
    sure many guys will appreciate it.
    1. Arriving at the club.
    Ah yes, if you are planning on using your car to visit a strip club and using their
    valet service be prepared for the following.
    Your car will be searched from top to bottom.
    My car was searched and I know because the people who searched it screwed up with
    my CD music case changer. They left it out poped out of it's holder and did not close
    the door.
    My guess was to see what kind of music I listen to etc.....
    At the savvy strip clubs the valet will inform the dancers inside the club what kind of
    car you drive especially if it is one that seems you have money. Smart dancers
    tip the valet for the heads up.
    So make sure you don't have bank statements in your car or anything of value like
    a laptop in your car when you visit.
    If possible take a taxi instead you don't want them to know where you live because
    of your license plate. They can find out where you live.
    Guys get asked " Do you live nearby?" by dancers....
    While you are at the club they are at your home stealing.
    2. Entering The Strip Club.
    If you decide to sit at the bar please don't flash cash or pay with a C-Note.
    Savvy dancers tip the bartender for info on which custys have large bills.
    Also never use their onsite ATM machine. They are usually large fees like
    up to $10.00 just for using the ATM machine for withdrawls or even checking
    your balance.
    Make sure you bring your own pack of smokes because at the clubs they
    are twice the price than at a gas station.
    3. Sitting at the Bar
    While sitting at the bar please do not leave any money lying around put it in your pocket.
    Some girls will grab the money if you are not looking.
    Now, veteran strippers know the best targets are the one's who are drinking or are having
    to much to drink. The reason is simple, because they can take advantage of you if you
    are not sober and your judgement is impaired.
    4. Common $1.00 tip Hustles
    If you are not paying attention to the stage some dancers will approach you and ask for a
    tip for their dance. Even though they did not dance at all for the last hour. This is frowned
    upon by others but it does happen from time to time.
    Another hustle is when you are immediately asked for a dance by a girl just immediately
    after walking up to you. If you say no, they immediately hit you up for a $1.00 tip instead.
    Double tap tip: This one girl came up to me and ask for a tip for her dance then after I tipped
    she asked for another dollar. I came up with a response for her that shut her down.
    " It would not be fair to the other dancers because I tipped them $1.00 only"
    Make sure you tip them $1.00 and not a $20.00 bill. I laugh my ass off when I intentionally
    tip a $20.00 and see how a dancer reacts. Some will notice the $20.00 and look
    away thinking that I made a mistake and not drawing attention to the act of me tipping.
    Good test of stripper character. Others will be cool and thank you very much or
    will tell you that it is a twenty to make sure that is what you want to tip.
    Be very aware that good strippers have a spotter keeping an eye on which pocket
    you are tipping from. Most guys when they are tipping will use their front pockets
    or if they have a jacket their jacket pockets.
    The reason for this will become clear later in this post.
    5. Phony Prostitution Hustle
    I had a stripper that was going from guy to guy at the bar telling them the following
    " I want to suck your dick" so for a $100.00 but when you are at the booth
    she will only give you a hand job and not suck your dick.
    I had a stripper say " You can do anything to me in the VIP for $" in the VIP
    only a handjob and the line " there is no sex in the VIP"
    6. B.S. Time Constaint.
    Many dancers work as a regulary at one place but to increase their close rate on
    custys they will say " I am from so and so city I am here for the weekend so if you
    want me. Now is your only chance because I got to go back" Total B.S. cuz
    I see her again the whole week. lol
    7. Common Drink Hustle.
    The Bottle Water Upsell: Had a girl ask for a drink and she ordered a Long Island
    but then added a bottled water to her order. Now you would think that
    water was $1.00.... ha! it's $4.00 for the bottle water. So she drinks the
    Long Island but then takes a lemon and shoves it down into the bottle water
    and never drinks from it. Then she goes to another guy and repeats the
    same process.
    You have to understand when a dancer first arrives to work her shift many
    of them need to warm up before they can start to approach guys or
    dance on the stage. Many of them will hustle drinks to get in the mood
    to work. Others will smoke weed to get in the mood. Many dancers
    need drugs like white, xanax etc.... to make it during their day.
    Some dancers will ask for a drink but instead they give it to their friends.
    8. In the Booth
    Please don't let a dancer start her dance in the middle of a song. Have
    her wait till the beginning of the next one. Also before you
