How should I handle this situation on FB?
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    How should I handle this situation on FB?

    Hey guys, well I recently added this girl that I saw at this social gathering that I attended in toronto. After scanning her profile, I came across some information that says that she has a fetish for brown guys and that she broke up with her boyfriend and is now single. I really like her and don't want to mess this up so I thought I would post here for some help. I haven't really done any online gaming so this is completely new to me.

    She has one of those formspring accounts were people can ask her questions annonomyously. So I wrote on her formspring wall saying that I saw her and was wondering if I could add her. She told me to go ahead, so I added her. She sent a message afterwards which said this:

    HAHAHA hey! i love how you used my formspring and not inbox on facebook to ask. LMAO!

    So far so good but I'm wondering how I should follow up to this. I really have no clue what to say next. A little help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    I don't know much about this, but from the things I've read you should:
    - Keep it playful (for awhile atleast)
    Call back humour, roleplaying(?) is good.
    - Don't start too much threads, too many questions
    - Stay away from the interview questions - if you know eachother before you've even had a date you won't have anything to talk about, and it gets boring in text with all those questions.

    Correct me if I'm wrong PUAs

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    Thanks. I actually thought my question sounded kind of noobish so I wasn't expecting anyone to answer. Is there anything specific that I should say to her as a follow up to her last message? I don't want to say something stupid to her. lol.

  4. I do a lot of facebook gaming. I tend to ignore the chick at first and focus on having funny DHV type status updates (hey just booked VEgas! etc) If the chick is interested she will start to comment on your stuff.

    If that is not happening I will email her directly but I think its real important to pick something playful and funny and easy to answer and appropriate...."hey I am just online looking at pictures of ___..if you could go anywhere in the world where woudl you travel to.." Then you can go into some funny story of what you would do if you travelled together etc..

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    Nice, that's pretty good advice. I appreciate the help. I have one more question though. How much interest would you advise me to show this girl? Is it better to show some interest or no interest at all?

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    From my experience with girls online, you never know how much you should show interest.
    I just posted a thread in the same section, where a girl I met kept saying to me she wanted to come and visit and always ended with "kisses<3" etc etc... she even deleted one of her messages which was a BIG IOI according to the people responding on the thread.
    But now she waited 2 days to answer my message (she commented on other stuff these two days, wrote to her cousin which I also got on FB etc.) and wrote she still wanted to visit, but now also included:"I bet there are alot of cute guys with blonde hair and blue eyes" (opposite of me lol) and didn't end with "kisses<3!" this time. LOL

    So, you never know, be ready to get tested alot.

    You probably should just try to be a interesting and funny guy to write to in the beginning, I don't know if you should show interest with words, you kind of do by just writing to her in the first place.
    When you go for a # or date you probably should show interest (?)

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