Good example of **DIRECT** game

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    Good example of **DIRECT** game

    I know it's a show,

    but this is what DIRECT GAME REALLY MEANS

    YouTube- The Mad Men School of Seduction


    You guys are too pussiefied and feminized nowdays, let's grab your panties and get laid.

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    awesome video man. that is a great example of using direct game.

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    MadMen FTW!

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    The one that starts at 2:05.


  5. Too bad saying this sorta shit now leads to sexual harassment claims and loss of life

    Is this programme good in general?
    Never heard of it, Don't think its shown in England

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    Its pretty good yeah.

  7. Any way I can watch this online?

  8. And Don Drapers body language.

    there aint role models like him in real world anymore

  9. Season 4 starts July 25th. Great, great series. It'll be interesting to see how the male/female interaction progresses as the 1960s wear on.

    Drinking game - every time someone lights up - shot.

  10. Don drapers guide to picking up women:

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