    sit make note if there are any cum stains on the seats. You know
    girls give extras when there are those stains or a whole mess
    of napkins all rolled up. Yuk!
    Most dancers will strip slowly and air dance half way thru a song
    then begin to really friction dance the rest of the way in order
    to guarantee that they get a 2nd dance.
    9. Bouncer Blues:
    Since many of you are going out to sarge you will be easy to spot as a group.
    Because many bounces hate groups of guys who are there to just drink
    or watch sports but never buy dances. The bouncers make their living
    on dances but if you are there to just hang out don't expect love from
    the bouncer.
    Also don't be the idiots who don't tip $1.00 and say you did not
    see her pussy. Please don't be cheap otherwise you will be ignored.
    10. THE VIP ROOM
    This is where you must be at your guard. Why?
    Earlier I mentioned about you being spotted by a girl to see where you
    keep your cash. Well folks guess what there is pickpocketing in the
    How is it done.
    Method 1: Cut off the nerve that runs at your hip. If you have
    your pants on the girl will straddle you above the waistline
    and put her breasts on your face while her hand goes into
    your front pockets.
    Method 2: They ask you to lower your pants because of the belt
    buckle or they are making you believe something is going
    to happen but they leave your underwear on. Again
    they ride you and cover your face.
    Now your pants are hanging in mid air and you will never feel
    a thing.
    Method 3: Eat my pussy while I pick your pockets. Yes this
    one works too.
    You must understand, a good percentage of dancers are addicts
    and they will do what they have to, to get money to buy drugs
    including picking your pockets.
    Method 4: Bisexual Tag Team
    The hottest thing to sell is two women and you in the middle.
    They will either both go in to the VIP with you and one distracts
    the other steals.
    Or one goes into the VIP and suggests that her girlfriend
    to join you as well for free.
    10a. Rules for VIP
    Before beginning a VIP ROOM tell the dancer the following.
    1. Go to the bathroom and pee etc.... before starting.
    2. Get your drink or water.
    3. She is not allowed to leave for any reason.
    1 hour is 1 hour period.
    The reason being is that a common hustle is that she
    will say I have to go to bathroom and leave for 15 minutes.
    Or say she needs a drink because she is exhausted leaves
    to talk to her friend for 15 minutes or another custy.
    Remember that most VIP ROOMS do have cameras....
    Be careful if you are married or have alot to lose.
    Blackmail time baby.
    11. PIMP SLAP
    Guys about 25% to 40% of dancers in a club have representation. (PIMPS)
    These are the girls that give the extras. You can always spot
    these guys because the girls don't ask them for dances or tips.
    But you do see them getting money from different girls from
    time to time.
    If you are sarging girls DO NOT offer them free drugs.
    Pimps get their girls by getting them hooked on drugs so they can control
    them. By you offering them drugs you are undermining his business, so
    Also if you game is good and you are getting free lap dances from a dancer
    with a pimp. Lookout because you are costing him money.
    Also guys who are wasting the time of dancers with sarging and running
    a set are causing money problems for everyone.
    When a dancer first meets you and begins the standard what's your
    name, where you from etc.... Let her know right away that you
    are not interested in a dance. Dancers hate wasting their time
    on a guy that is not going to buy a dance. If after you tell her
    that you are not buying a dance and she still stays to talk to you
    then you run your game.
    You avoid pissing off the owner, manager, DJ, bouncer, Pimps etc....
    because you are not tying up the dancers from making money
    12. Pro Strippers
    Pro strippers have their regulars.
    These are guys that strippers meet outside the strip club and have sex with them and
    a fake relationship with them. She will ask you to buy her everything whenever you
    go out with her.
    Also there are the phony drama emergencies in the middle of the night asking
    for money for her sister's needs whatever.... or car problems.
    Remember that all strippers know guys want the fantasy of girlfriend who is a stripper.
    That is what every guy that walks in the club is looking for. They are in the
    business of selling the hope, the fantasy of the girlfriend experience. It's business
    baby and when you are out of money it's over.
    I hope you enjoyed this fictional post. I will post my methods and tactics
    in the lounge only. For those of you who think you are running good game
    and getting phone numbers etc.....
    Unless you FCLOSE it's all B.S.
    And for all the honest strippers ( Dancers, Entertainers) I have the utmost respect
    for what you have to do. It's the stupid immature girls who have no class and have
    to resort to stealing that I wrote this fiction from.

