My 2nd sarge

Hi again!
Thanks for all the response for my first sarge. This is my field report for my second sarge. Please forgive me if there is bad english here. (Im norwegian)
For my first sarge, please read:
Ok, tonight i went out with a good friend of mine. We have gone out countless times in the past looking for girls, this time i was more prepared.
First we stopped by some bars to get a couple of beers and I told him that tonight i would try some special stuff. I told him I was sick of going months without sex so tonight I would try some new aproaches. (We usally pick up women when we're drunk and dancing in some rock clubs.)
So I told him I will try to just talk to some girls and tell them some crazy stories, and instructed him not to object if I said something that was not true.
Next we entered a club with live music. The girls in this place where about 10-20 years older than i like them, but we went in anyway. This was a small place so we checked it out without seeing any girl we would like to talk to, so we went outside to smoke a cigarette. Outside there was this 3-set with UG5, HB8, HB8, and a couple of guys. I went in with the two-part-kiss opener and got great feedback from UG5. Unfortunatly the HB's didn't pay attention and left us stuck with only UG5. I took this as practice and fired away with jesus-opener and g-string opener. My friend looked in disbelief as I told her stories he knew where not true. I gave UG5 an ESP test (hearts of three) but she answered wrong and I gave her a "You must be special" speech. UG5 showed IOI's to both my friend and me and in a couple of minutes one of the HB8 where back and interested in what we where talking about.
Then I repeated one of the openers for her (is this correct to do? please give me feedback.) And after some discussion I gave her the same ESP test as with UG5 and she answered hearts of three and I picked up the three of hearts from my back pocket and showed her. This led to the both of them inspecting my back pockets for more cards so I told them they where doing it just to touch my ass.
Anyway, to make a long story short, the HB8 left (I was ignoring her BIGTIME, maybe too much?), but the UG5 hanged around and was really interested. Then we told her we had to leave and went to the next venue.
The next venue is a rock club with really loud music. There is no way to keep a normal conversation inside without yelling.
Inside I met a two-night-stand from a couple of weeks ago, and she was really REALLY bitter. I really didn't give a shit so I just let her call me names while I was ordering a beer. Thank god she left soon after.
Then we started to dance to some cheese popmusic and the ladies started to hover around us (strangly this happens once a while, but very very seldom.I cant put a finger on what makes this happen, maybe they could sense we where in a really good mood?)
We dance for a while and a two-set of HB6-HB7 invites us for a cigarette outside, and we agree.
Outside the HB7 starts talking to a friend so I start throwing openers at HB6. First the two-part-kiss opener, and tells it completly the wrong way ruining the entire story but we get a good laugh from it anyway. Then I ask her if she would have sex we jesus and she says no, so we are teasing her with why she would not have sex with such a great man. Next i do the ESP test and she fails, and by this time the HB7 is interested in our sparkeling conversation so she joins in while I focus on HB6 telling her she must be more inteligent than the rest or something. Then the HB7 wants the same test and she too fails it , but I extracted much fun from them both failing, telling them that they are different from 70% of the population. My friend is fighting for attention every now and then, and when the HB's give him attention I just turn sligtly away looking in another direction (can I call this a freezeout?). This actually worked several times and the girls gave me the attention back.
After this they starts asking questions about my t-shirt. [My t-shirt has a provocative and humourus text on the front in big letters. In norweagian the stantment has a great ryhme and therefore is funny, but in english the message would be something like: "Different salary for different genders" Yes its an anti women equality slogan ]
Then I told them we had to go inside and we did, but my friend was very reluctant to leave the girls so I told him I knew they would meet up with us inside again. And of course they did! We danced for some more and the girls told me they had to leave. I was going for a number close here, so I decided to do the email number close. I asked her if she had an email, she said she did and I was going to let her write it down and while she was doing it ask her to write her number as well.
Only problem was I didn't carry a pen and paper, stupid me had left them in my jacket, so I just memorized her email and had no room in my head to memorize a number as well, so i didnt ask for it.
After this we just kept dancing. Then a girl HB5/UG5 started dancing close with me and I playfully push her away with a grin on my face. She was very upset and angry with this so it was obviosly not a good move with a non attractive girl. Then a blonde HB6 starts dancing close and we are getting along fine until she notices my t-shirt and is asks me if I really mean what it say. Naturally I feel no need to justify my t-shirt so I just give her a big grin and thrust my chest forward while I raise both my hands victoriously in the air. Then she gave me the finger and left
Then we left and went home. My friend was giving me big credit on way back home for how great the openers and opinion thing had worked.
This was quite a long post, and I guess what i'm trying to say is that I am having great fun with the MM even though i'm not doing a large scale newbie mission and open 20 sets a night.
Things I've learnt today is that its much easier to open sets when your with a friend and not alone. A provocative t-shirt is a great conversation topic, I should create some funny DHV stories. I need to be more prepared with a notebook for numbers/emails. And you get much greater response to openers and routines if your doing them in a funny way with a slight grin on your face.
Now i'm going to write an email to the HB7, and I would like your opinions on what such an email should contain. How long do I wait before I send it and so on. I know the phone basics, but email basics I have no idea...