Help, idk what's wrong with me

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    Help, idk what's wrong with me

    so last night i went out to a club with a friend. 90% hb 8's and 9's. Every set i opened failed. I talked to about 7 women, and they all walked away/jst lost interest. I used some strategies in Magic Bullets, but to no avail. I feel so pathetic.

    Im currently in India, do these strategies not work out here?

    I noticed several sticking points:

    I have major AA issues.

    I tend to say awkward things that I shouldn't say.

    After I was tipsy, everything was wrong, my body language was off, i was leaning in. lol, i used an opinion opener on this one chick and she jst ended up walking away after like 2 mins.

    My friend said that I was trying to hard, how do I avoid looking like that?

    I thought I was confident with myself, but when I was out there, it looked like I was some desperate guy who was not successful at all. Im beginning to doubt my inner self now, if I even have what it takes to attract a 9? Im a good looking guy, and I see girls looking at me all the time, when I was there, as soon as I open my mouth I just fuck shit up. Help me, im only 19 so I can't even go to bars in the USA…..idk what to do, i feel like a fucking desperate loser, even though thats never how I thought about myself.

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    It's normal to fail at first. You have to barrell through a few sets before you start picking up some skills!!

    Of course a 19 year old newbie will not be generating good responses from very attractive women. That's OK Try to think of it as a video game. If you lose your man, you hit reset and start again. No worries

    EDIT: Respect for even trying to interact with that many sets. You'll need that kind of courage if you will succeed in this game. Stay strong buddy

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    of course it will work in india thats why there is so many people there although it sounds like your using material or looking for the perfect thing to say,when infact if you have awesome relaxed non needy bodylanguage you could mumble something and she'd be interested as i showed an afc friend one night.
    One thing that helps with game if your prone to anxiety is turn your brain off turn all your thoughts and fears off they 'Actually Mean Nothing......' 'she means nothing to who you are' let your mind drift from thought to thought.this is similar to what happens when your drunk thats why your less anxious but chooseing sober to not analyze and over think although counter intuitive is exactly what you need to do.If you say the wrong things,dont close and beat yourself up after.. then theres nothing your anxiety is saving you from youve already got what you were thinking to avoid.
    your young and just starting so improvement comes down to trial error time so my post is specifically for Approach Anxiety and the easiest way to get past it without fancy techniques, $$ and getting drunk is to let your mind be thought less,the thinking isnt helping..

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    damn, it just sucks when the majority of people out there have hot gf's and im stuck fucking up like this.

    I know that this was just my first time doing this, and I shouldn't be too hard on myself and all but I can't help it. It works well when I see them looking at me from a distance, but as soon as I open my mouth, it doesn't work out.

    When I see that 8 or 9 there my mind is immediately like "holy shit there's this hot chick and I really don't want to fuck this up" i get nervous, it shows off as being needy and desperate even though im not, and I lose it.

    I need to be able to put myself over them, meaning that I need to have the mentality that I am the shit, and that they got nothing on me. I thought I had this attitude, but I guess its not internalized. I really doubt my ability to attract 9s and 10s now.

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