Still needing approval

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  1. Still needing approval

    I have progressed massively since getting into the game about three years ago. I started out not able to approach and now I can average around 2 - 3 numbers a night and usually get a makeout. However, one problem still remains. The need for approval.

    This is so deep seated within me, I know all the rules about non-approval seeking, detachment from the outcome, indifference etc. but this is so internal it's beyond anything my logical mind tells me. For example, girl I work with who im really into, we went on two dates, now she has gone cold, very little talk and it has had me in a bad mood for the past two days. I know it really shouldnt.

    Part of me feels like im trying to fight human nature. Surely it is only natural to want the approval of a woman you like? I truly believe the key to all game is basically not giving a fu*k but this approval seeking is holding me back and sapping my positivity right now.

    Any tips are really appreciated guys. Thanks

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    It's not about really not giving a fuck. It's about appearing to not give a fuck. Two different things.

    It's about watching what you say before you say it. Also knowing when to walk away and have some respect for yourself.

  3. That's true but when I you get close to someone you can't just pretend, it hurts! When she goes cold it shouldn't be pissing me off so much, i need to find a way round this.

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    Couple of things:

    1) Sometimes we do establish an emotional connection with women and it becomes really difficult to ignore the chemicals in our brain that are telling us that we need them. Best thing you can do in this situation is move on. Meet other ladies and try to distance yourself from the person causing you pain. Remember: time heals all wounds.

    2) You are allowed to talk to women about what's going on with them if you are actually involved with them on some level. If you get a girl's number and she's not texting you back, then it's not cool to be like, "WHY AREN'T YOU TEXTING ME!? I thought we liked each other!" But if you're dating a girl and out of nowhere she goes cold then it is totally socially acceptable to sit her down and be like, "I feel like you're being weird. What's going on?"
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