new guy sayin hello
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    new guy sayin hello

    Sup all. Well I'm new on here and just wanna say hello. I'm about 5'11" 180lbs. pretty good looking and a fool with women. I'm a sucessful person and all I need is to get this part of my life handled (women). I've been through some material so far like a few of the David Deangalo collection and other internet material so I got some clue. I can ussally display good confidence when i'm around women but when I need to talk or approach either I don't or I fuck it all up and turn into a blanked out pussy in interveiw mode.
    My first plan is to get some approaches under my belt. Im gonna do more day game approaches first cause I don't get a chance to get out to bars much. Got some ideas for routines I'd like to bounce off some of ya cause I think conversation is prolly my biggest down fall right now. Youl be hearin from me soon lata

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    hi bro am loveseat am a day game instructor wanever you have a sp let me know

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