How to tease a woman?
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  1. How to tease a woman?

    Have you seen a thread here on how to tease women? There's the Attraction thread but I'm looking for something more specific to Teasing where posters shared their tricks on teasing women.

  2. help a brotha out will ya?
    plz post links to teasing materials. internal or external.

  3. It took years to calibrate my teasing... it was a big problem of mine. Teasing = flirting. It not about putting the girl down. It's about being playful in a fun and very light way. Have you ever dealt with a girl that teased you a bit too harshly? it's useful to be on the receiving end of that because it gives you a taste of uncalibrated teasing/flirting = what not to do.

    Don't tease on things you feel she might be sensitive about. If I hit a nerve, I used to insist and keep talking about it. Not good. Now I let it go... for example if you find out she wears glasses and they are truly super sexy on her but she doesn't think they are, don't insist. You can say "They give you the studious librarian/secretary look, which I like, but you are sexy without them anyway"... and don't bring it up again. It's been helpful for me to combine a strong IOI before or after the teasing... "you are obviously a very attractive woman, but what the heck where you thinking when you got out of the house with these shoes?"

    It's important to be able to take it as well as you dish it too. Flirting/teasing goes both ways. Expect to be teased when it's 'on'. I regularly IOI girls that "get it", which is basically most of them LOL "you know what I like about you? you can take it as well as you dish it... some people can't take it, but you do, that's cool" I've found that this works great (IOIs her social intuition and demonstrates mine too.)

    When I'm not sure if a girl "gets it"... I'll kino her and kick start the flirting by saying "I'm kidding". Some gurus disagree with releasing tension this way but I've found it very helpful especially when combined with a dating story of mine that basically goes like this "this gorgeous model-looking girl I recently took out... you'd think she's super confident but she couldn't take a joke." The response is often "oh, I'm not like that, not at all" and then you can flirt like crazy because she doesn't want to be "like her".

    Smile, a lot. If you can't joke around and tease with a smile or a smirk on your face that communicates "play time" then you are better off not teasing.

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    Quick example:

    HB7: "So when we were in Italy we went out one night and had a really good time."
    Hal: "Did you get arrested."
    HB7: "Yeah, spent two months in jail." (obviously playing along)
    Hal: "Oh, you're a naughty criminal..." (grinned devilishly)

    See, simple...

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