Shit test? Tell me what you think.
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    Shit test? Tell me what you think.

    Hey everyone! Just a little background to the story, then I'll post the actual texts. I myspace messaged a girl that lives near me. She seems like a cool girl, and intellectual. (I know, I know, hot and smart?) but I'll give you a link to her page if oyu want and you'll be able to tell in her writing.
    My sticking point is this: we talked for a little bit, and I even made up a little quiz thing she could answer, just for fun. I said that if she did really good that her reward was that she could take me out to lunch to see if she was really psycho or not. Anyways she answered my questions then said that she didn't like ANY of my rewards so she made up her own, then she gave me some questions to answer. When I messaged her back and told her that I didn't like her prizes and asked what I would get if I did good, she kind of blew me off.
    I think that once she realized that I might eventually try to meet her, (lunch) she kinda freaked out and set up anything so that she could eject from the situation.
    I had thought that I will probably just ask if she is real, and try to call her on her shit test. I WILL NOT suck up or act desparate, but I really want to call her on her shit test if that's what it is. Tell me what you think! Here's the text, you'll have to read backwards, it's kind of long, but any feedback you all have would be great! Thanks!
    Ouch... That's all I will say. Good bye.
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    From: Kaydence
    Date: May 31, 2006 10:56 AM
    Your prizes are lame, and completely unrealistic. (ok except for the cookies)
    and I'd love to answer your little quiz thingy, but what do I get if I do good? And I'll have no foul play! cheaters are liars and liars go to HELL!
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    From: Social Retard 4U
    Date: May 30, 2006 4:46 PM
    Robot Chicken rocks!!!! I was moved so much by it that I screamed WHAT THE HELL when watching it at 1am in the morning. My mother wasn't happy and I had to put pepper on my tongue for swearing.
    OK and here are the answers...
    1. a. Do something outdoorsy, like go camping or build a bon-fire
    2. 12 Monkeys
    Spirited Away (you said you like anime, right?)
    Les Miserables
    I heart Huckabees
    Wow you are random...
    3. c . Brad Pitt/Anthony Hopkins (anything with Brad is ok by me
    4. a. Back-up
    b. The Crazy one
    c. The one that has the ideas
    d. Hired gun
    e. Get away driver
    f. Boss
    I'm multiversital. But C is the most common one.
    5. a. This week (I'm writing a novel, and no you can't read it. It is to good for you, plus I'm only on page five)
    6. e. independant ( only like being tied down on special ocations)
    7. Queen
    8. Howels Moving Castle
    9. 6 months ago
    10. The Indian Oven
    I don't want any prizes of yours they kinda suck so I made up my own prizes....
    Ah hum....
    1st place I become ruler of the World!!!! Mo ho ha ha ha!
    2nd place I get Brad Pitt for a night.
    3rd Prize I get a cookie, a really big one with chocolate chips and stuff.
    4th prize I get a huge, because if I sucked that bad I'll need one.
    Ok now here is a short quiz for you...
    1. If you were a cereal what kind would you be?
    a. Captain Crunch
    b. Fruit Loops
    c. Rice Crispys
    d. Grape Nuts
    2. What super power would you have and why?
    a. Flying
    b. X-ray vision
    c. invisible man
    d. mind reading
    3. If you had anything in the world what would it be?
    a. all of the listed super powers above.
    b. world peace.
    c. Bill Gates money
    d. all the cereal listed above
    e. love
    f. both a and d
    g. to be Brad Pitt
    h. To be Angelina and get Brad Pitt
    i. for me to stop asking questions.
    Know this that the wrong answers to any of these three questions will mean that I will not care at all about anything that you list. Take great caution!!!
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    From: kaydence
    Date: May 30, 2006 11:07 AM
    HHHMMM .... a love for the Family Guy?? YOU HAVE BEEN STALKING ME! I love the family guy too! I absolutely love the dry, drawn out humor, it's great! Have you seen Seth McFarlane's other TV show "Robot Chicken"? It's a crack too!
    Well look, I'll be honest with you. You seem like an interesting person. So in an attempt to get to know you, I've made a de-mystifying quiz. (yeah, yeah, I know. But I didn't have work and I got bored.) It will be scored and there will be reprocutions. good luck, and use a ..2 pencil please.
    1. On any given weekend, I would prefer to do which of the following activities:
    a. Do something outdoorsy, like go camping or build a bon-fire
    b. Relax! That's what weekends are for right?
    c. Hang out with friends, find something entertaining with them, then probably end up watching a movie.
    d. Go shopping.
    2. I have seen the following movies: (uh... somehow just make a mark, put an x or something)
    12 Monkeys
    Spirited Away (you said you like anime, right?)
    Les Miserables
    I heart Huckabees
    The Boondock Saints
    3. My favorite duo would be:
    a. Dre/Snoop
    b. Tim Burton/Johnny Depp
    c . Brad Pitt/Anthony Hopkins
    d. Michael/Janet Jackson
    (these are really good questions!)
    4. If you had to classify your role in your circle of friends, you would be:
    a. Back-up
    b. The Crazy one
    c. The one that has the ideas
    d. Hired gun
    e. Get away driver
    f. Boss
    5. When was the last time you put pen to paper to express your feelings?
    a. This week
    b. Within the month
    c. It's been a while, but I do sometimes
    d. Write? Who needs to be literate anyways? (don't put this as your answer, it's -1000 points.)
    6. What personality type do you have?
    a. outgoing
    b. reserved
    c. busy
    d. quirky
    e. independant
    f. social butterfly
    7. Name your favorite band.
    8. Name your favorite movie.
    9. The approximate date of the last time you ate that cheese in a can stuff.
    10. Favorite place to eat in Logan.
    Ok well I just scored the whole thing and there is a total of 312 points possible. (yeah I know it was a little arbitrary. It's like 'Whose line'!) The last 4 questions will be worth 10 points each, unless you guess what I wrote down, then it's worth 100 pts.
    55-612 pts. You did well! your reward is you get to take me out to lunch so I can see if you're psycho or not.
    35-55 Not bad, but not too impressive either. Your reward is a hearty round of applause and a pat on the back.
