Met HB9 for first date on Tuesday - going away for 3 weeks on Sunday
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    Met HB9 for first date on Tuesday - going away for 3 weeks on Sunday

    So basically I met this HB9 whom I picked up from Facebook, first date on Tuesday. Kino'ed very quickly as usual, held her hand after about 20 minutes and she was in my lap 5 minutes later. She was a bit shy on the conversation early on but I plowed through.

    Date was as followed:

    -First go into a music store to buy a new capo (for guitar, DHV)

    -Cab to a beach near my house, brought two bottles of water and a blanket. Held hands on the way down and she was laying in my lap most of the time.

    -Walk up to my house (holding hands most of the way)

    -Drink wine on my terrace and enjoy the view (my parents have a pimmmmp house She actually commented on ''wow, imagine living here, you get the sun all day and such an amazing view'', while we were walking up from the beach, which she laughed about later before saying I had a really nice house), put her in my lap again after 10 minutes of conversation

    -Move inside to the living room after 20 minutes since it was very, very hot outside. She layed down in my lap pretty much instantly (I put on some Coldplay while inside). Held her hand while having her in my lap, and caressed her face, before after about 5 minutes lightly grabbing her chin to go for the kiss. She looked me in the eye for like 2 seconds before looking back down, saying she really wants to get to know someone before kissing (hadn't built enough comfort). I said not to worry and that if that's a principle of her's then I'll respect that. She was in my lap in the same position for another 5 minutes before I made us some great food (DHV again). She eyefucked me pretty hard while we ate.

    -Then moved outside to the couch on the terrace, again she was in my lap and I held her hand. Was in that position for like 45 minutes or so before I said we should leave so she got the train back into the city. Held her hand or held around her and she me on the way down, gave her a small kiss when the train came.


    Conversation was overall very good, although she was a bit reserved at first, but I'm an extremely good conversationalist so I plowed through that pretty easy, and she was laughing and enjoying herself a lot. The very instant she logged on Facebook chat after she got home she said ''Thanks for a really nice date in the sunshine '', I waited like 5 minutes before replying, saying I thought it was good too, before logging off 2 minutes later.

    Now here's the thing: On Sunday I'm going to Japan to visit my older brother, and will be away for 3 weeks. I.. FEEL like I should see her before then, but I'm not entirely sure? Never been in a situation where I'm heading off right after the first date, so I'm actually not sure what to do here.

    I know she'll be busy all of Saturday, so pretty much leaves it for Friday, on which day she works until 8:30 pm. I didn't speak with her today obviously, so will contact her tomorrow either way, but as I said I'm not sure if I should ask her to see me again before I leave or not.

    3 weeks is a pretty long time and she might lose interest during that time. She gave me, and has always given me, a lot of IOIs so I know she likes me quite alot. Thing is though, I've never asked a girl out on two dates in one week before, and if I meet her on Friday that'd only be 3 days inbetween, which really isn't a lot given we've only met once.

    What do you guys think? Two dates in one week or wait a full month before seeing her again? I should add that my text game is very good; good enough build attraction (this one was actually quite difficult to get out on a date through Facebook-pick up), so if I don't see her this week then it shouldn't be that much of a problem, but if I could see her again before I left and kiss-close her then she'd be sealed, which I'd prefer since I actually like her.

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    In three weeks time, you could very easily be last week's news. I would not wait the month, but try for Friday. Only problem I see with this is that she may already have plans for Friday, so don't be surprised if she can't make it. Try your hand in text game if you are as good as you say you are ; it may keep her interested for the month.

    The way she put off kissing leads me to believe that she isn't that experienced and may wait for you. A romantic type, if you will that takes a while to warm up.

    You are establishing a lot of attraction if she's willing to sit in your lap all night, but she won't kiss you? You need to go back to the drawing board and work on your comfort. How old is this girl?

    If you do manage to kiss her this Friday on the night out, I bet you it won't be hard to keep her interested the whole time you are away.

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    Alright, thanks alot.

    She just turned 20, so she's one year younger than me. She's a real bomb and goes out partying every weekend, but my impression of her is that she definitely does not hook up with too many guys, so you're probably right on her not being too experienced.

    I've actually struggled a bit with building comfort and have been called player alot lately, which I think is me not qualifying enough.

    I'll talk to her tomorrow and suggest we meet on Friday, hopefully that'll work out so I can kiss-close her before I leave, which should (and will), as you say, keep her interested the whole time I'm away.

