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    Hi guys!!!!

    I am into this stuff from one and half year..and practised little bit,mostly DAY short time I practised ,I improved alot because before getting to know this stuff,I am really shy,introvert.I had only relation with two below average woman.

    It may be game of life or something...When I came to know about this stuff and felt like liberated,I understood that I should change some things about my career(as I was doing shitty jobs even though I have great education) in parallel,I studied some IT courses and got one good job.
    Its high paying job.I continued working on my self-improvment and day game.

    I heard from other friends who are in same field like me,that I need to put lots of extra hours and hard work.So I understood that I need to work hard and started working hard(60 hours/week).But I am unable to find energy to go out and continue Day Game but many times I pushed myself....This weekend,I felt like drained after hard week and couldnot game....I also started noticing that I am not gaming so much because of much work...I am not even finding energy or interest to read forums which I really like....

    Now I am standing in a situation-where I have to choose between two things I like to have....I feel like trapped...I should also make it clear that only women is not my goal...first inner happiness,little money with good job then girls are my preferences...

    1.Choose a small job with more time,less money,less career growthbut havemore time for self-improvement and game

    2.Good job which can give me financial security in future if I keep working but will give little time for self-improvment and game

    Do any of you guys,ever feltlikethis....I am 28 years old...soI feel money is also important for financial stability and at the same time,whenever I see blonde girls outside my window or streets...I feel likeI am missing something as I am growing old as days are passing by and I never enjoyed atleast an above average girl.....If I think with heart...wanna play with many girls and even having small job(with career growth over a period of time) feels enough for me...when I think with intellect and real life experience..feel like Good job and career is important for future....

    Please post your opinions how you have felt/acted when you faced similar thoughts like this....

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    Do online game if you're running out of time.

    It's a healthy balance, bro. When I was younger, i was so into game that, I dropped out of college, got in 20K credit card debt, spent all my money on clothes, going out and drinking, later after I got professional job, my negligence towards career prevented me from getting raises and bonuses. I was going out 5 days a week.

    Even though I do not regret my "party" life, i came to realise few things:
    - you have to keep things in the middle, going into one extreme or another is not healthy. Ideally, you work hard for couple years, take a year or two easy, then work hard again. Whenever you feel you're slipping you need to go in opposite direction
    - being social is wonderful, I written a lot of posts on social circle game, however, you never really make true friends. To be someone's good friend, you need to spend time with them bonding and getting to know them. When you have 100s of "friends" they are all nothing but acquaintances. After moving to a different state, everyone that was my "friend" suddenly vanished.
    - spending too much on the dark side (clubs, bars, night game, etc.) can suck you in like a drug; by going out often, it's easy to lose track of money, get a drug/alcohol addiction, and then find yourself in shitty health few years down the road.
    - my biggest regret in life so far, is not working on projects I TRULY wanted to do when i was younger. For example: not learning how to play a guitar and starting a band. Not starting my own business earlier in life so all the mistakes i am making now were made when I was younger.

    Money is the currency of life. unfortunately, money will buy you health, food, luxury, and some form of happiness.

    Indirectly money will bring you women and friends. Because, having lack of money is cause for depression and low self esteem, nobody will want to spend time with you; if you cannot afford basic social items, people will stop asking you out. If you cannot go to expensive restaurant once in a while, if you cannot buy yourself a drink and always has to ask your friends to spot you one, or if you cannot afford healthy food, which in turn will make you feel healthier and better, if you cannot afford dental care, gym membership, etc. Also, if you cannot get a car, that's a big burden on your friends. If you're lucky you live in big city, but if you don't? Friends don't want to be your taxi service

    By no means I am talking about being filthy rich. You just need COMFORTABLE level of income.

    so what it will take you another 2 years of hard work to get there? Suck it up and do it. Because in two years you will have comfortable life.

    If you drop all this, and go back to living your old lifestyle, with less responsibilities, less pay, less work, I would call you lazy. You gave up! End of story.

    In two years, where you could have had a comfortable lifestyle, you will realise this and will have to start everything from scratch.

  3. desertman. There is no such thing as financial security. The more you earn - the more you bind into any kind of bussinesses and investments, the more you will need again.
    It it is neverending story.

    If you all of the sudden loose your job - can you live 3-6 months without it ?
    If so - turn to other areas, like women. Otherwise you will regret when you reach 60 and being 70 you will give all your life incomes to any 20y old pussy because you will feel it is last time to get what you missed all your life.
    This story was seen may times.

  4. thanks

    Thanks man...

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    Liberation is when you have choices.

    You're still new in the career field, so it's going to be draining for a while, but in a year or two, reevaluate what's going on, become proficient at it, so you can have the choice to stay or go, and not have it made for you if you start burning out, showing up late,losing train of thought, making mistakes you overlooked because you weren't into it, etc.

    Put yourself on an "allowance" when you go out and track what you're spending when you go out, and look at it in 3 months time. How many of those nights were fun, but how much more fun could the trip to another country have been had you saved up for it?

    The financial stability comes through diligent saving and investing. Read the "Millionaire Next Door" books and "The Overspent American". Relationships factor into this, and so does the type of work you do...the more you make, the more you spend.

