Novice looking to sarge in Courthouse/Clarendon part of Virginia
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  1. Novice looking to sarge in Courthouse/Clarendon part of Virginia

    HI all

    I consider myself a novice and not a PUA.

    I have only been doing day time game and i have only gotten moderate success so far . Having said that I have no trouble opening, but i seem to get stuck in transitions etc and thought it would be great to do it with people who are better than me. I do genuinely like to meet new people and am comfortable socially.I am not shy, I make sure I dress good etc

    I must admit though that my experience/success in the night club scene is practically zero. I normally sarge alone and as I mentioned do not seem to have trouble opening.
    So I am looking to hangout/sarge with like minded guys and learn more.

    I am open to hanging out in pretty much any part of DC.But I prefer Clarendon/courthouse as its where I live and so the logistics work out better (?).


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    Hey brother, I'm in Manassas and there's nothing really out here so I'm going to have to come out your way / into DC anyways.

    You're right, it would be nice to go out with more skilled people than yourself, but I doubt I'm any better than you. I'm new to the PUA thing and I just got Magic Bullets last week lol. I am however pretty sociable, I dress well and, I have been told I'm pretty good looking.

    Hit me up man, we'll do this thing.

  3. I'm in NOVA as well. Would like to practice with some motivated people.

    Please pm or however you wanna hook it up.

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    I like to frequent the Arlington/ Clarendon area... I live/work there(here)... im not a pua but im not an afc but wan to start going out on the weeknights b/c the more you practice the better you get and my weekends are packed enough with other shit as it is... I can also get you hooked up with the group I rolll with in DC. PM ME

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