Braddock Bootcamp - LA, June 2010
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    Braddock Bootcamp - LA, June 2010

    Straight up: if you are reading these reviews questioning whether you should sign up for a boot camp, do it. Braddock’s LA boot camp with Andrew, Bonsai, and Dubbsy was worth way more than what I paid. Everyone says that these boot camps are life changing for one reason, it’s because they are.

    Here’s what we did: On the first day, Braddock interestingly went over Transitioning first and then Opening. (It makes sense why he did this. If you paid for a boot camp, you better open. Transitioning is more important in this context.) He had us do some exercises that helped solidify transitioning techniques. This was extremely helpful and necessary for speed implementation—after all, you basically have to use the material immediately after you learn it. The second day was on attraction. Braddock’s material was gold. I let out a sigh of relief after hearing it—it’s so simple, and so subtle, and so spot-on. Again, we did some helpful exercises. The attraction material was HILARIOUS. Sometimes I laughed because the material itself was funny, and other times I laughed because it was just so good. I actually started cracking up in set sometimes after using it or winging someone using it. The last day we went over qualification, comfort, phone game, dating, and day game.

    As far as the in field report, I’ll just comment on my success. I, along with many others, had many number closes (mainly from 7’s and 8’s) and I kiss-closed a bangin’, tiny asian chick (my type exactly!). She also gave me a lap dance for like 20 minutes. I should have fucked her! Basically, here’s the key to in-field success: DO EXACTLY WHAT THE INSTRUCTORS TELL YOU TO DO. They know more than you do—you’re probably wrong, so why listen to yourself?

    Braddock was the lead instructor, and simply, he’s the man. He’s kind of like a high-voltage battery charger. When I talked to him for like 2 minutes between some sets my energy level rose 50 notches, and I subsequently went on a crusade of opening everything—this was in the beginning when I was working on getting quantity momentum. My great sets all happened at the end of the night and usually lasted about an hour and a half, but I couldn’t have gotten there without the momentum sparked by Braddock.

    Andrew, Bonsai, and Dubbsy were each incredibly helpful. I wish I worked more with Andrew in-field so I could say more, but based on what others said, he was very helpful. Andrew gave an excellent breakdown of Qualification and Comfort on the last day, which really put things from the last two nights into perspective. I really related to these discussions because I got into Qualification and Comfort both nights. He also made things really accessible by demoing what he meant and using us as dummies! Since much of pick-up success relies on things such as intonation and being physical, these demos were helpful.

    I worked with Bonsai and Adam the most, which was sweet because Interviews 52 and 53 were still fresh on my mind. Bonsai gave spot-on feedback. The last set of the first night I tried to kiss-close this hot asian chick like 8 times; but she turned away every time; yet she remained in set and didn’t mind my advances at all. I was so confused! So I asked Bonsai, “What the fuck?!” and he said I should have moved her away from her friends. This was, for me, the most resonating piece of information all weekend, probably because he was exactly right. Moving does wonders. The next night I moved ALL the chicks I opened everywhere, esp. the chick I kiss closed—we went on like 15 “dates.” Bonsai covered day game, dates, and phone game on the last day, and of course, all discussions were genius and practical.

    I have to credit Dubbsy with putting me in the mindset that ultimately made me successful: the no bullshit mentality. I’m there to hit on chicks, so fuckin’ hit on chicks: escalate, tell them that they’re fuckin’ sexy, etc. Be direct and shameless. This made my non-verbals killer. Something that I really appreciated and used constantly was his seamless ways of getting into routines. I felt like like a master chess player in-field because it kept me many moves ahead. All his advise was geared to how to implement material, which is exactly one needs in such a boot camp. I also have to credit him for helping with the kiss-close; he allowed me to mini-isolate by engaging her friend. (Thanks.)