    IM me if you want to sarge. - Orgasmatron

    Miami, FL USA

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    Quote Originally Posted by orgasmatron
    And for all the honest strippers ( Dancers, Entertainers) I have the utmost respect for what you have to do. It's the stupid immature girls who have no class and have to resort to stealing that I wrote this fiction from.
    Thanks for the qualifier. Honest strippers don't like this $#%+ any more than customers do, and have no problem with customers educating themselves about how not to be ripped off.
    Adding to your list: Keep track of how many songs have played if you're getting individual lapdances. Some dancers are notoriously bad at simple arethmetic when it comes time to pay up, and they curiously only know how to round way up.
    And as much as I hope no one will follow this piece of advice, I'll give it anyway. Even with an honest stripper, customers should have and stick with a budget of how much they can afford to spend. It's an expensive hobby like gambling, so don't play if you can't afford it, and spend only what you can afford.

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    You have really out done yourself here man. I learned alot about stripper's from this post which is rare thing for me on this forum lately. I knew about the hustle's but not the pickpocket's out there. I have never been in a VIP room and now I don't think I will ever go into one unless I have already f-closed the stripper.
    I respect the fact that you will only post on the lounge. I can't wait to take a stripper bootcamp and join you there.

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    Ya know, I'd like to clarify my response. I realize this stuff happens at times, but I don't believe it's the norm, except possibly at the sleaziest of clubs. If I added to the impression that it is the norm, that wasn't my intent. In fact, in most clubs, any dancer who tried BS that's too far out of the normal practices would be up for a serious confrontation from the other ladies in the dressing room. The general object is to have customers come back, and that won't happen with customers spreading the word pretty quickly on the Internet that the club's a hazardous waste pit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by driftinglotus
    Why do men have the stripper girlfriend fantasy?
    What's the appeal of a stripper over a normal 9 or 10?
    Oh boy here we go again.
    Okay HB9 and H10 women who are not strippers tend to be in two camps.
    1. Those who know how to have sex with men.
    2. Those who don't know how to have sex with men.
    I have been with many women who are HB10 but they just lay there like roadkill and not even get into it.
    You are almost masterbating but instead of your hand it's with a woman.
    You guys who had models and HB10's know exactly what I am talking about.
    So this is when the stripper comes in. She is a HB10 and she is just as sexually aggressive as a man.
    You know women are like ovens it takes them time to get warmed up sexually and men are like microwaves instant on.
    Well women listen up... If you can feign being just like men when getting turned on you will be adored alot more.
    That is the appeal of the stripper she is just like a guy when expressing her sexuality.
    IM me if you want to sarge. - Orgasmatron

    Miami, FL USA

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    My strip club rules:
    1. I don't pay strippers for dances, I don't give $1 tips on the stage. (you become like everyone else in the room) I will, however, give a friend a $20 so he can get a dance. The image you want to portray is that you can afford it, you're just not interested.
    2. I dont buy strippers drinks in the club unless they have bought me at least 2 already. (they have already invested) Waitresses usually only have to buy me one and I'll buy the next round (dutch, but she buys first).
    3. Assume that any IOI from a stripper is fake unless there is absolutely no way they can profit from it. Generally, the only thing I take as an IOI from a stripper is something that costs them money, since it shows that they're more interested in you than the cash they should be making. The best IOI from a stripper is when they turn away a guy who wants a dance in order to keep talking to you, and you've already told them that you won't buy a dance.
    4. Get them to talk about the other girls. Any group of girls will have rivalries and alliances, get them to tell you about them. Once you get the group dynamic, you can use that to play the whole room. There are inbuilt jealously plotlines already going on, and they will compete with each other over any high value guy in the room.
    Now, keep in mind that my stripper game is not great, but I have closed a few that weren't fools mate (which is rarer than you might think in strip clubs). In general, strippers require too much work up front, and far too much maintenance in the long run, but they are certainly fun from time to time.
    I most often only use the strippers to game the waitresses, who generally resent all the attention (and tips) that the dancers get. Guys will drop a $20 on a dancer and then tip the waitress $0.50, and it pisses them off. Know that, and use it to your advantage. Don't go overboard, but tip like you would in a regular restaraunt or bar (just be a good tipper), while all the guys around you are saving their ones to give to the dancers. Even a $2 tip to a waitress shows value (not cheap), while that $20 you gave the stripper just shows that you're another chump trying to buy the fantasy. And negging a stripper and refusing to give her money in front of a waitress will usually raise your value to the waitress.
    Recently I had a stripper come up and start playing with my hair. After a couple songs she asked if it was ok that she was doing it, and I said "Sure... that'll be $40, it's $20 per song. And you can touch it as much as you want in the VIP room..." She got a kick out of it because it's a ploy that they use on the guys, they'll just keep dancing through the next song and then tell you they have to get paid for 2 dances, even though you didn't ask for 2. It showed I knew their game, and it got her talking, although she was entirely too skanky for my taste.

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    I'm 29 and I've never been to a strip club. I was considering going to one, not because I'm interested in paying to NOT have sex, but because I wanted to get used to talking to 10s.

    Now I will never go to one. Thank you for keeping me on the straight and narrow, Orgasmotron!

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