what am I missing?
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    what am I missing?

    I am a college student who should have it made. I am buff, tall, attractive, a mechanical engineer. I have a confident but very conservative in attitude and appearance. I see women gawking all the time, but nothing ever rolls in. I can't even get near these damn women. It's almost like they are avoiding me. Ok, Im kinda poor, is that a big deal! what more do I need to get some focus from these girls?

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    You need to check out Conquer Your Campus by Mark Redman. Should help clear up any misconceptions.

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    ZachE84 Guest

    Things aren't going to roll into your lap. You have to take the initiative. If women are truly gawking at you all the time...it's time for you to actually approach them.

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    hmmm, well let's see here...

    Are you TALKING to these girls you claim are gawking at you??

    Are you asking these girls out on dates??

    Are you showing these girls you want them??

    If your answer is 'no' to ANY of these, is it any wonder why things aren't happening?

  5. women rarely ask guys out....

    it doesn't matter what the top speed of a Lamborghini is, if you don't put gas in it, it won't go

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    yeah, I have always tried to key down my initiative somewhat, I just don't want to be too be that guy air humping anything that moves. I will readjust the throttle to more. I am probably going too slow.

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    If you ever 'think' you're going too fast...you're not going fast enough..

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