    The biggest thing I learned from this weekend (both from the seminar and in-field) was the simplest thing: just have fun. This might disappoint you, and I understand that. But, I guarantee that any one that knows what I’m talking about, will agree that that’s what the $3000 is for. It’s a necessary condition for being consistently successful with women.

    I’ve never had such a good time, I’ve never laughed so much over the course of a weekend, I’ve never been challenged more than I was this weekend, and I’ve never grown more from a weekend. The weekend was incredible.

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    Awesome weekend man. You smashed it this weekend. Keep me posted on how things go dude. Thanks for the review.

    TO Check Out More at the Love Systems Blog - CLICK HERE

    "I look like you want to look, I fuck like you want to fuck, I am smart, capable and most importantly: I am free in every way that you are not." - Tyler Durden

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    First off, nice job Soren. You killed it on Sat. night. I saw you on the couch and had to give you a thumbs up. You were the man.

    Now on to my review. That was an amazing bootcamp. I loved how Braddock was able to break the concepts down and go more indepth into the material covered in Magic Bullets. Plus, there was also a lot of useful material and helpful tips that Magic Bullets didn’t cover.

    Soren did a pretty good job of explaining what went on during the seminar portion of the bootcamp so I won’t repeat too much of what he said. What I really enjoyed about the seminar was Braddock’s passion for the material and his ability to break it down and present it in a way that was easy to follow. Bonsai, Andrew, and Dubsey were also on hand to present some material. They also did a nice job or presenting the material.

    As for the infield portion of the bootcamp, I worked mostly with Dubsey, Bonsai, and Gil the first night. My goal was to overcome AA that night. I figured, if I truly wanted to overcome AA, I would have to do it without the assistance of alcohol. So, I decided to go the entire night without consuming any alcohol. With absolutely no alcohol in my system, I was bit tense in the beginning. Bonsai told me to warm up a little. After the warm up, I did a few approaches and got blown out. After my first blow out, Bonsai immediately came over and told me what I did wrong. And before I even had time to retreat to some dark corner and contemplate what went wrong, he sent me back out there. Another blow out. But after several blow outs, I got the jitters out and got into a bit of a flow. More blow outs followed, but I had my AA under control and had no problem walking up to girls and talking to them. I ended the night with a number close. Luckily, I read Braddock’s book on Phone & Text Game before the bootcamp because I was able to convert that number into a solid lead. We’ve been texting back and forth ever since. And it’s only a matter of time before we can arrange a meet up.

    As for the second night, more blowouts and more success. I got a lot of pointers from all the instructors. They told me what adjustments I needed to make that night. I even got a lot of encouragement from Braddock that not only put me in the right state of mind, but it also gave me a good road map on how to proceed that night. I didn’t secure a number that night… but that was totally my bad. I could have, but it slipped my mind. Live and learn, I guess.

    To all those who are thinking about attending a bootcamp, don’t waste anymore time thinking about it. Just DO it.

  4. The bootcamp was life changing to say the least. Braddock is amazing at his ability to articulate concepts that we needed to grasp in order to perfect our game. Braddock creates a very laid back and inviting vibe in his seminars. He also has a passion and energy for what he teaches. Bonsai, Dubbsy, and Andrew all provided great insight and when they taught, they did an excellent job doing so.

    The first night in field I was out with Bonsai and Dubbsy. It was definitely intimidating and I had a lot of AA to overcome, but both Bonsai and Dubbsy would push me into sets and forced me to overcome my AA. By the end of the night I was having a good time and having good conversation with women. At the end of the night they provided great feedback and pointed out things I needed to work on.

    The second night in field was probably the most fun I've had in a while in a club. Everywhere you looked the guys from the seminar were opening sets and the coaches were pushing us into sets.

    All in all I think the seminars are more than worth it. Sign up and take the first step to taking back control of your life.

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    All in all, I think the seminar was what I expected. You aren't superman after two days, but you know how to be if you are willing to put in the practice. And the format of teaching geared us to understand how to pick up with just a few things in mind.

