FR: Fresno Smooth, Dickatropolis, Icarus
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    FR: Fresno Smooth, Dickatropolis, Icarus

    So Ive been getting bothered to go sarging for a bit so I bit the bullet last weekend
    I posted an edmonton sarge for the 28th
    now in the beginning I thought this was going to work out perfectly cause I expected the oilers to win the game on thursday and whyte ave to not be super busy for the saturday
    well leave it to the oilers to lose game 4 but bring it on home for game 5
    so we win
    its crazy there
    30000-50000 thousand people are some estimates I heard in the papers/radio stations
    the plan was to meet @ suite 69 around 10 o clock
    I didnt think it would be that busy at that time and it wasnt we walked right in
    I searched the Club for Icarus he said he would be wearing a LED belt buckle but I couldn't find him but thats ok cause he soon found me
    so we knocked back a beer and talked about how we got in and so on and then it was time to go
    I wanted to show the boys how crazy it gets when we win so we walked down whyte when we met up with the rest of the crew
    we walked past stollis and I saw a guy that I knew from doing so many pubcrawls and he gave us some tickets to get in for free and get some cheap drinks - BigUp^
    decided to walk a bit further and Times and his girlfriend went to get some food
    we got down to 105th street and 82nd ave and it wasnt that hoppin thee cops had it locked down
    so we walked back to stollis
    we get in and there are some HBs
    got some drinks
    I had the weirdest kind of approach anxiety
    usually its cause your afraid of rejection or an Amog or something right
    well having Icarus and Coast around I knew I had to put up or shut up
    being a mod and everything I couldnt just sit around and pour drinks down my throat.
    Icarus decided to go dance and me and Dickatropolis went with
    it was ok but I tired of this quickly
    I wanted to open a set at the bar but they wiggled away(took longer than 3 seconds) - shit
    so I headed to the dance floor again to just have some fun and guess what
    I opened a set LOL
    3 set my target was the 8 but I had to work her warpig friend first
    Fresno - Ladies this is a dance floor you have to dance out here
    WP - its my birthday though
    Fresno - how old are you
    WP - its my 18th no 19th birthday do you want to buy me a drink
    Fresno - I stopped buying girls drinks when I was 18
    HB6.5 chirps in - How old are you
    Fresno - You'll have to guess
    HB6.5 - 23?
    Fresno - Man your a shitty guesser im 21
    WP - so do you want to buy us drinks
    Fresno - I'll let you guys buy me a drink and then I'll let you dance with me
    WP - how bout you buy us drinks
    I was getting pissed off cause this warpig was getting annoying and she was drunk as fuck
    Fresno - Ill buy you a drink if you buy me one
    I was sick of this
    I ejected
    I was sitting down finished my beer and was watching Coast's pathetic attempt at dancing all of a sudden this Latina HB8.5 opens me with kino
    hb8.5 - grabs hand and pulls to dance floor - why aren't you dancing
    Fresno - I was taking a break you must have seen me cutting it up out here
    hb8.5 - she says something but i dont remember
    Fresno - keeps dancing grinding a bit
    all of a sudden she takes off after some tool in a white shirt
    I was wearing a black shirt so I guess he was a bit shinier then me
    we kicked it out of there
    we cut through Chili's to see if Time was still in there with his girl but ended up seeing this girl I knew who works there
    I got a hug and Icarus scammed one too
    they weren't there so we went out side
    it was pretty crazy and this mixed 4 set asked me to take a picture
    I told her(HB8.5(brunette)) i usually didnt do this (cause im not some lackey)
    but she pretty much tossed me the camera
    I got right into it telling them I wanted to see some sexy posed and for the guys to "get a little titty feel" in - it was fun
    did one serious and one silly
    I handed her back the camera
    Fresno - Ok take a picture of us now
    so shes about to take this picture and I tell her and this blond which turned out to be her sister to get in the pic
    the obliged of course cause my energy level was way high and the rest of the boys were playing it well too


