Please honey, lick it.
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  1. Please honey, lick it.

    Hey guys,

    My girl is driving me crazy. We have sex very often, and everytime she starts kissing me lower and lower, reaching my waist, then she grabs my penis and my balls, massage included, and kisses all my lower body, except my penis. I'm dieing, if this lasts much longer, I think my balls will explode.

    I need some tips guys, any experience you have had it will help so much.

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    Please honey, lick it.

    That's foreplay... Some girls make the mistake of thinking that we are like them... They usually like that stuff girls ovens require more preheating lol. So if you don't like it tell her that... You can appreciate the effort but honestly it's too much and you can't really handle that much foreplay. Tell her you would like her to spend more time actually giving you the blowjob. And less time building up to it.

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    The problem is that she hasn't put it in her mouth yet lol

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    Does she like it when you get rough and dominant or does she prefer soft and sensual?

    If she likes you to take control (or she doesn't know if she does because you have never tried), next time she is doing all that down there take a handful of the back of her hair and pull her head to the side gently but firmly and tell her to open her mouth. Then carefully "feed her" your dick. Talk dirty to her and tell her some filth along the lines of you "want to feel her naughty mouth on your cock" and then take it away and tell her you don't know if she "deserves" that. So on and so forth, you will be able to tell very quickly if she is into that even if she has never been into "rough stuff" before.

    If she is the mushy softy type you may have to come up with some bullshit about how you need to feel her mouth on you because she has you so excited etc.

  5. MuGGzy for the win, again.

  6. Some girls don't like doing it, which sucks. Have you tried saying "suck my cock" ?? While she is down there grab her head, she will probably like it.

    Make sure your goods are shower clean though, might be a problem... Just saying

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    younger women may have had a bad experience with head, either they got a face full when not expecting it or enough to gag them,..if they are new to it they may be curious and need some training,..make sure your clean, and while she's down there just ask her to slide her tongue along the shaft a little bit, if she doesn't want it in her mouth don't make a big deal of it, if she sticks with it and your about to cum tell her so she's prepared,..after tell her how much that turned you on and how incredible her tongue and hot breath felt on your shaft,..if you can get her comfortable with this then she will be sucking dick and swallowing before you know it,..give her some verbal response when she does it the right way for you and don;t make a sound when she does it wrong, she will pick up on it and fine tune her technique,..
    warning, some chicks give head like sharks and need to be retrained,..don't worry I;m doing my best to fix that problem, one chick at a time,..haha,..

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    +1 on MuGGzy word.

    Here is something I want to add:

    Look at your balls and cock, in the mirror.

    Is it bushy as fuck? does it look like a jungle? Does it need some serious manscaping?


    clean it and trim it. 90% of dudes out there are walking with bush the size of Richard Simmons hair.

    You don't have to shave, but keep it neat and clean.

    Now onto blow job, why don't you talk to her about it SOMETIMES when you're NOT having sex. Just what she thinks about it in general. does she like them?

    Also do you return the favor? do you go down on her?

    You should.

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