Threesome with my girlfriend's best friend
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    Threesome with my girlfriend's best friend

    I am going to visit my girlfriend (HBgf) in a couple of weeks, and I know there is going to be her best friend (HBfriend), whom I most likely am going to meet for the first time.

    Chances are good, that we will end up at HBgf's apartment. The girls are really close to each other; I have my doubts that they are kissing each other in a sexual sense, but I figured since they are physically comfortable around each other anyhow, this should make things rather easy.

    So the thing is:
    I do not think that I can ask HBgf right away if she was alright with the whole situation; I figure she would be uncomfortable with this. I rather think that I should somehow guide the two into doing this sort of thing. I simply wonder how would be the best way to achieve this.

    I read The Game a long long time ago, and I remember there was something mentioned about a Dual Induction Massaging technique (which I stumbled upon using the forum's search).

    There are several things I am worried about:
    1) They know each other way better and longer than I know either of them; I do not want them to feel weird about it (or have their relationship suffer)/
    2) I do not want to upset my girlfriend with this thing... Hence I think the threesome should rather 'just happen' (I am definitely not gonna force it).
    => On the one hand I don't want to talk my gf into this, on the other I think I should be careful with kissing the other girl (or doing more to her even....).

    So, I'd rather see the two getting it going, and them sort of 'inviting me in'.

    Is there good literature or some good forum posts which I have missed so far?

  2. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

    Get laid by the gf. If they want a 3some...its going to happen.
    Women that tag team dont have to be talked into it.

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    To me, there has to be some sexual energy in the room, a comfort level that her friend is going to see your dick, you're not going to run off with her best friend or think her best friend is hotter than she is. If her best friend has admitted to experimenting with other girls in the conversation, then ask your girl if she ever has...

    Usually it's not a good situation when the best friends are doing the same guy, because one of them is in a LTR and the other girl is throwing her friendship under the bus by seducing the guy.

    I usually know if my gf experimented in the past or would consider it, or never do it. Opinions can change the more comfortable they get with you and the more they trust you.

    It's no different than if your girl one day said "I want to do you and your best friend...right now, I've always wanted to do 2 guys." Wouldn't you be raising a lot of questions?

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    Just an idea from another PUA and his LR

    blah blah fast forward, to 2 sexy girls back at my place. I whip out my old trusty truth or dare.

    We start with truth or dare, things are getting sexual, im licking the salt off one girls nipple for my tequilla shot, then make the other girl lick salt off the other nipple for my dare. Good times..... but the game wasnt moving fast enough and we all wanted it to. (yet, remember girls LOVE foreplay so the longer we mess around before we fuck the hornier they will be and better the memory, so I am wanting to escalate but not running immediately for home base)

    So, I say now we are playing Truth AND Dare, because lets be honest, we all really just want the dares! I use a few truth questions as barometers and to lead their imaginations and dares to escalate. Lots of fun, but here was the best I came up with and I WILL be using it again.

    You dare a girl to figure out who kissed her. So you blind fold the girl, the one girl kisses her, then you kiss her. She has to guess who was #1 and who was #2. Its FUN, you are laughing and its sexual. Rinse Repeat. If you want to start more innocently go with neck, hand etc...

    Then we escalated to guessing who was kissing nipples, legs, and finally oral sex. Nothing like having 2 girls blow you separately and then at the same time!

    By this time its all just full on threesome and whats cool is if you want one girl to make out with the other while you are going down on her, you just dare, any dare is like a command at this point

    Sets up for a long running joke that you can use when ever you want and easily allows you to escalate.

    In case you are wondering, YES I made them keep their heels on the whole time. Most of the dares were done with them in their panties and heels (early on dare was everyone take off all your clothes but your underwear by the other girl LOL)

    I used T or D on a date the night before, and dared the girl to go the bathroom and take off her panties she was ragingly horny after that.

    Good times roll on.

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    I know you're not going to like this, but threesomes can fuck up a relationship on a huge scale.

    If you're going to have a threesome with your girlfriend, you have to level with the woman - as in, pay attention to her while fucking the other girl at the same time. When most relationships come to an end (in relation to having a threesome), it's because she became jealous of the other girl and / or you were paying way too much attention to the other.

    If you know the risk, then go for it. If you're not cool with it, it's best to find 2 total strangers. Or a FB and her friend.

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    Bringing a LTR into a threesome is bad juju more often than not, just so much to go wrong there. Too much chance for jealousy during or after between you and her and her and her friend, someone is GOING to get pissed unless everyone involved is very mature and in touch with their open sexuality.