    0-35 Eh. Your reward is that you get that warm feeling in your stomach knowing that you did something fun!
    <0 You suck as a person. You probably only ended up in this category if you're illiterate, in which case your reward is 14 years more of school. Starting with kindergarten.
    Send me your answers and I'll score it!
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    From: Social Retard 4U
    Date: May 28, 2006 7:57 PM
    No I'm not "one of those girls" and to imply that I might be hurts. That cut real deep.
    As for the love at first sight, well I was being just a little overconfident, just a little. Actually if you saw me I'd probably have gotten your attention by me tripping on something or laughing at something that only I could hear and see. Though I am cut when I want to be.
    As for me I love to laugh and be silly if I'm comfortable with a person. I'm actually quite shy and reserved, but if ever I feel safe with a person then we have allot of fun.
    I personally think Family Guy is the most incredibly hilarious piece of crap on t.v. today. Stewie is my hero, though I love my mom and don't wish death on her, me and him could be twins, oh and the whole gay thing, I'm not gay.
    I'm a kid at heart that loves to play around, to joke and laugh at all times. I'm a big geek in every way, liking everything to comics to anime and allot of weird stuff in-between.
    Well there you got stuff out of me. You happy! Huh? Now look I can't be the mysterious girl any more, now I'm just the weird some what mysterious girl!
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    From: Kaydence
    Date: May 28, 2006 1:49 PM
    Wow... ok. Well let's talk this through... cause I think you've got some serious issues!!
    First of all, don't play the victim card with me if you come back and say that I would fall in love with you the minute I saw you.
    And secondly, what makes you so confident that I would be attracted to you? You're not one of those girls... are you?
    And not a single thing that makes you great? Come one now, you could have said ANYTHING! Of course I deserve an answer. Tell me about you're undying love for current events, or whatever!
    But that's cool. I understand. After all, you know nothing about me. So in an attempt to bury the hatchet, I'll start:
    I love to find indie bands before they get big and watch to see what happens. I love new music and I love concerts. It's really fun to find good new music and tell people about it.
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    From: Social Retard 4U
    Date: May 26, 2006 3:44 PM
    Dang it! I thought the slightly crazy thing was enough to put me above other girls. Pishaw, you are the one that needs the help, harrassing a poor little thing like me. You should be eshamed!
    As for your cover I would have gone for a more dashing prosono, then a skiny white boy. LOL!!!!
    As for the killing you with my pinky finger that's just the finishing move. Once you see me you''ll fall so deeply in love that you don't know what hit you.
    HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!
    As for other thing that makes me great.... Well have you ever met a girl that..., heck you don't diserve an anwser. The nerve you have for asking!
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    From: Kaydence
    Date: May 25, 2006 8:30 PM
    Well you see, the lingo is all part of my cover. I vaguely try to resemble a tall, thin, athletic, dashingly handsome white man. That's who I am in my pictures.
    And you threatened me again! I think there are some underlying issues here... would oyu like to talk about them? And what makes you so confident that you could... "kill me with only your pinky finger?"
    And other than the fact that you are slightly crazy, what sets you apart from all the other girls?
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    From: Social Retard 4U
    Date: May 24, 2006 9:34 AM
    Answer to that last question... Most openly yes! They are the "Special Spirits" and single wards across the world have hords of them. I think its the Churches back up "Gods Army" just in case the first fails the alien invation.
    As for you being a big black man, I don't think so, you don't have enough attitude in your talk man! You needed to say, "Yo Bitch" or something, then I would have killed you with only my pinky finger.
    As for the social retard I choose to be as such, don't ask why I am very capible of social interation, infact I'm the life of the party if I feel up to it. I just prefure to stay in the shadows so that when I attack no one see's it coming!
    MO HO HA HA HA HA HA HA....Breath... HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!
    By the way which one are you in your pics?
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    From: Kaydence
    Date: May 24, 2006 1:00 AM
    First of all.... did you just threaten me? For all you know, I'm some huge, bone crushing black man posing to be a skiny white kid just to find unsuspecting victims. You better watch your back, kiddo!
    Alright, look. I refuse to grovel, and it's useless to fight. Plus, I think there is a bigger issue here. I never claimed that I was socially retarded, but I absolutely love to watch people who are. So I've got to know, are you the type that SAYS they are socially retarded when in reality they are actually decently socially calibrated (like me), or are you absolutely socially handicapped?
    Quick side question, does it seem like the mormon church attracts the socially disabled?
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    From: Social Retard 4U
    Date: May 23, 2006 3:18 PM
    Ahh my friend I think you have it rather wrong on the post mark branding of who first coined the phrase as to them being the aka "Social Retard", for that fact I am the one and only owner of such so your case is very lost.
    Nice try, A for effort in fact. But I am the true and undisputed Social Retard of this or any world that is in the heavens. So beg my forgiveness and I might allow you to wallow in front of me kissing my feet. If not RETRIBUTION shall be mine!
    ----------------- Original Message -----------------
    From: Kaydence
    Date: May 23, 2006 12:27 AM
    Nope, it's got to go.
    I bet you didn't know, but I actually coined the phrase "Social Retard" You must have somehow heard about it from someone who heard it from me. It's like that game 7 steps to Kevin Bacon, except you just lost. But if you wine and dine me, ask really nicely, and are willing to follow the repentance process I offer... well, we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