    My first night I went with Braddock and Andrew. I told them both that my problem was not approach anxiety, and that what I really was hoping to work towards was keeping the conversation going. From that point on, Braddock just shot me off to as many girls as possible, club to club, with various lines. A few of the openers worked perfect. And I'm pretty witty when I relax, so the first two minutes went ok, but afterwards, I had no idea what to do. Nonetheless, I got two numbers that night, had my arms around maybe ten girls that night, a set of 5 asian girls, an 8 for a blonde, got a number of a girl who was clothes fucking her girlfriend while we talked, and my longest set did run for about 45 minutes. Good night, but I immediately knew I should have had a kiss close, and I was having trouble keeping the sexual tension or adding comfort. Plus, I needed a lot more material. Because as good as the night was, I was in my head trying to think of the next things to say to girls for the first 2 hours before things started to flow, and material could have been a good thing to have to calm me down. So never underestimate routines. I knew by the end of that night that I needed to have material for the phases of the model, and also to practice my flow in conversation while keeping everything we learned during the day in mind.

    The next night- to make a long story short the next night I didnt attempt pick up too much due to unforeseen vodka nuclear war, but before I got too wasted, I managed to walk with Adam to a few girls, and I immediately realized, everything I was hoping to work on, I was doing the exact opposite. Before I got a chance to fix it, I was seeing Daisy Duke in the clouds and puking out half of russia. Lesson learned, dont drink vodka from a big glass when you pour it yourself. Still, that night I did get another 5 set of asian girls into me, and a hot chick to give me her life story in the middle of the club. Nonetheless, it was a good learning experience.

    In total, I appreciated and highly recommend Braddock's bootcamp as well as the teachers included. Bonzai was funny as hell talking about day game and has a great straightforward no bullshit approach that is easy to understand. He simplifies material that could be taught in 5 hours into an hour, which is great if this stuff is to be used best practicing it. Dubbsy is a cool cat, and has got solid game in the field to learn from. Particularly take this bootcamp if you want to improve your conversational skills in game, and know the steps to picking up in a more realistic way.

    Also, the guys I trained with made this bootcamp more than worth it because of our common ground, so I highly recommend any bootcamp by lovesystems if you want to associate with people who think like you.


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    I wanted to give my impressions of the bootcamp. I'm not going to repeat what these guys said because they are right on the money. All the instructors; Braddock, Dubbsy, Bonsai, and LA2NYC to all the demo guys were great. They definitely were all helpful and also gave you instant feedback during the infield proportion. Now if anyone is on the fence, I have to tell you it's definitely worth it to sign up for the bootcamp. Honestly I expected alot from the bootcamp and I was hoping to be great with women when I came back from the weekend. Did that happen? No. Do I regret signing up for the bootcamp? Hell no. It was the most fun I had and I learned a great deal that was not on Magic Bullets and Braddock was all about natural game not routines which was what I wanted. I can't really run routines that's why I decided to do the bootcamp. So in conclusion, TAKE A BOOTCAMP. You may not become a "PUA" by the end of it, but it will certainly set you on the path there. Just remember you will have to practice EVERY day to get where you want to be. I met some great guys there, both instructors and students. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for a bootcamp already!

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    Bootcamp 2

    This was my second Bootcamp. Wooo, wait, second Bootcamp. Ya, and man was it worth it. I took my first Bootcamp two months ago with The Don and Mr. M in Los Angeles. I walked in there with some serious issues: crippling approach anxiety, an identity crisis, and a really bad attitude about dating. I walked out a changed man.

    Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight can relate with the amount of time it takes to change your body. No one wakes up one day and finds they suddenly gained 40 pounds. It took time to put that weight on, and it will take time to get it off. Our brains are very similar. We build habits over time, and it takes time to build new ones.