    If anything you should lay a LOT of ground work when just the two of you are together and horny, like when she is really randy and has had an O or two ask her if she has ever wanted to be with a girl, tell her how hot it would be to watch that, or be with her and another girl. If she freezes up and goes dry, you can back off and drop the subject and you KNOW that she is not a candidate for that.

    In my very limited experience with this, it works best if the women are already BFFs and have joked or tried a little flirting well before you even come into the equation. If you can set it up to start fooling around with one and "get caught" by the other and then switch to dominance and tell them to do things like "come over here and kiss her like I know you want to, touch her boobs" etc. Then they are just "doing as they are told" and don't have to accept blame and feel naughty because heck "I was just being told to do that and wouldn't have otherwise".

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    The only way this can possibly happen is if you have your GF on your team.
    You get VERY drunk
    Serious drugs are present (not recommended)

    Your problem is, girls are REALLY good friends. In fear of making things awkward, girls will not go for it.

    your best bet is to find someone your girlfriend knows, of course your girlfriend MUST be in on this with you.

    how do you even know if your girl LIKES other girls?

    Here is how i see this happening:

    most likely there will be another guy, your girlfriend's friend will bring so she doesn't feel like a third wheel


    things might align just right and girls are already "working" on surprising you when you arrive. But chances of that are very slim, i think you should buy a lottery ticket if you get that lucky.
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  8. Relationship Ruiner!!

    So about 8 months ago me and my girlfriend who have been on and off for 5 years started talking again after not talking to eachother for about 10 months. Since she was across the state we started texting and somehow i convinced her to send me a nude pic of her and her friend. 2 months later I ended up moving back home(which is where she was) and we got ack together. Me her and her bestfriend of 10-12 years all were hanging out one night. Ive known her friend for about 5 years the same as ive known her. We ended up going to a club and getting drunk. Her friend was visting and decided she wanted to sleep in bed with me and my gf cause the couch was just uncomfortable. Her friend is extremely sexy and has great sized breast and the perfect body with a great a**. With this situation looking to be in my favor i pursued my gf and started hooking up with her while her friend was laying next to us. One thing led to another and we ended up having a threesome and man was it awesome!! Greatest day of my life. Her friend was a little hesitant but my gf was all for it(at the time) and convinced her friend to just "try it". fast forward 6 months and they are now roomates. Me and my gf are still together but whenever i go to her house or hang out with her friend around my gf seems to get very jealous. She swears i have something from her friend and criticize me for having sex with her bestfriend right in front of her. Whenever she's around which is quite often its always a weird vibe cause me and her friend know it bothers her. She till this day thinks me and her friend hookk up behind her back. ALL GUYS OUT THERE SHOULD TAKE THIS AS A LESSON LEARNED. IT CAN REALLY RUIN UR RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR FEMALE. meanwhile they remain bestfriends. This experience may be a once in a lifetime opportunity and if your willing to sacrifice your relationship for a truly great time then its alllllll worth it. just wanted to share my experience with this.

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    OP, the girls' relationship with each other isn't in jeopardy, because they go so far back. You're the new guy in the scenario. When it comes time for someone to be kicked to the curb, it will be you.

    Threesomes and relationships don't mix. Go get 2 hookers or find some DTF girls at a club.

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    Talking from experience here, The Only way you could get this to work is, if you're GF is interested (you and her talk about it and agree you're gonna do it), and she "games" her friend into it (Like literally "games her", like Female version of PUA. The 2 girls have to be attracted to each other. Also you should frame it like is an adventure, "A new, fun, experience that you are all gonna share") . If you talk to your girl and she "convinces" her friend then it becomes relatively easy. Just keep a fun, no pressure vibe and spontaneously Do the massage routine (really works).

    First you Get them both to massage your back (take your shirt off), them you and the friend massage your girl (tell your girl to take her shirt off, Bra stays on.. or off if you wants), , then you and your girl massage the friend (Get the friend to also take her shirt off!) then as you massage her, you kiss your girl, then you kiss the friend and then you grab both their heads and make THEM kiss each other and you take it from there.

    So talk to your woman and don't just "expect it to happen". Because Unless there's Alcohol and/or drugs in the mix, you can't expect two great friends to suddenly start having sex with you and with each other out the blue. That just isn't gonna happen.

    EDIT: I just realized I replied to a thread that is from 2 years ago.... That shit Cray...

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