going to cali!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  1. going to cali!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    anyone know of any places i should most definetly hit up......... other then a dispensary to get medicinal marijuana?
    btw if there is anyone that lives in cali..... that is looking for a wingman for the weekend..... i am that man!...... with wings..... cause im fly =D

  2. Hey i'm goin to cali too...What part r u going to be in & when u goin? Lookin for a wingman also...



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    Depending on where in California you are, I might be down to hang out. I'm up in Southern Oregon, though, so you'd have to be up near the top somewhere.

  4. I'm in the Inland Empire. I've been working out in Newport Beach, and Orange County though.

    I'm down to chill, sarge or both .

    909-262-5131 text me

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