Great List of Sexual Tension Techniques
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    Great List of Sexual Tension Techniques

    Sexual Tension

    Dictionary definition:

    Accodrding to Wikipedia:

    Sexual tension is a phenomenon that occurs when two people interact and one or both feel sexual desire, but the consummation is postponed or never happens. It is a common feature of plot and characterization in works of fiction. This longing is often suggested by incidents of intimacy; for instance, when two people or characters are alone, are physically close, but desire is never explicitly expressed.

    I want to create LONG LIST of Sexual Tension techniques. But before let me explain what sexual tension is if you do not get it.

    From my personal experience; casual dating, having fuck buddies, girlfriends, friends with benefits, multiple STRs & LTRs, even long distance relationship, SEXUAL TENSION played the most important role in attraction and keeping relationship sexual.

    Without sexual tension you’re just friends. Simple as that.

    If you visualize word tension you will think of tight string between tied between two objects. And if you visualize piling up things on top, hypothetically, the string will become more tense. You can visualize tension as bow-and-arrow, when archer pulls on the arrow creating tension of the bow. The release of the arrow projects it outside to the target.

    Now having that visual in your mind, imagine how can you create SEXUAL tension between you and a girl?

    Women love tension. The “tighter” the string is the more excited they will get. Sometimes, to release this tension, they will laugh, giggle, or even get aggressive with you. If tension is too much and she cannot handle it, you might blow yourself out. But this is not a thread on pickup. This is thread on creating tension, not to what to do with it.

    You can create tension:

    By teasing her: this is probably the easiest way to create tension, however, there are different kinds of teasing:

    Social Teasing – you poke playful fun at her. Example: she knocks something over you say “and this is why we cannot have nice things around!” or she says something silly, you look at her and say “Gee, Ashley what are you five?” or you can call her out on her clothes (playfully), “oh damn I didn’t know 90s were back, nice shirt! Hehe” sometimes when you two are quiet you exaggerate by saying “AAAWKARD SILENCE ALERT!” (do not laugh at your own jokes).
    • “Are you always this shy?”
    • “Your daddy didn’t spank you enough, did he?”/”You weren’t spanked enough as a child?”
    • “you’re so cute when you don’t know what you’re talking about/what to say”
    • “Your parents would be proud” (when she makes smart comment)
    • “You kiss your mother with those lips?” (when she says bad word or curses)
    • “Your grandma would not approve” (When she makes very feminist or manly statement)
    • “Your girl friends would totally laugh at you now”
    • “It’s ok, I will pretend to agree with this as long as it helps you sleep at night”
    • “Will it help you sleep at night?”/”Whatever helps you sleep at night ”
    • FACEPALM when she does something stupid, shake your head in disbelieve
    • “Oh wow you seem to blow your load over this” (when she’s excited about something stupid)
    • “I knew I should have told my parents where I am going” (when she’s driving you somewhere far)
    • “Will you hurt me?/kill me?” (if you follow her to some bar or place she wants to go to)
    • “I don’t wanna die tonight!!!” (when she’s driving crazy, buckle up for added effect and grab-onto “Oh Shit” handle)
    • Notice these are modified “cocky-funny” lines that has to be delivered in exaggerated manner. None should come off offensive, if they do, correct with “you’re cute when you take things seriously”
    • Sometimes I feel little risqué and use “it’s ok, you’re only a woman” especially when she does something that’s very womanly, like shopping, buying new shoes, etc. Some girls take offense to this, use your best judgment.