    I check the pics they were good then I started to work
    Fresno - So yo are you gonna send me these pics? whats your email
    HB8.5 -, yours?
    Fresno -
    guy in her group -
    Fresno - yeah thats it
    then we broke
    1-3 yeahhh email close
    we finally met up with everyone and we headed back to suite 69
    unfortunately we waited in line for 45 minute but couldnt get in
    we left while at the front
    saying our goodbyes (they were heading back to red deer) I spotted a girl I K-closed not to long ago and went and talked to her
    shes LTR material BTW, talked to her returned to the boys said by then caught up with them going for pizza
    I wasnt sure how to play the email thing but I decided not to add her to msn till the next day to seem not needy good move
    I woke up and she had added me
    when she came on we chatted a bit and shes really sweet
    from poland came here when she was young
    she sent me the pics (as seen above) and we chatted about whatever
    I didnt have any online experience apart from people I know so I was winging it
    she was really supprised that I was so forward in getting her email with her 2 guy friends there
    I wasnt sure if it was her BF or not
    I was dying to know if she was single, but didnt want to ask
    but I was rewarded
    Polish chick - First off, I'm loyal, but I'm not his property
    Fresno - I'm glad you understand that I know allot of people who are confused about similar situations
    Polish chick - third off
    Polish chick - I'm single
    we fluffed a bit after that, dont know if this will pan out but we will see
    I have other prospects if it doesnt
    over all I had a good time
    Icarus opened 3 or 4 sets so he should post a supplemental entry after this one

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    sounds like a good time

    Sorry bud that I could not be there, I will be comming to EDM 4 shure soon, but hey bud UFC 40 was on and I am a huge MMA fan!!! seeing mat don gracie, was a blast, (but killed me a little bit inside)!, me and princess, are doing a set on thurday! I will let you guys konw what is poping!
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    Oilers won!!!
    Saturday was nuts, 50k-60k people out cheering with hundreds of police watching from their sidelines keeping the peace.
    I headed up to Suite 69 wearing my trusty LED belt buckle. It's peacocking, and I knew that nobody else would be wearing one so bla it's an easy to identify mark.
    Fresno, Dickatropolis and I sat on the patio and discussed our respective stories about getting into the game & what we wanted to accomplish.
    I was wanting to see Fresno's game, but had to wait a bit before we could start opening sets, Whyte was so packed and we were fighting just trying to walk down the street. Although my energy was fairly high just from the cheering and high 5's from complete strangers.
    Times & his girl end up leaving to grab something to eat and we head up to Stollis, immediatly I open up the girls waiting to get their drinks in front of me.
    Icarus: (Jealous girlfriend opener) (no time constraint)
    HB7&8.5: bla bla
    (they talk the subject out, and end up leaving) Fuck
    Talk with Coast & Fresno.
    Decide to head on to the dancefloor to try out some tips that a forum member was suggesting on opening on the dancefloor. What do you know it worked!! Thanks to whoever that was... I'll have to look it up later
    I just acted a fool & had a good time and the girls were attracted to my energy
    Yay! 1/2
    Opened up a few more sets with various openers & just on the spot random stuff that I made up.
    1/4 grrrr
    Time constraint was what killed me, I opened, I interested them, and then interest would be lost like a sock in the dryer.
    (My energy is dropping & Stollis is starting to get thinned out)
    I move to get everyone to bounce to a new location.
    While waiting for Times & his g/f to show up, we get approached by a couple chicks and a couple guys to take their picture.
    Fresno agreed but said that they had to take a picture with us afterwards too.
    cute girls. Fresno @closed them, the bastard :P
    The night ended kinda shitty, we waited for like 45 min to get into Suite 69 again, but ended up bailing (I was getting tired and I was the one that was going to have to drive back to Sylvan lake)
    btw made it from Edmonton to Sylvan lake in 1 hr... Ya going 170kph the whole way!!!
    All in all I had a good time, but I should have approached more, and added a time constraint.
    I learned a lot though so that's always worth the price of admission. :P


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