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    Bobby Rio?

    Hey guys,
    I hope this forum is the right one to post this thread in!

    I was just wondering if there is anything good out there.
    Besides the Love Systems Products and Sinn.

    So has anyone heard of Bobby Rio and his conversation escalation program?

    Thank you,


  2. I get his newsletter, but I've never used any of his programs.

    For some reason, he's just never appealed to me enough to go that far.

    He seems to have zero personality in his videos (just talking) and it gets rather boring.

    Even Carlos Xuma and David D get boring to watch / listen to after a while, but they still seem to know their stuff.

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    +1 Wondering the same.

  4. Anyone had any experience with this product yet? Seems like it might be helpful for conversation filler.

  5. Hi mate, I bought Bobby's conversation escalation program early last year and on the whole I though it was a good program for people who are getting stuck with keeping the conversation going, gaining rapport while keeping the girl attracted to you and general attraction. It is a reasonably sized program and the price is very fair - this is a copy and paste of what you get:

    Conversation Tactics Master Class

    Table of Contents

    Session one: How to Practice

    Session two: Conversation Theory w/ Sinn

    Session three: Mindset and Sexual Intent w/ Captain Jack

    Session four: Baiting, Hooking, Flirting w/ Christian Hudson

    Session five: Humor and Escalation w/ Brad P.

    Session Six: Grounding, Cold Reading, and Emotional Investment w/ El Top

    Session Seven (part 1): The Inner Game of Conversation Skills

    Session Seven (part 2): The Outer Game of Conversation Skills

    (all about 40 - 60 minutes long).

    Bonus Material (Pdfs and audio).

    1. Cold Reading Cheat Sheet
    2. Chameleon Report
    3. Howitzer Method Audio
    4. Stickiness Report
    5. Social Ninja Smoke Bombs
    6. Palm Reading Cheat Sheet.

    As you can see you get quite a lot, but the main value is if you stick with the weekly 'Social Training Lab' that you can opt out of or stay with. Each week you get a audio interiew with dating or pickup expert after filling in a questionaire about what your needs are (and bonuses if you stick with it).

    There is a danger of information overload if you are not careful and you don't put any effort into putting what you learn into affect. You can always save the info and listen to it when you are ready. To be fair there was weeks when I though there was no value for me in this weeks edition but then there was times when I thought the info was excellent.

    So if you like the sound of his free audio he gives out I would recomend his program because you will get some good info from it. You can tell that he is a very genuine guy and is passionate about helping guys get good with women.

    I personnally got the program because I was getting attraction from women but failing to feel like I was getting any rapport even though I was getting some results. Oh, and he answers all your emails about questions you have with women during and after the 24 week program.

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