Morning after hookup

Hey guys.

I have a question about the morning after you hook up with someone. I went camping with a bunch of friends, and I hooked up with one of the girls who went with us. We hooked up in a tent where there were 6 ppl including us (the others did not know about it) She is a cool chick and pretty cute and I think it has possibilities to go to a dating scene but is it just me or is it weird kissing someone in front of the whole group versus alone with her? I only kissed her when I was alone with her and gave no hint of pursuit while others were around. We were both drunk at night. What is this saying to her and should I keep the same frame during the day as we had at night?


PS. This feeling has happened to me on multiple occasions. I have an idea of what my problem may be but I would like to hear some insight.