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    I want to start a Project Ibiza. Villas can be rented for EUR 10,000 a month. I want to find 7 - 10 guys for a villa for 5 months in summer 2011.

    Please be seriously (in a fun way) dedicated to improving yourself as a person and as a PUA. Be able to live in an island for 5 months (meaning you either have a bunch of money saved or have a unique job that allows you to work remotely).

    A bit about me.

    I'm 37, look 27, good at day game, comfort and seduction, use Mystery Method but am open to all techniques that lead to more natural game. Huge believer in inner game and body posture, tonality, being FUN. Game isn't competition, and everyone should be open to helping each other, but never should a wing ever hit on his friend's target.

    I am going to be in Ibiza for three weeks in August 2010, but next year I want to be there all summer. So, better start early to find wings.

    Ibiza is the biggest party island in the world, has beautiful beaches, coves, clubs, people (topless beaches) and babes from all over Europe. It is incredible, and I want to make Project Ibiza real. I know enough PUA stuff, and have had enough successes with women to make this a real PUA villa. We just work off each other. Serious people only.


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    Hi TheBencher

    I might be interest, keep in the loop and lets see if we can make it happen.



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    breda netherlands

    iv been in ibiza for 4 months was very nice. i go back on the 9th of oktober.
    my friend wing in holland and i go see the world.
    might be interested for the whole season or just to pup by.
    keep in touch

    gr. paddy

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    Hey I lived out in Ibiza for 3 seasons, great Island. I could be interested in this

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    ibiza party island of the world!

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    Hey.I'm interested in the project Ibiza 2011.Let's stay in contact.

  7. Sounds awesome,

    I'd love to get involved, I have one of those jobs that means I can work from anywhere as long as I have a good internet connection!

    Have you thought about Project Barcelona? Its where I'm living at the moment, Its got all the benefits of Ibiza plus a lot more. Ibiza is major aimed at tourists, overpriced, 50-60 euros for club entry and expensive for absolutely everything. Rent is much cheaper in bcn, 5 bedroom pimped out villa with swimming pool for 3500 Euros. Plus in terms of the women, if you stick to ibiza you'll be stuck with the english tourist on holiday after an easy fuck and as much fun as this might sound will quickly bore the hell out of you. BCN has the same tourists but a lot more high quality women from all over the world as well. Well thats my two cents....

    Get in touch, pm me your skype or msn!

  8. I'm very interested

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    Hey,guys,I'm most likely to be in Ibiza next summer.My plan is to go from the beginning of June for 1-2 months and then if I've made enough money to hit an Eurotrip for the rest of the holiday and then university days are on the horizon
    I'd love to go out with you regularly if some of you go.But,TheBencher,honestly,5 months is too much.The season is end of May-beginning of October.By end/beginning we're talking about 3-4 first/last days of those months.Having stayed until mid September,I can assume it's a quite sad picture regarding social interactions of course in off season.
    Electric,I also found myself not interacting with a lot of Spanish people this summer,maybe because I was staying mainly in San Antonio.But next year pushing it to the limit for full experience
    About the prices of the clubs...I can hook you up or teach you how to get hooked up for most of the parties.It's not rocket science.And this is what I loved about the island-the network is so huge that it does not require mastery for a free/discounted pass.This also mind fucked me though-imagine being able to attend Tiesto's party several times,feeling it like Monday before sleep routine and then going home and having to pay 10 euros for example for a mediocre party in a not very exclusive club.
    So cutting the party entry expenses,it's not that expensive in Ibiza,unless you want to play it hard sniffing and booking VIP tables in the clubs for several G's.I would rate pimp villa for min 1000 euro per person also excessive spending.But if you can afford it,why not,compared to the ~300 Euros per person for a shit apartment that most people pay.

  10. hey guys,
    are you still up for this? I would be very interested in getting something like this started this year. Let me know if the plan should still be in progress or if anybody should be still interested in doing somthing like this


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