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    Autolinking - the forums need your help

    We've been refining the autolinking tool on these forums -- you know the thing that if you type a specific terms in a post, that term automatically gets hyperlinked somewhere.

    E.g., if you type how do I pick up a girl with a boyfriend, the phrase "girl with boyfriend" should in theory be hyperlinked to FAQ-type info on the subject. It cuts down on repetitive questions and helps people find the info they need. Similarly, if I type Magic Bullets, that should go to the Magic Bullets page, so that we're not derailing threads with "what's Magic Bullets?" type questions.


    Now, this can all be improved. Some autolinks could be added, others removed (if the content of the link doesn't seem appropriate to the term in most cases), and especially they can be refined. E.g., before we had a link for "inner game" and a link for "seminar". So if someone typed "inner game seminar" it would create two separate links to two places instead of the obvious one bigger link. We fixed that, but there are more examples out there. Please use this thread to reference specific posts and terms where autolinking could be improved or made more targeted. Thanks!


    The following issues are known and being worked on. No need to report anything that falls into this list. Hopefully these will be fixed soon:

    * Case-sensitivity. Currently instructors whose names are also real words (like future or intrigue) have autolinks generated even where the context doesn't apply. We're looking to solve this issue with case-sensitivity.

    Thanks folks. Going to make the forums even better!

    The Attraction Forums (TAF) Admin.

    A couple of the best routines from Attraction Forums users have been published in the PUA Routines Manual. TAF for the win.

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    linking "The Rules of Attraction" goes to the Amazon listing for the movie called "The Rules of Attraction."

    linking "The Game" leads to the Amazon listing for Neil Strauss' book.

    linking "The Rules of the Game" leads to the Amazon listing for Neil Strauss' book.

    linking "intrigue" lead to instructor's bio page when the poster just meant "intrigue" literally.

    "Ludacris" is linked to a body spray being sold on

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    "Cold read" could link to Cold Reads


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