    Physical Teasing – not quite sexual teasing, but very close.
    • You can poke (gently) under her rib cage when she’s not looking. Best when she’s ticklish.
    • Mildly tickling her, but do not over do it.
    • Giving her something but then pulling away playfully smiling and saying “go ahead take it”. The response you’re looking for is slightly annoyed yet laughing.
    • Bumping her on the shoulder with your fist follow up with “you go girl!”
    • Giving her high five
    • Giving her high five and pulling away so she misses.
    • Promising you wont do it again, giving her high five and making her miss it again.
    • Calling her a “dork” for being so naïve, saying your 5 year old niece doesn’t fall for it.
    • Fixing her hat or hair, and saying “now you’re rockstar” (making almost non-visible djustment)
    • Claiming that your touch made her more awesome
    • Extending your arm for her to grab on, and walk exaggerated arm in arm with her, acting silly
    • Skipping with her
    • Grab her hand and say “let’s skip”
    • jumping in the seat she was going to take
    • Playing rock paper scissors with her
    • Throwing a bird while playing rock paper scissors claiming “it’s not giving a fuck and it beats everything”
    • Playfully Pulling her hat over her face when in verbal sparring
    • Throwing snowball at her (aim for shoulders never face)
    • While walking on side walk slowly but gently push against her slowly making her walk into the grass or almost into the wall of adjacent building, poke fun at her for not being able to walk straight. (only do this towards inside of the sidewalk never towards the road)
    • When she’s walking and talking when she’s not looking stop walking and make her walk a distance alone talking to herself (thinking you’re right behind you). Accuse her of being crazy.
    • If she’s walking into the door way past you move left to right so whichever side she chooses to pass you on, is the wrong side. Accuse her of being socially awkward (playfully of course with a smile)
    • Teach her how to make hand vagina (YouTube- Hand - Vagina)
    • Ask her if she was every member of Pen 15 club in Middle school, if she doesn’t know what it is, grab a pen and write PEN15 on her hand in all caps. Now she has Penis written on her hand. Naturally poke fun at her, call it “unacceptable behavior”.
    • When meeting her in the group of friends, come behind her and put your palms gently over her eyes, make her guess, then say “Santa Claus, have you been a good girl this year?”
    • Pillow fight
    • Pool play, splashing, throwing her in, etc.
    • Giving her piggy back ride
    • Getting no her back (playfully) and saying “Go horsey go!!” (naturally with laughter)

    Escalation Tension – this is kind of teasing you can do once you past comfort and attraction stage.
    • Lean closer to her as if you were going to kiss her, then pull back
    • Touch her on the small of her back as you lead her into the door
    • Find excuse to take her hand hold it a little longer than should, then let it go (palm reading, ask her how she shakes her hand, etc.)
    • Give her hug then let go one hand keeping one hand over her for few more seconds, then let it go.
    • Come from the back closer to her neck when you two are looking at something far away or at the computer
    • lean in to whisper her something
    • While giving her a hug, take long breath in with your nose, tell her she smells good (delicious)
    • Dance with her at the club by pulling closer and stepping back. Each time making her come to you.
    • Take her hand and lead her somewhere.
    • Hold her hand BARELY touching, so at any minute it can fall out, if it does let it. Do not go for it.
    • When parting hug her tighter than before, keep the hug longer then do the hair smell or whisper in her ear. Best for first date, you can say “you did good today!”
    • Sit NEXT TO HER, avoid sitting across for her.
    • Keep strong eye contact, let her look away, then look at her lips, then at her eyes. (Credit: david d)
    • Leaning in for the kiss half way and staying there, she will lean in to kiss you
    • Kissing her longer without tongue

