Sticking Points

Ok, so I've done the numbers. Since I've moved to SD [back in Jan], I've met roughly 32 women. Which considering that I only go out 4-6 nights per month and that I have been out of play for 12 years [marriage] isn't so bad. Of those, I've gotten 24 numbers. Of those, I've decided that 6 have shitty personalities, really I mean who pissed in their Cheerios!?! I am in touch with and communicate with 6-7 semi-regularly via text or phone. The others I let die on the vine because I just failed to follow up when the time was right. I've only F-closed 3! WTH - that is shit. That's like 10%. I am better than that.

I found myself calling & texting girls who aren't nearly as hot as the others because I think I will have better odds or chance with them. How pathetic is that? Am I really willing to settle for less just because I haven't reached the level of success that I desire with really hot girls?

So, I've been doing a little looking at my inner game to figure out what is going on...

+ Are some of my underlying belief(s) keeping me from success and contributing to my inability to move the ball forward causing "sticking points"?

+ Do I fully believe that the girls I approach will like me and that they will have a good time with me?

+ Do I fully believe that no matter how good looking they are, that they ARE attracted to me?

+ Do I fully believe that I can be successful with hot women?

+ Do I fully believe that I am worthy to pick any woman I want?

I need to be able to turn these numbers into dates. Period. Most of them are HB8-9. Four of them are hired guns [hot bartenders] who tend to be somewhat flaky and have lots of options. I know for sure that there are 2 that are very attracted to me, passed qualifications, we built comfort, plenty of kino, but I'm falling flat on the final phase of getting them to my place.

I'm open to suggestions and someone to give me a swift kick.