How to develop quick-wit? (in social situations)
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  1. How to develop quick-wit? (in social situations)

    I realized that as an 18 year old, I talk kind of slow.

    Not only that, it also takes me a second to process what the other person is saying to me, especially if they're a fast or profusive talker.

    Due to this, I might not be able to match their "excitement level" even if I'm genuinely interested and enthusiastic about what their saying. It also makes it extremely difficult for me to TEASE people because I tend to take time to process what I'm hearing and saying, whereas the girl or guy usually reacts naturally and spontaneously.

    Has anyone been somewhat "slow" witted in this manner? Don't get me wrong, I'm actually really good at things like math, computer science, etc but socially I come off as kind of a "slow" person.. what can I do to fix that? I realized that if I don't fix that I'll probably stay AFC for a long ass time


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    How to develop quick-wit? (in social situations)

    I'm actually the opposite of you usually, like this hyper spas that bounces off the walls, but I realized that if I play into a character that is close to how I act naturally it makes a transition into how I wish to be much easier.

    I suggest finding a comedian or person who has certain attributes that you would like to have yourself and emulate them a little bit. For me, I like Craig Ferguson and relate to his wacky humor, but would totally love his ability to interview people (both men and women) because he always gets the other person very engaged. And when he has certain women on you can watch as they literally sit on the edge of their seat and play right into his sexually-charged innuendo schtick.

    Anyway, I suggest you find someone that fits you and do the same, but only until you've found your stride. Since you mention going at a slower pace, just make all your body movements follow that slow and RELAXED pace and it'll be totally congruent and seem very powerful. Cajun's body language course talks about how poweful slow and deliberate movements are very alpha male.

  3. For me I got better by doing it. Everytime something went wrong I'd go home and think of 5 ways in which I could have responded that would have been better. I'd even think of their counters to my comebacks. C&F lines can help you develope a funny attitude, that stuff doesn't take wit as much as balls, and it comes to me very slowly when I don't feel confident.

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    Read book, watch comedy movies. It helps for me.

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    Typically witty people that are really good at this were made fun of a lot growing up. They learned to adapt by getting really good with comebacks and being witty. Instead of trying to be someone your not try to find someone who is funny and is sort of like you. From what your describing demetri martin is right up your alley. He's very dry and talks slow the only reason you can tell he's joking is by the sheer absurdity of the jokes. One that I use a lot in field is "I was wrapping presents for my family last Christmas (slight pause) I couldn't find any wrapping paper except for some old Happy birthday wrapping paper (pause) So I wrote Jesus on it. Pause and wait for people to get it. It's a super funny joke and everyone laughs. Some people ask if that really happened. I say sarcastically "Oh yeah, totally!" If they can't tell im joking then the jokes on them. Some people will say "demitri martin?, than i just go into a thing about how I love his stand up, than have an hour long chat about who are favorite comedians are and we quote jokes back and fourth usually this is enough to win over the set and I can have my pick of the girls whichever one is single anyways. But yea when you get time just watch some demitri martin, and nick swardsen both guys are kinda slow talkers and very funny. If people are consistently ragging on you for one thing than think about why they are saying it... if it's not something that you want or are willing to change than get used to hearing it and being non reactive.... or laughing back at them... sometimes a sarcastic laugh will make them feel stupid... sometimes really laughing because its genuinely funny will be sufficiant. I knew a natural who was phased by nothing everytime you made fun of him he smiled and laughed and stuff... and believe me we said everything to this kid. His frame was just strong he wouldn't budge you ended up really likeing the kid and thinking he was the shit because nothing bothered him... plus he would always show you pictures in his iphone of girls he was freinds with and/or currently dating so it gave him value. The moral is stop hating yourself and thinking too much. be honest with yourself and fix whats wrong. but don't try to be something your not. Your voice is likely a little deep and airy. Learn how to speak from your diaphram and use the air from your lungs not your throat. This will make a huge difference.

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    A friend of mine in a similar situation took an improv acting class and it greatly improved his skills at thinking and talking on his feet.
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