Carbeau 1 on 1 - Philadelphia, May 2010
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  1. Carbeau 1 on 1 - Philadelphia, May 2010

    I recently purchased a 1-on-1 with Love Systems instructor Carbeau in Philadelphia. I forget who posted this quote on the Attraction Forum, but it describes my experience perfectly: “Carbeau is an extremist when it comes to getting you taken care of.”

    First and foremost, the Emails I exchanged back and forth with this instructor were worth the price of the session all by themselves. Carbeau gave me detailed, personalized instruction via Email about all of the approaches I was doing for an entire month leading up to our one-on-one training. Furthermore, for the week leading up to our session, Carbeau suggested books for me to read and exercises that would improve my inner game. At this point, I had received so much help that it was if I didn’t even need the 1-on-1 anymore.

    Then came the day of our session – Carbeau brought another “approach coach” (Streak) along, just to make sure I was getting my money’s worth; two expert perspectives for the price of one. During a phone consultation prior to our meeting, I confessed that I hadn’t made a single direct approach since purchasing Magic Bullets nine months ago (gotta love opinion openers, hah!). Because this guy is so concerned with getting his students tangible results, Carbeau challenged me and pushed me past my limits by starting off our session with two hours of daygame. That’s right…despite my protests, I was made to stop women on the streets of Philadelphia in broad daylight and use direct openers. Carbeau could have coddled me and let me continue to use the same routines I was comfortable with and had always been using, but this guy knows the game and knows how to teach, and as a teacher myself I know that the only way you’re ever going to learn is by being pushed outside of your comfort zone.

    Think about it – suppose someone wants to learn to speak Russian. They could sign up for a Russian 1 course at a university and spend four months in class learning grammar and doing vocabulary drills and MAYBE they will be speaking with some degree of proficiency when they’re enrolled in Russian 4 two years later. OR, one could just move to Russia with nothing but the clothes on their back and just live there for a year and struggle every day with the language while trying to communicate with everyone. The second guy will be speaking better Russian in three months than the first guy will in two years. Carbeau gave me the experience of the second Russian student.

    After an hour of daygame debriefing and discussing our plans for the evening, we went out for nightgame. Again, Carbeau forbade me to use anything other than direct openers since that would push me outside of my comfort zone, and the results were nothing short of amazing! The eight new phone numbers in my iPhone were well-worth the red flushed feeling in my neck every time I walked up to a woman that night and told her how adorable I thought she was and how I would be kicking myself if I didn’t come find out what she’s like. The Love Systems Interview Series are right – routines and opinion openers are just training wheels for newbies until they’re ready to start using direct openers.

    As if all of this weren’t enough, Carbeau helped me identify my sticking points. Like all great teachers, Carbeau notices his students weaknesses immediately and instantly forms a game plan for how to correct those shortcomings. All this time I thought I was using the wrong routines at the wrong times, or I simply wasn’t negging enough. However, Carbeau correctly identified that I was talking too fast, not moving and isolating my targets enough, that I had jumpy & jittery body language (all the more reason to get the new Love Systems body language course), and that I was standing maybe eleven inches too far from my targets during the interaction. Little things make a huge difference in pickup success and I’m very glad that I ended up with an instructor who cared enough to notice the little things that mattered.

    On a side note, I wasn’t expecting to hookup or get laid the night of my 1-on-1. I simply wanted to learn what it was I had been doing wrong when I was out practicing on my own. We went to an after hours nightclub (my session was only supposed to be from 6pm to 2am, but again, Carbeau is very results-driven when it comes to his students) and using everything Carbeau had taught me that night I managed to take a 9 from NYC that was in town visiting her friend back to her friend’s apartment, simply by smiling and saying “hi” to her. Because she was so high value, this girl gave more shit tests than an industrial sewage-water purifier. Fortunately for me, Carbeau had provided me with so much training and so much knowledge not covered in Magic Bullets or any of the Love Systems Routines Manuals, that I was able to deflect her shit tests like Keanu Reeves deflected punches at the end of the movie “The Matrix”.

    I also had the opportunity to watch Carbeau approach women during the day and at night in the bars and clubs; he combines a perfect mix of sharp-and-well-dressed mystique with seductively playful. Case in point: When I was having doubts about my first three daygame approaches, Carbeau sprinted after two law students in their 20s wearing black cocktail dresses and walking out of a hotel where I’m sure a room for the night costs more than my car. Within thirty seconds they were giggling, touching their hair obsessively, and insisting that we come to their other hot friend’s birthday party. It was almost painful to say no. I would definitely recommend Carbeau to anyone who wants to improve their game (especially their inner game), get pushed to the next level, and identify their sticking points

  2. i think this is the second review of carbeau's training i've read. philly is the closest major city to me--i gotta save my pennies and sign up!

  3. Hey rhettro84, unfortunately, Carbeau just moved to Shanghai for business. The next two closest instructors to us are "Big Business" and "Fader", both of whom live in NYC.

    Quote Originally Posted by rhettro84 View Post
    i think this is the second review of carbeau's training i've read. philly is the closest major city to me--i gotta save my pennies and sign up!

  4. haha. damn. just my luck. thanks for filling me in though.

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