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    I wouldn't work 60 hours a week long term, unless I had to do it to feed my family. I did stuff like that back a few years ago, and it was miserable. I feel trapped enough as it is with my 9-5. Yes, wealth is important, but not when it's at such an expense to health and relationships.

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    First off, this is something dear to my heart so I'm gonna weigh in. I know I'm only 22 but I have a huge amt of experience in this area.

    1-Financial Security isn't a myth. If you work extremely hard and save your money and buy rental properties, you've began your path to freedom from corporate bondage and you've increased your cash flow. Anyone who says "Look at the housing market!" well you're dumb, because the guys with properties are still making cake and still paying their mortgages.

    There are VERY few people who had large multi-family units that lost any money at all. Yea maybe on paper, but odds are the guy who you rent your apartment from, he's still driving a Porsche. Maybe a Lamborghini now since he probably bought more buildings that were cheap. Maybe having a job or buying alot of stocks is worthless, but you can have financial security. Just not from a job. Real estate, franchises, heck, owning ANY sort of business can really help give you alot of financial freedom. I'm just partial to real estate.

    2-I know what it's like to feel you're missing out. I'm starting a job in a couple weeks that will have me helping a guy manage his real estate (very serious holdings in Riverdale in the Bronx and in San Diego.) I'm going to be getting paid extremely well and getting an education in real estate that is invaluable and is going to shorten my learning curve when I purchase my first real estate to almost zero. On the flip side, I won't get to go visit my GF nearly as much as I want, I'm gonna be working prolly 60 hrs/week+ and I'll lose alot of my social life. You have a finite amount of time in life and that sucks, but its a reality.

    Let me explain why this is worth it though. There are guys like my dad, who I think is one of the greatest people, not just dads, I've ever met. He partied in his youth, didn't really have a career, but loved my sister and I more than anything. And I see how it hurt him SO MUCH when we were living in an extremely rich area and I couldn't have what the other children had because we couldn't afford it. Or not being able to go on vacation, etc etc etc. I know that I am giving up some of my youthful partying time. But when you party away your youth, the odds are you're going to end up without financial freedom. And I know every day I see my dad that he'd give up his entire youth so we could have had everything. And that's sad. But it's reality.

    If you wanna party away all of your 20s-35 then you don't get a big house, extremely nice cars and family vacations three times a year. You probably don't get a smoking hot wife long term. You don't get to wear $2k+ suits. Those spoils go to the guy who was studying at the library becoming a superhero lawyer or hedge fund manager. Or working his ass off at an I-Bank or managing his real estate holdings.

    3-You're missing out slightly in certain ways but use your time wisely. If you're always working now, make sure you're living way below your means and seek to purchase investments so you can free yourself over time. If you can't go socialize allll the time then you can also focus on being healthy and happy. Make the gym a serious priority. When you do get some time freed up, you're gonna have alot more money and hopefully 6 pack abs. With that, odds are you won't need to write here again.

    4-Everyone talks about how money doesn't really buy happiness. I saw it firsthand the stress financial difficulties put on a marriage or on your life. And I saw every day on the train what the difference it can make. There is nothing that will put you faster on the road to happiness than serious financial success. I don't mean like six figure wealth either, I am focusing on $500k+/year income. That will be your consolation for missing some of your random partying days.

    Is partying with random girls you'll never care about worth not having a Porsche one day? Or having to tell your children they can't have what they want? And if you ever aspire to get super high quality chicks, like a smoking hot high self esteem lawyer/doctor, you better believe you better be rich to get a girl like that.

    P.S. This is the same as all the guys who have fitness model physiques. While they were getting there, odds are those guys never ate badly, never drank or smoked, were in the gym for an hr of lifting and an hr of cardio everyday, etc etc. You're gonna have to sacrifice at some point, I just think that sacrificing something like wealth and happiness could be worth it.

  8. You really are 22.

    "I see how it hurt him SO MUCH when we were living in an extremely rich area and I couldn't have what the other children had because we couldn't afford it."

    There ALWAYS will be something you of your father won't be able to afford and ALWAYS will be someone who is more rich, who has better car etc ...
    Why have Lamborghini in NYork or wherever in USA if allowed speed is about 50 miles ?
    To show your balls, mainly for women ?
    They will put you into depth because your neighbor has Lamborghini AND Maserati.

    Best example of rats run.

    You know what Iran Shah ordered for breakfast in Paris ?
    The same what I did. Coffee and croissant.

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    Not being able to go on a vacation with your family because you can't afford it? Not being able to purchase your kids the type of clothing?

    I'm not talking competing with sheiks here BRO, I'm saying everyday shit, when a child wants something and the parents can't afford it and the kid is upset, it hurts a parent deeply.

    And I think you meant rat race buddy, and you don't have to constantly compete, it's not what I meant "Dad he has a Porsche and a Ferrari, you only have a Porsche." That's not gonna make anyone feel bad. It's like "Dad, why can't we go skiing on vacation somewhere cool? Why can't I have a nice watch for my HS graduation?" I'm not saying this to complain, as I'd rather create my uber-wealth on my own.

    I'm just saying when you're a parent you'll wish you listened.

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    What I got out of this is Amphorus like's porches. He sounds like someone who just got done reading rich dad poor dad (I wish I had read that when I was 22). Very interesting discussion.
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