Should I apologize
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  1. Should I apologize

    Week ago I broke up with gf of 3 years, I was reading a lot on tests and such and I think I overreacted, she said it like this, I don't want to have sex till marriage, in my mind this wasn't for another ten years, so we broke up, I also get the feeling it would have been over viceversa, next day we hangout and have sex, but then I still give myself some time, 4 days later it's her prom
    and we hang out but no kissing or nothing that night, she keeps giving me hints if I want to say something, I love her a lot and I know she loves me so what do I do, apologize? Or just take her out and continue dating and tell her I can wait until marriage. It might also be she wants to get married but idk help please we haven't spoken in two days and don't know what to do.

  2. She had sex with you, but says wants to wait until marriage?

  3. I don't get it either, she later said that's not happening again but Idk, could it be that she doesn't want to because a while ago we broke up and ever since we've just been dating, could that have been a sign to just ask her out ?

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