Central Jersey/New Brunswick/Rutgers
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    Central Jersey/New Brunswick/Rutgers

    Need a wing for Central Jersey/New Brunswick and Rutgers. I do night and day game. Let me know guys.

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    Hey I'm interested.. I live about 20 minutes from Rutgers.. and I'm going to be a freshman there this fall.

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    Im down for sarging Rutgers.... Ill do week nite game.... are you sarging the campus??? or clubs/bars?

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    Yo I'm a senior at Rutgers. Anytime dude. Yo patrol the bars at easton, the ones on George st or a house party guy?

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    I'm down, I don't live far from Rutgers New Brunswick campus. I go to school in the Newark campus. PM me.


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    Hey everybody, if I didn't PM you, feel free to PM me. Thanks.

  7. Hey everyone I'm in the North Jersey area and work in Central New Jersey. Looking to try these techniques in the book with people in the area. So feel free to PM me as well.

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