advanced amoging: 15 minute double k-close and number close w time-bridge

heres another treat for you..

from tuesday night in surfers paradise, gold coast.

as usual my wing and i started the night off with going to starbucks and having coffee to talk about our strategies and ideas for the night to set the mood. its our anchor. no starbucks, no sarge!

there we met a guy who with his friend who apparently is the head stuntman for jason statham. fucking cool man!

when he and his friend realised that we were PUA's they wanted to come along to waxys with us.

so there we were. we told him and his friend that when entering a room/club its very important to make and entrance that shows high value from the start.

we came in and they came with us in the same manner.

once we got some drinks and presented our selves to the people in there by cheering with our drinks very loudly with our drinks held high above our heads we went straight for the pool table which is in the middle of the floor where everyone can see us.

the club was empty... almost... there were a few afc's here and there scattered arount the room and some couples as well..

and there was a 6 set of 3 hb8's and 3 guys.
they seemed to be on a date. not dating.. yet..

so it was a perfect set for amoging..

one of the girls came up next to the pool table with one of the boys to tell him about the game on the tv which was on the wall next to the pool table. i didnt know why she the girls was teaching him the guy about the rules of the game but i figured it would be a good opener..

so i grabbed the pool cue from my wing and pretended it was my turn to play.. and walked up right next to them...

Me: wait wait wait, is SHE teaching YOU about sports?

HIM: hahahah, she is brittish and she knows the rules of the game.

HER: well you assies dont know the rules of the best game in the world so we have to teach you you know...

ME: what? us aussies? well im european, but thats fine, i see your observational skills arent the best hey?

HER: Well i only care about football.

ME: which city are you from?

HER: Manchester

ME: thats too bad, personally im a Westham fan

HER: WHAT, they suck!

ME: as i said, your observational skills are lacking a bit.. but hey when youre done teaching your friend here you can come and discuss it with me later.. im playing pool so i cant keep my friends waiting... hey mate, be careful with this one, im getting the feeling she is one of those bad girls who argues all the time haha (and i poke her on the nose and get back to the pool table)

a little while later they are all back sitting at the table where they all sat before. her friend looks over at me while im playing.. with my two fingers i make the move of putting a smile on my face and then point to her, she gets the point and puts on a smile of her own.

then only a minute later its on.. theyre hooked and two of them come over to my wing and i at the pool table and ask us:

HBbritt: where are you guys from?

my wing: well you gotta guess where we are from

HBamerican: theyre aussie

ME: well your wrong but its kinda easy to thell where youre from miss americana

HBamerican: why is that a bad thing (and puts her hand on my hip, at this time my wing goes straight for the HBbritt and starts his game)

the ioi is good enough for the first bounce so i take the HBamerican aside by saying

ME: well i cant tell you in front of everyone but come ive gotta tell you something (and i take her aside only a couple of meters where there is an empty table and pull up a chair for myself and sit down halfway on it..)

ME: you know since i left europe to come to australia ive met a lof of americans, and i used to be a boxer so i had a few trips over to the states as well so ive had my share of meetings with americans. and you know what, they only ones i like are the ones from LA and Boston. the rest are usually freakin boooooooring!

HBamerican: well im not from any of those places. where im from they are actually nice to people. where you really a boxer?

ME: no its a lie, im trying to pick u up so why dont we make the story short and just leave to your place straight away... yes i was a boxer, cant you see my beautifully broken nose?

HER: well i think your nose is cute.

ME: i think your titts are cute too

HER: shut up.

ME: dont be rude, i might fall for you!

HER: hahahaha

ME: your cool, so far... but listen i think your boyfriend is getting jealous over there.. you might wanna get back to him so he doesnt throw a fit or something.

HER: hes not my boyfriend, its just a friend from the backpackers we are staying at..

ME: can you american girls dance?

HER: im actually a dancer!

ME: oh yeah? (so i take her hand and spin her once into my arms.. she does it well and doesnt hesitate being face to face.. so the compliance test is good so far)

ME: come show me more... ( i take her to the dance floor)

so we dance for a lil bit and while im trying to lead her onto dancing physially close she is more like dancing with her self getting excited and shit..

so i figure its best to leave the dance floor. but then the guy comes back to the dancefloor and she starts dancing with him.. there is no one on the dancefloor that i can build a jealousy plotline with or freeze her out with. so im basically screwed at this moment.

so i instantly leave the dancefloor and take my wing and have a chat with him. we decide that we need to do some amoging.

so he brings the HBbritt to the dancefloor to pawn off on her so that we can get him off my HBamerican.

it works well but then he ends up getting back into dancing with both of them at the same time.

so now we have to do some advanced amoging!

we both go up and start dancing with him, yes with HIM!

we both dance around him with our arms up around him so he is kinda in the middle. and then we get closer and closer and.. well you get it.. feeling awkward but not threatened he simply backs off and leaves the dancefloor.

now its time to freeze out the girls and punish them for being absentminded about us..

so we walk off the dancefloor and say to our friends that we want them to laught out loud. they do it and the girls instantly look over and see us.. but they dont walk back, they stay on the dancefloor.

so we decide that its time for either a bounce to another club or a number close and a time bridge.. so we both go up on the dancefloor and take them by the hands at the same time. we lead them off the dancefloor and put our arms around them and say that we have to leave..

MY WING: we have to leave, we promised our friends to see them tonight and we gotta go..

HBbritt: nooo, dont go, stay and party with us

HBamerican: not let them go if they are gonna be boring, the dont wanna party

ME: (poke HBamerican on the nose and say) what did i say about being rude, i might fall for you if you keep doing that

HBamerican: (smiles and puts her arm around my waist again and says) why is that a bad thing? are you scared of me or something?

ME: i knew you were trouble

MY wing: we have to go bro

ME: yeah we gotta go, (pull out my phone and put it in her hand) but put your numbers in and well go out tomorrow night, theres a big party were going to its supposed to be great, if your nice you can come. and in your case, if your rude enough i might call you with an invite haha (to HBamerican)

HBamerican: you 'might'?

ME: just put your number in

ME to HBbritt: since your european i want a proper euro kiss good bye

HBbritt: (gives me a peck on the lips)

ME: no youve gotta do it proper, give me a fish kiss

HBbritt: whats that?

ME: WHAT, you dont know? here suck your cheeks in and pout your lips

HBbritt: ooh i know that one (and gives me a long fish kiss and says its not good enough and wants to do it again, so we do it again, this time longer)

HBamerican: i can do it better (so we kiss too)

straight away after we left they guy HBamerican was with comes back and says so your kissing him now (but he is kinda nervously trying to kid about it)... i said nothing about it and just left. ignore and leave baby.. take it and go. i winked at HBamerican and left. my wing went back to kiss the girls good bye quickly before coming back outside where i was waiting..

we leave the club and leave to go to brazilian night at billies beach house.

and as soon as we left we looked back and saw the girls leaving the club without the guys.. hahah.. AMOGED!

Simon says
i dont like amoging you, that was a lie, i do!