    Physical and Sexual Tension – is the kind of tension if you already have been kissing/making out. Rapid escalation towards sex.
    • Grabbing her and passionately making out with her as you push her against the wall.
    • Pulling her hair as you kiss her and her neck.
    • Touching her body EVERYWHERE BUT her breasts, Vagina.
    • Touching her on inner thigh as you two sit side by side, rubbing it up and down, but not going for the goods
    • Coming from the back and holding her while whispering in her ear, kissing her neck
    • In same position as above, putting your arm all the way up to her bra line and other hand two fingers (pinky and ring finger between her belly and belt, NOT going for the either goods.
    • Facing her and lifting her up and sitting her on the kitchen counter with her legs around you. Making out.
    • Giving her neck massage while she’s sitting, going as low as her bra, maybe under her blouse but not going for nipples.
    • When kissing, moving your hands up and down her sides from around her ass all the way to the side of her tits, gently going over her nipples with your thumbs for brief second.
    • When kissing putting your palm against side of her hand brushing it back towards the back of her head, grabbing her hair and gently tugging in pulling her in for a kiss.
    • Passionately making out with her and picking her up and putting her on the futon, bed, even floor, or whatever surface you two can lay on.
    • kissing/licking/sucking/gently blowing any of the following body parts: forehead, earlobe, neck, collarbone, flesh of her tits (not nipples), stomach, side of her stomach, back, thighs, knees, arms, forearms,
    • Running tips of your nails barely touching against her forearms, stomach, back, neck, etc. This should give her goosebumps
    • Slapping her ass and saying “Good girl”
    • asking her to be sexy for you “Show me that nice ass!” “Lean in let me check you out” “bend over and be sexy about it”. These are best done once you two have had sex already.
    • Have her laying in your lap, brushing and massaging her neck.
    • Massaging her feet (not every girl likes that)

    I have done all of these and had very positive and successful feedback from several girls. Add your own.

    I will also write a short post on Sexual Tension through Text Messages, since a lot of you want to know it.
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    Man, I love these so simple yet so powerful... And your having fun while doing it! Great post!

  3. Nice list you have here, I have used quite a few of these and they do work but be careful reading the girl to see if she's the type that will take it as a joke or serious and things could get worse.

  4. This post is pure GOLD!

  5. Seduction should be reduced to this stuff and throw everything else to the thrash (except maybe Framing tools).
    Alan Roger Currie says that you create tension when you frustrate her ego (by teasing, being unexepetedly straight forward, cynic, unreactive and persistent, non apologizing).

    Anything that makes her blush works.

    Heavy Eye Contact is key.

    You should add Juggler's affirmations of interest (I really wish to cover you with chocolate and lick it all) with obstacles (its a shame all this people is watching/you should get away from me).

    Kino with releases.

    Compliments/Indicator of interest with releases like non sequtur teasers or obstacles(You are really adorable... too bad you are such a dork/its Friday)

    So I am saying "too bad" very often

    Used right, PNL pattern stuff is made for creating tension.

    Finally, 60 Years of Challenge techniques, like staring at her with a blank face while she talks, let the silence enter and create the tension for a while, then smirk or say something.

    You should also avoid things that release tension in a AFC undelibarate way, like laughing, giggling, acting nervous, jumping to break the tension, nervous undeliberate movements, breaking eye contact, nervous smiling, asking the girl to rationalize and verbalize her feelings and/or accept and be aware of the escalation (instead of letting her passive let herself go through)

    It should be felt that you create and release tension deliberately and you are aware of the whole seduction game.

    Talking about sex in a normal and relaxed way. Talking about anything else (like puppys or salads) in a horny state (sleepy eyes, slow movements, heavy eye contact, low voice, not smily)

    The last advice is to assume and mantain rapport naturaly while doing and releasing heavier and heavier tension towards seduction, no matter what her reactions are, if you stay there and she stays there, it has been pasively accepted (if you have a right and solid frame).

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    ^ this is kind of input i am looking for, keep it going guys!

    good stuff

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    Good post. This should be pinned.

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    Hey, it doesn't let me see the "Hand - Vagina" video, says it's private. Is there something I can do about it?
    Sorry for the inconvenience, and btw, that was some good info!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shatbat View Post
    Hey, it doesn't let me see the "Hand - Vagina" video, says it's private. Is there something I can do about it?
    Sorry for the inconvenience, and btw, that was some good info!
    Youtube search for Hand Vagina. It was college humor skit, now it's removed.

  10. I did something similar recently where I did TD's 'magic' kiss thing, then teased her for not kissing me back when I did it. Afterwards she was clearly wanting to kiss me, so I started triangular gazing, then I'd move in for a kiss but then go and whisper something her ear at the last minute, then pull back. I did that a few times and she started doing it too, and the tension was ridiculous.

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