A GREAT text/facebook opener for a girl you haven't spoken to in a long time

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    A GREAT text/facebook opener for a girl you haven't spoken to in a long time

    This is for a girl that you haven't talked to since high school or in a year or so that you would like to initiate a conversation with. Say the girl's name is Sarah Jenkins.

    Ten Itis: OMG!
    (wait for response, but if she doesn't respond, it's okay, continue)
    Ten Itis: I just ran into somebody named Sarah Jenkins. Kinda threw me off.
    HB: Haha really?
    Ten Itis: Yeah, she was a 6 foot 3 redhead...reminded me a lot of you!

    Success rate for starting a conversation - 100% so far. I now have plans to meet up with two girls that I haven't talked to in about 3 years. I also got another 3 numbers from a few girls from my high school that I hardly even spoke to when I was actually in high school.

    Obviously, it's just an opener, and you still have to make good conversation after the opener, but I haven't had any negative feedback so far from the opener itself.

  2. Wow. Can't believe this works

  3. Nice.

    Also works fucking perfectly...tell a girl you haven't talked to in a while you had a dream and she was in it last night.

    Something simple, like:

    You: How did you do that exactly?

    Her: What?

    You: I had the craziest dream last night and somehow, you starred in it. You were running from the cops and I saw you and somehow swooped you away from them. And of course, your stuck-up ass wasn't even thankful..

    Say whatever you want when you do it.

    But here's the key..YOU can frame it however you want.

    You get to choose what she and you were doing in the dream and you can play this out forever, setting that as the frame of the relationship.

    So, if you tell her in the dream, she was a few years younger than you and you were babysitting her, and you kept having to scold her, then you can do this in real life IMMEDIATELY, from the very first text message or Facebook message.

    Think about that..you can set up the whole relationship with ANY kind of role-playing you want.

    My favorite was telling a girl in the dream that she was my little sister in the dream and she was acting like such a brat! Then everytime we hung out, I just treated her like my little bratty sister.



  4. Good advice from everyone

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    wow i tried this on a girl i wanted to catch up with. she responded very well to it and actually texted me two days later and wants to hang out. wish me luck boys!

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