Advice on apropriate reponse to this intense text? (In the next few hours please?)

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    Advice on apropriate reponse to this intense text? (In the next few hours please?)

    The girl just showed up on the radar a few days ago but there's been a lot of conversation but we barely know each other.

    She sends me this text: "I'm falling for you really hard and I can't control it"

    I'm a little rocked as to the right thing to say in this situation, you don't want to say me too or, be mean to her. My initial reaction would be to say: "Shhh... it'll be ok. Don't worry" or "It's ok to let that out, I understand and respect it"

    I'm not really sure what exactly to do, it's kind of hard to think about it.

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    What do you want with her? Your answer really depends on that, right? If you are into her, you would reply something that affirms what she says but doesn't reflect it back to her. (Acknowledge her feelings but don't take her feelings on as your own.) For example, "Great, you're a cool chick! " If you are not sure about her and want to keep it slow, then reply nicely but slightly cool, like - "Cool, I'm happy we're getting to know each other". In any case, if she is genuinely getting emotional on you and you have any interest in her, it's time to move beyond cocky funny. Embrace the intimacy and respect the fact that she's taking a risk!

    Let us know how it goes!

  3. I like your first response a lot. It's fun, it's not too serious; I like it.

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    I would have responded with something along the lines of: why would you ever try to control it?!

    But that's just my personality.

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