    My first bootcamp was eye opening. I can never look at dating the same way again. All my life I had been given a set of rules as to how women should be treated. What you can say to them and what you can't. How a man is suppose to behave and how they shouldn't. Well guess what guys, that didn't work too well for me, and if you are reading this right now I'm guessing you've had the similar results. "Let's just be friends", or "I have a boyfriend", and even times when I would destroy a perfectly good relationship because I wasn't behaving the way a man should. Love Systems material is a game changer.

    I had immediate results after the first bootcamp. The very next week I got a phone number and converted it into a first date lay. I keep that relationship going once a week while I went out looking for more. I continued to get new numbers and dates every week. During this time my confidence and competence continued to improve.

    One of the best bonuses of going to a Bootcamp is the wingmen.You and your group of guys go thru an incredible transformation together, and as a result you have and immediate bond with guys who now have the same education you do. Many of us from my first Bootcamp have gone out every Saturday since, and after 8 weeks of practicing together we have all seen tremendous change.

    So why then did I attend another Bootcamp? It isn't cheap, and I was already exposed to the material. Right? Here is the thing, the first Bootcamp created a paradigm shift in my thinking. A change unlike anything I ever experienced. As I continued to practice and gain new insight and success, it became clear that I had exposed new holes in my game. Holes that I couldn't have known about before because they were covered by so many other problems. At the second Bootcamp I hoped the instructors could identify the newly exposed holes in my game, and show me how to fix them. I was not disappointed.

    My first bootcamp was with The Don and Mr. M both of who are both killer instructors and anyone with a chance to take a bootcamp with them should jump at the opportunity. This second Bootcamp was with Braddock, author of the Ultimate Guide to Phone and Text Game. With the second bootcamp, the foundation material is odiously the same but the way Braddock taught it was slightly different. Where my first bootcamp focus was on learning and rehearsing routines, Braddock taught a method called "trigger words". Trigger words are the idea that you can get an unlimited amount of material derived directly from the girl you are talking to. The great thing about trigger words is that the conversation flows very naturally and you can have multiple interactions at the same party or social circle without repeating material. The Don talked about trigger words in my first bootcamp, but this is Braddock's bread and butter and the main focus of his course.

    Just like routines, trigger words require practice to get good. Rehearsing a routine helps make it flow better and helps your body to be congruent with your words. Rehearsing with trigger words means learning information about different places, jobs and other stereotypes so that you can reference them quickly in a conversation. Both methods are effective and useful for successful game, and to be really good you're going to need both.

    You have already heard how a bootcamp infield is conducted, so I won't go over it again. The instructors are all great and like learning from The Don and Mr. M, you would be very lucky to be taught by any of them.

    Here is a quick review:

    -Braddock: quick whited, well versed and rehearsed, excellent delivery and body language, stylish, honest feedback and suggestions.

    -Bonsi: friendly, well educated and experienced, he was a great help in the field reminding me to move the girls around the venue and to get phone numbers on high notes.

    -Dubbsy: cool and laid back, identified my problem with sexual escalation and made great suggestions to fix it, texted me at one point during night two to remind me to sit down next to the girl I was talking to (the teaching staff is constantly watching you and making suggestions, the personal attentions alone is well worth the program cost. I could not have found the other holes in my game[sexual escalation, physical dominance, and logistics] if I hadn't been watched by the team all night. I didn't know I had these problems and I never would have discovered them on my own.)

    -LA2NYC: very confident, great presentation on Comfort, has improved his teaching ability by leaps and bounds since the first bootcamp 2 months ago, it really shows how much work he has put in

    One of the best thing about the instructor team is that they are all great guys who had to overcome the same issues we do. They are friendly and genuinely wish to help the students fix there problems with women. The first time around I was concerned about what people might think of me for taking this class, once I got in there and became immersed in the process the thought never again crossed my mind. I am proud to have had the self awareness to identify weak points in my life, and have the courage to seek help to solve them. This Bootcamp has changed my life and I couldn't be happier with the results. Best of all, with practice and dedication, it is only going to get better.


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