Married women showing interest: what to do?
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  1. Married women showing interest: what to do?

    I am just learning the game. There is this married women showing interest in me, i really don't know what to do and where to take things. I really don't know her intentions. Can any one please give me some suggestions on how to deal this. I just talk random things when i see her. should i escalate or whats my next step

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    No way, just leave her alone and find someone who's not taken. It's about principles first and foremost dude. If you lose those you have nothing, your just another slimball. Also what goes around comes around eventually.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thefreshmaker35 View Post
    It's about principles first and foremost dude.

    And there are practical issues: often, a married woman will get bored and act interested in another man. If he makes a move, then she may feel remorse or disgust over what she's done, but she will use chick logic to blame him for it.

    Run a little game on her. Study the results and enjoy the tension, but find an unattached woman for anything more than words. They're a much better deal in the long run.


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    I think is that no matter what you do, if you decide to give it green light, make sure she is not after new husband.

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    no married chicks bro....

  6. when being involved with a married female, things can get ugly in so many ways. its not really worth it. you could start to like each other a lot. you could get caught. anyone who gets involved with a married female should know it could end at anytime time and you cannot get any feelings for her.

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    I agree with all the others. I had one experience with a married chick in an "open" relationship. Unfortunately, she and her husband had different definitions of open.
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    Also have experience with married women where there were alleged "extenuating circumstances" that led me to think it would be a low-drama kind of thing. It wasn't.

    Morality aside, there are a legion of practical reasons why getting involved with a married woman is a terrible, terrible idea.

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    No Bueno, even the one's that SAY they are "Separated" can be bad news.
    I had one as a FB recently, swore she was avail and unattached. Turns out she would hide all the family pics before I came over, turns out she was just good at juggling. You do NOT want to BE the "Other Man".

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    This reminds me of a scenario I was in a few months back.. I went to a club, there were a couple of empty seats around me, and literally three drunk women sat at my table uninvited and were immediately all over my jock (one was asking me to sip out of her beer bottle, one was saying how "cute" I was).. In conversation it came out that two of them were married.. It was a dicey situation, given that they were all 7's or so, which under normal circumstances I would look to pull to my place.. and I had the opportunity as well, they were drunk, on my jock, and I literally probably could have pulled all three and ran a train on them at my condo.. I'm actually a practicing Catholic, and I believe in karma, and I would actually be paranoid of the extend of the pyschological damage I would do to these women when they woke up sober the next morning, so I just left the table (and they were not happy about me leaving, they wanted to get fukked).. I wonder what goes on in their home lives with their partners to create these circumstances - out with their girlfriends, getting drunk, and slobbering over guys at the club.

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