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    I've been digging into the M3 model and giving this alot of thought.
    You're in A2, and you need to get out and move to A3. You definately need to neg, but your negs are not communicating that you have way to much value for her, enough for her to start qualifying to you.
    At the rate you're going, you'll close her somewhere near Janurary 2011.'s gonna be cold.
    The only IOI she has given has been the fact that she's still emailing you...for now I think. But you're going to have to disqualify her on the qualifying comments she's already made herself. I think you missed them.
    Dig into A2, and take back control.
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    online dilemma

    I think you made a basic mistake. You hit on her before she was attracted to you.
    She doesn't say anything that indicates to me she's attracted. She is polite and silly, that's about it. She never once qualified herself to you or seemed to care about you as a specific person. I think you were throwing in suggestions about meetin up way too early. It might have been better to feel her out and see what attracts her.
    It's always going to be harder to attract them online because you can't do any of the subcommunication. Anything you do is, unfortunately, more likely to be interpreted as creepy. And, there's no way to attract her group before isolating her, you're basically displaying interest the moment you email her.
    I had a girl straight up tell me she didn't feel particularly motivated to do anything to please me since I was obviously already mildly attracted to her. That was a cool moment. I came back hard with some stacked C&F and we'll see how she responds.

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    May be pointless, but it may be good practice to think about why she gave you the questions and answers she did give.
    Like Sin said, you may have hit her up to early, but it really hard to tell without seeing how your profile communicates your style..maybe...or gives a general reference to her what kind of a person she sees.
    If I had to guess at this point, shes probably confused and probably thinks you may be just playing games.
    Overall, I think you should change the subject fast. Perhaps..."wow...I just saw something in your profile that I never noticed before (hook). Oh, I just cant even talk to you now."
    Sin, you helped me remember something that was effective that I unconciously stopped doing in my emails. That is, throw in a neg like "______..I mean, I don't even know if I like you yet" or something to that effect.


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