"I have to pee! pull out" "no babe, your about to squirt" "omg ima pee i gtg"
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    "I have to pee! pull out" "no babe, your about to squirt" "omg ima pee i gtg"

    Me and my girlfriend had some very intimate sex today. i was on top, and she was laying on my bed just taking it. we were both so into it. this was only my 4th time having sex and by far the best. she was so into and horny. she said shes never really felt so wet and warm ever!! i could feel her juices on my balls.. lol. she was wet!!

    so after a good 5 or 10 minutes of pounding shes like i have to go pee. im like no that means your gonna orgasm.. i told her i read about it and it means your gonna squirt not pee. i told her its impossible to pee during intercourse.. i told her to just let the feeling go so she would squirt. she didnt, she was convinced she had to pee. so she made me pull out then she went to the bathroom and totally ruined the moment. i talked to her about it later and she said she thought it was embarising that she got so wet. i told her no, its such a turn on for me. and then she was like so do you really think i should let go next time? and im like HELL YEAH!! she said shed be embarrassed if she just squirted all over me and my bed.. how do i comfort her and what do i say to her to make her feel not embarrassed? i told her multiple times its very sexy and a big turn on for me.

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    tell her its normal, lots of women do it and all of them had the same anxiety about it before they "let go".
    Then maybe show her what it is, as in go to redtube.com or something and search for "squirting" and when she sees how many hits that gets and maybe a vid or two to see what it actually IS, she might think it's more "normal".
    I knew a girl (friend of my wife at the time) that by 25 had NEVER had an orgasm because she was a natural squirter and always stopped herself and she thought there was something wrong with herself until I told her what she was feeling and she let it happen with the next dude and came back to tell me and my wife how amazing it was.

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    thats awesome.. ive told her that many times though. i tell her its natural.

    we were actually gonna watch some porn together yesterday just to spice things up but we got side tracked a second time :P ill show her some squirt clips. do you guys know of any good ones?

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    any one else have any advice?

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    I don't agree with showing her the squirt porn, because some of them shoot pretty far. It's fine after the fact, once she's done it. If she's worried about getting the bed wet, just throw a towel on the bed and put it underneath a few times.

    You've already given her some comfort talk to do it the next time, but don't put pressure or have expectations that she's going to do it the next time you and her have sex.

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    I agree with Sdnightfly.How about having some glasses of wine?I think she wont care about it.Thats a start

    But its not big deal...do not insist on it.After some time it will be okay for her.

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    Years ago I took David DeAngelo's advice and read Secrets of Sensual Lovemaking. It's a small book, you can read it in a couple of days. In summary it's all about focusing on the feeling of support, protectiveness and has tips on how to make a lover who can't let go. I wish I could say more but it's been a few years since I've read it. What I can say is that after I finished this book, my girlfriend at the time, who said no man could ever make her come, squirted almost 2 feet outward. That was a good night!


  8. thats funnt because it always happens to me, several times i hold it for so long because im afraid of peeing.. imagine if i really pee during a oral? would be very embarrassing! so soemtimes even if i know that i possibly will cum, i still hold it ,its bad,i know

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