22 yo MILF invites me over for first date
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    22 yo MILF invites me over for first date

    Ok so I got chatting to a good looking girl in a high street and she refused to give me her number and insisted i give her mine, i ended up giving her my number but done a bet with her that we wont call...she called to my utter surprise first time ever a girl calls after i give my number to her.

    The next day she calls me , we get chatting on the phone for a few days and she invites me over but tells me over the phone "no touchy touchy ok" so no sexing, we get along fantastic ...now heres a MILF whos been divorced for a year or so her juices are flowing shes probably fingering herself everyday, my friends adviced me its a test and i should not make a move, i listened to there advice where normally i would at least try to snog.

    Whats your lots opinion? also she invited me over again tonight, shall i go or play hard to get?

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    She's prob. trying to let you know that she's not an easy lay, but that doesn't mean the night won't end in an f-close. Make sure you don't try to stay the entire night thinking something is going to happen... leave at a reasonable time and call her when you get home for about 10 minutes and see if she's talking about wishing you would've stayed longer and smelling the pillow..

  3. Try and make out. You've been over there once and shown her that your not just into sex. Make a move you'll probably fclose within 2 more dates.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RogueOne View Post
    Try and make out. You've been over there once and shown her that your not just into sex. Make a move you'll probably fclose within 2 more dates.

    Yeah i think ill do that. Long term plan is to make her a F-Buddy

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    Don't listen to what she says ; read her body language instead. If she looks open to escalation, then by all means do it. Most women like to advocate that they "aren't sluts at all" or "don't usually do this" and you usually hear this after you two are lying in bed out of breath.

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    22 yo MILF invites me over for first date

    What CMPitts said plus the fact that no self-respecting, recently divorced mother is going to go around talking about how badly she wants it. Girls will always say that because they want to get caught in the moment and have it be passionate and romantic like a movie.

    Learn to actually take a moment to read her signals instead of imagining her finger herself every night. She knows what you want, but probably wants validation and to know she won't have a revolving door of men in and out of her baby's life.

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    ok guys a lil update, so i went to her flat again and had a pizza, watched a dumb high school romance film, we had loads of play fighting, tickling, dancing all sorts, i assumed that shes ready to escalate, when i went for the kiss she turned her face and let me kiss her cheeks women are weird creatures

  8. She wants your dick. She might not say it, but she wants it.

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    keep trying during the night, try to escalate even if the first attempt isnt working yet.

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    I wouldn't "keep trying" to do anything. You'll establish a pattern of her rejecting you. I'd chill out so that she starts to anticipate and even initiate things. If she rejects and advance, freeze her out. If all you're looking for is a fuck-buddy, this one might not be your best choice.
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