Mr. M & Vercetti seminar - Copenhagen June 2010
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    Mr. M & Vercetti seminar - Copenhagen June 2010

    This Saturday I did that weird thing - went into the open with my supposed gamerhood and got acquainted with Love Systems in reality itself.
    The first thing that appeared, as we stood there together, suspiciously glancing around at each other like a pack of criminals, was a feeling that we were with friends. The instructors arranged the chairs in a circle "because we are all in the same boat", and right from the beginning it felt like these guys sincerely cared about us and wanted us to get better. My critical mind said: "but they are gamers, they know how to seem like they care in order to earn money" - but at some point it became clear that this was not the case. They really wanted the best for us. For a true gamer, it is no problem to be there to earn money and to want to help us at the same time. It is the same principle as when you go out - you may have the end goal of getting laid, but in order for that to happen, you go out with the true intention of having fun.

    Next thing we discovered was that Vercetti is a top-class communicator. Perhaps because he is trained as an actor, he was able to keep us captivated all the time (5 hours is a long time to sit in a room and listen) and get his messages through very clearly.
    There were four main parts to the seminar: beliefs (inner game), body language, attraction, social circle mastery. Vercetti took care of the first two, and then Mr. M stepped in for the last two - although they both made some remarks and gave extra information during each other's presentations. Mr. M - also a strong communicator and a definite "friend" taught us about flirting, writing up a text example also. He got into several different ways of sparking attraction, some text game and more aspects of social circle mastery than I ever knew existed (although he continually claimed this was just the top of the iceberg). Mr. M was very tired, having apparently only slept 1 hour the night before. He fought bravely and delivered the seminar in good style, but sometimes he would lose track of his words or struggle to think of examples to illustrate his points. It was not disastrous - Mr. M gave informative and quite advanced presentations - but I was left feeling sure that Mr. M in full swing would have been more dazzling.

    All of the seminar had an air of interaction. Anyone could ask questions at any time and we did, although most of the time was spent on presentations. Vercetti treated us to hypnotic motivational speech, body-language exercises and live body language feedback. Mr. M gave us written interactions and both demonstrated in-field moves (in the seminar room).

    I arrived already knowing a lot about the Game, familiar with a lot of theory, and although they did say many things I already knew, there was more new information for me than I had expected. I had not come for information, but for motivation. For a new solid ground to set out from. With regards to this, I'm a bit perplexed about the reasons for the structure of the seminar. When Vercetti started out the seminar by talking about beliefs, that made perfect sense. But the remaining parts of the seminar, while individually interesting and important, did not seem to have any profound connection to each other, and so I did not get a feeling of being led on a path, but rather of being shown an awesome "montage" of various Game systems, tricks, mindsets and methods. Here's a possibility for amping up the seminar.

    I have been one to shake my head at the prices of Boot Camps and seminars, and I still do. Most of them are way out of the economic league of a student such as myself, but at the special prize of 99, this seminar was really a good bargain. I feel like it has marked a definite change in my Game process, putting it back on the rails at a time when it had been somewhat derailed. Both Vercetti and Mr. M were very much "there", eye to eye with us, although they are lofty "pick-up celebrities".

    Best regards. Hopefully you'll see me suddenly surprise-stealing a hot woman out of your left arm in your favourite nightclub before too long!

    - "tall guy" Poetic

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    By the way Vercetti, I'm using your rubber band trick and my wrist is already sore after one day, but I think it's helping!
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    A great 5 hour peptalk/kickstart

    I also attended the seminar in Copenhagen.

    For long I have been talking with 3 of my friends about joining one of the Love Systems seminars. But, they are expensive and we have not yet seen one in Copenhagen so there would be the added expense of travelling and accomodation.

    But now we had the chance - a cheap and quick seminar in Copenhagen - nice!

    And it truly was nice. I am not that skilled in mastering the game. Have had a little succes with some routines, but it usually only works if i am pretty drunk - so I lack self confidence a lot...

    The seminar was a great eye opener for me! I found that others where in the same situation I was in, I found out that there were ways to address my issues. Vercetti and Mr M were a great ressource in answering our many questions about everything.

    The seminar had a great structure - we met up in the afternoon, had 5 hours with first Vercetti and then Mr M, they covered a lot of ground and made sure no one was left behind and also challenged the more experienced participants.

    I enjoyed the seminar very much and also appreciated the opportunity of trying this cheap alternative - now I definetly know that I want to visit London or Stockholm or anywhere else for a Bootcamp seminar. If the output matches this miniseminar then soon I will be an master of this art also!

    If just those damned nerves don't mess me up

    Thanks for a great seminar from me!

  4. Lean, mean attraction tips

    This was attraction coaching without flab. Lean advice that is well thought out and immediately usable. Mr M and Vercetti pulled no stops when they laid out their advice... no soft flab for the faint of heart. I really appreciate that. The seminar addressed a good mix of inner-game (a critical foundation imho), bar game and social circle mastery, giving a teasing notion of the complexity of thorough game.

    Highly recommended for the noob and pro alike.

    Good stuff guys!


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