How to set up day 2 after playing hard to get without losing the frame/value?

I've been playing with alot of cocky funny, Swinggcat'ish 'I'm the prize' type stuff over text recently.

I find I can reframe nearly everything and it works good to keep their state up but how can I keep this 'prize' frame when setting up a D2 cos it's quite the IOI on my part (I know it will easily be handled once I get some thoughts on it which is why I'm writing this for input).

For this one girl I'd already setup the D2 and it was meant to be tomorrow then when I said something to change the plans she said 'can we make it another day as I'm going to X with Y friend in the evening and I don't like to rush'.

I was just like 'k' when she said that and she replied 'oh, mood' so had backpeddle somewhat. In hindsight I should have gone something like 'k, but now you have to make it up to me next time buy doing X'. I wanted to do a few more texts to make sure it didn't seem like I was pissed cos otherwise it might betray that I was only after the fuck. Likewise I didn't wanna do to many to come off too reactive.

I had been cf in all my replies saying stuff like asking if she's a player and I don't put out on the first date and she has to wine me and dine me etc.

So how can I propose future D2's without losing the above 'prize' frame?

I know some people say 'I'm doing X at Y time come along' but this seems kind of stupid cos she will quite likely be busy on that day whereas she wouldn't have been on another day had they inquired. So using that tactic it's like playing a roulette wheel with a small chance that she will be free on the suggested day given that any mildly attractive girl has things going on all the time.

I want a way to inquire about their schedule without losing value as well as to setup the D2 on such days without losing the prize frame.

A pretty good line I've used before is 'how is your schedule looking this week?' so then I can inquire without putting myself on the line by making a suggestion. If she suggests days I take it as an IOI then continue to setup D2, but how to setup?

Maybe then I could say 'coincidentally' that I had some errands to run/whatever and she can meet me then.

Also what is a free/non 'date frame' D2 location which takes place in the evening? as the 'errand' technique is only pertinent for the day. I find many girls work 9-5's and so are only free in the evenings thus cutting down my chances for daytime meets even more.

Thing is I like daytime D2s cos you can easily do something non datey in the day like go to chill somewhere on the grass/walk/whatever but at night, prima facie it seems you can easily get ensnared in the dreaded AFC dating frame activities such as meeting at a bar and going to cinema.

The bar is ok as a location but I found it fucking sucks if the girl expects you to buy them a drink (How could you get out of that without seeming like a dick? It's not as easy as in attraction where you can tell them 'no way hose' cos you're meant to be in comfort now?)

So suggestions for reframes to still go to a bar without the dating frame would be good cos there's lots of choice of bars and/or other locations which are neutral and non datey for the evening.