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    Alright, so I need some help with this one again. I didn't meet her before I went traveling since she was busy on Friday, and I couldn't on the Saturday, so the plan was to just textgame her while I was away. That didn't really go according to plan since I was having a blast the whole 3 weeks and didn't really have that much time, however we did exchange SOME messages:

    Me on August 9th:

    Hey! currently sitting on the roof of my brother's apartment hiiigh up in bangkok and looking out on the skyline while enjoying an awesome drink. life is good (also managed to open a wine bottle without cutting myself today) [callback humour from our date]

    rest of message was really good asking about what she's up to, mixing in some funny stories she told me. then asked her when she starts in uni

    Her, August 10th

    so you sent me that message just to make me jealous? :P yeah life is good here as well! but on a lower luxuary level living my beloved oslo-life as you say, and that has to be done as much as possible while i still can! because oommmggg, i'm starting in school already on monday! :-O when are you back from bangkok?

    Me, August 12th

    ah, already on monday? the student [her name] - dancing out of the uni in oslo while babbling nonstop about economics - can see it in my head!

    i'm back around the 23rd. dad's 50th birthday is on the 25th anyway, and i want to be back for that. until then i'll just enjoy life down here, then moving into the new apartment on [place in oslo]. going to be sweet!


    Then spoke with her briefly on Facebook chat 4 days later, but she didn't show much enthusiasm so I didnt speak with for the rest of my stay in Thailand.

    Sent her an SMS on August 24th but didn't receive a reply, however on her Facebook-status it said her phone was broken.
    Me, August 24th

    hello waspqueen (wasps were bothering her alot early on in our date), back in norway after some amazing weeks in thailand im guessing you're full into the student life (drinking, dancing, drinking, work) in good [her name]-style! how's the first week been?

    Her, August 24th

    Hey! The first week has been fun, interesting, but at the same time given me a little back-to-school shock! huff, going to be interesting to see if economics is what i want to do in the future im guessing you've had zero worres in Thailand, become really tan and that you're very disappointed to come to Oslo's autumn weather? but you don't really have anything to complain about.. you've just gotten a new crib! Where is it locateD?

    Ps.. If you didn't realize I was sleeping when you texted me :P

    So she received my text, didn't reply because she was sleeping, but obviously isn't too bothered either since she didn't reply to it when she woke up. She did 'excuse' her self though I guess. Anyway.

    Me, August 24th

    Hah, yea, can imagine it was a small shock, but lets hope you and economics walk hand in hand in the future

    I'm not really any more tan than I was earlier, since it's rain season down there now. It was warm and really humid air, so was actually really nice to breathe in fresh, norwegian air going back down in december when the weathers at its best anyway :P
    new crib, yep, looking forward to it. it's on [exclusive place central in oslo], 50 metres from [known club]. will be working quite abit with it this week, then my buddy is coming back from vegas in 2 days. i'll probably be going out on saturday, could meet up then?

    No reply, been 3 days.

    I'm really not sure what her perception of me is. I usually get the player image, but atm I feel like I'm the only one showing initiative and interest and that I'm not 'exciting'.

    She's not initiated one conversation since I left for Thailand, which she did a few times before then and once after our date (read above).


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    Are you back in town now? If so, I would just send a pinging text and see if she responds. Then set up a date.

    On another note, how did you manage to get her in your lap after 20 minutes on the first date? Do you have a routine for this?

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    I just go on about with kino very quickly, basically from the get-go. Usually put my arm around the girl after 3-4 minutes after meeting (for 4-5 seconds while talking), then a bit longer, repeat, repeat, then eventually she'll most likely hold around me. Will then release her, take her hand, and voila, we're holding hands.

    With the girl in question I just basically put my arm around her when we sat down, then after 2-3 minutes gently moved her into my lap. Girls instinctively let guys lead if they like you, so it's just having the balls to do shit, to be honest.

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    When you say "gently moved her into my lap", do you mean you're sitting there with your arm around her, and just pick up her legs and put them on your legs, or do you mean you actually pick her entire body up, and put her butt on your lap?

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    Alright so I didn't actually speak with her for about 2 weeks since I felt she had a weird perception of me (not sure what it was exactly, player + me really wanting her perhaps). The last week we've had a couple of good conversations, and on Sunday I asked her to meet me this week, to which she replied she might go visit a friend of her's in another city, or visit her family in Sweden some time this week. I told her I'd text her something funny and dirty and we'd find out where she was, to which she replied ''looking forward to that =P''. The last time I said I was going to text her something dirty she was she was disappointed when all I sent was ''Something dirty..'' (this was the first text I sent her for her to have my number).

    Now, I haven't actually kissed this girl before (read about date above), and I'm not sure exactly what kind of girl she is, which makes me slightly uncertain on what kind of dirty text I should send her. Right now I've thought of the following:
    ''Hey [the word girl in Swedish, she's half]! If you don't travel Sweden, [city] or some other place around the world it'd be nice seeing you this week : ) .........and, if you're a good kisser, I'll let you show me some moves that probably only you know of.. before I rip off your clothes and do something fantastic for you : ) what do you say miss?''

    I feel, hmm, slightly weird about sending her something like that when we haven't even kissed yet, but it does show her that I'm not afraid of saying what I want and that I don't rrrreally care. What do you guys think?

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