shy girl and texting and meeting.
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    shy girl and texting and meeting.

    right im texting this realy shy girl but ive managed to open her up etc etc (im getting there!)

    ive texted her for the past 3 days and all giong good can/should i not text her today just so she thinks about me/wonders why i havent texted and text her tommorow?

    ive treid to meet up with her but she said she's too shy to talk face 2 face atm blah blah , more comfort?(seen as she shy)

  2. Let's start with how you met her, I take it this is an online meet?

    You have the right idea, with giving it a day in between texting for a full day. Leave her the next or wait for her text. Try not to always be the initiator and let her want you and text you first. If she does you know your golden.

    Try not to force the meeting upon her and let it just happen. Occasionally mention an event your going to with friends, and you think she'd have fun.

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    and annual , i did leave it ....she texted me say hi and what im im golden!

    but starting to run out of things to say now...talked loads and i mean loads over these past 3/4 days of texting....but she's super shy so i often get "lol" and stuff like that but then she will come out her shell and start talking....

    it siad on her page she isnt very good at talking about her self, very shy, ...i like this girl but finding it hard now as i can only see one solution meet up or i will have nothing to talk about lol...

    what do you guys reckon? also any tip on how to enforce a meetup as once i can start kino etc i think she would be better...

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    annual had a good way of initiating a meetup. something with friends would work very well. given that your friends are nice people, the friendly atmosphere usually opens them up. and you can never really run out of things to say bro, did you like spill your life story?? haha well even if you did, there are always random things that you notice while youre out. random observations about the world work. random jokes. random whatever, it helps for her to think youre spontaneous. use randomness in moderation though or youll just come off as a weirdo. and it sounds like the gaps between the texts is too short, maybe you could widen the gaps between texts so you dont run out of content in the first place.

  6. ganacian is right, you should get quite a few people to do something with you 2 involved, then hit it off with chatting about something that is happening, then ask her to do something and then teach her something knew about whatever it is you're doing

    need to get her relaxed though. it's always good.

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