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    Bogs Day Game Journal

    As many other guys on this forum i red the day game journals and decided to create my very own, just so i will keep an eye on my own progress, can come and reread and fix my own errors or sticking points, and get some constructive criticism or advise from other guys.

    To those who already have a day journal, thanks for the inspiration guys.

    Just to give some pic of myself so people will have an image who I am some
    Myself, 33 year old who looks like 26-27, I am fairly short 5'6, and naturally possess many alpha traits. I guess enough about me.

    The goal to approach 2-3 (minimum) girls during one sarging session.

    I know i will succeed; it is just matter of time.

    P.S: I started approaching a week ago and will be posting some logs from few days

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    May 24, 2010

    Goal approaches: 2-3
    Approaches made: 3
    Phone closes:0
    Duration:40 minutes

    I am pretty happy with my approaches today, opened 3 lone wolfs and while not all of them even close to be HB8+, all of them went well, and I am happy with today. That being said I still need really push for the direct opener.

    Hb7.5 hangover

    I opened her in the subway station. She looked like she is after hangover lol, but very cute never less. There was problem with the subway this day, and i used it as situational opener, by asking her if she knows what’s wrong with a subway. She was very surprised to be opened almost in chock, but recovered very fast. She laughed pretty loud on everything i said, almost immediately me and she became center of attention for all the people who waited for the subway haha. She even tried to involve some guys standing close by asking him is he knows what’s wrong with subway, she kept going closer and further with the physical distance, keeping sometime very close and sometimes standing like few meters from me and she was blushing all the time. We stayed and spoke for like 15 minutes. Something I noticed that once I opened her, all my nervousness went away almost immediately. Another thing is we joked with each other a lot throwing jokes back and forth.

    Hb7.5-8 hired gun

    This is the girl I opened first thing after stepping into the book store. She pretty much working there. Asked her where I can find a journal for myself. She took me to the place was very excited for some reason looking on me with her big beautiful eyes, making it very strong eye contact. At some point I was not sure anymore who picking up who ha-ha. It all lasted for like 5 minutes. At the end I asked her what her name is, thanked her for the help and went to look for the journal.


    Right now I just try to approach anyone I can and beat my AA. I will look into numbers once I will gain enough confidence. In the same book store while checking the journals I saw this HB standing looking for journals too ha-ha. Opened her with which one is better in her opinion. She did not know the answer, I was very confident kept the appropriate distance kept it very positive and challenging. Did enjoy it a lot, she seemed to be very into talking to me, thanked her and let her go.

    Over all very happy with my day, compared to 2 previous other days it is best day so far, i really enjoyed each interaction and the whole sarge time took no more than 40 minutes which is huge progress.

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    May 25, 2010

    Goal approaches: 2-3

    Approaches made: 3
    Phones: 0
    Duration:1.5 hours (i know sucks)

    Not very happy with that day, clearly did not push hard enough even trough had one girl clearly over me.

    Main goal is approach women at least 2-3, and keep pushing myself to the direct opener. It’s been 3 days of approaches, and i really want to cross the line in my inner state. As for in all other days i am not going home until i approached number of women that is set in my daily goal.

    Earlier today one of my previous gf’s called and asked to go with her and buy some gift for her new bf. Lol, we are good friends now and she was going to same mall where I planned to sarge, so I agreed and decided that I will walk with her for an hour and then go and sarge on the lake. Figured out I will be easier to make my first direct approach over there, how was I wrong lol. We meet, go to the mall she buys what she wanted, and within an hour I am on my way to the lake.

    Hb old.

    Yah I know. When I arrived at the lake and started walking looking for some lone wolf’s, and nothing. I walked freaking probably 2km easily and not even single by herself girl. I couldn’t believe to my eyes. Eventually opened this 45+ years old women by asking her what the time is, thanking her and making a comment about how good the weather is. Lol


    Opened her at second cup, she looked something with caffeine but not hot coffee, so I suggested her to take ice coffee lol, she answered very energetically we spoke for 2-3 minutes and then I stall. I kind of noticed that everybody in this coffee shop standing and listening to us, and I lost it lol, I did not freak out and did not lose confidence, but with just this realization alone my mouth couldn’t say a word. She finished with her coffee, said to me good night, made eye contact and left. She clearly was attracted.

    Hb 7.5

    Her I just asked for a time. Did not continue from there.

    In conclusion this day could be so much better. I am quite disappointed with myself. Thing is I don’t even have AA to ask something like time, there was no reason not to push myself further.
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    Session: 3 (May 29, 2010) Saturday.

    Approaches: 5
    Phones: 0 (i am not there yet).
    Duration: 3 hours (i really need to work on this, as i lose a lot of time walking around).

    I been going to it for entire week now. After entire week (at least one approach at day) i was leaving weekend for the direct approach.
    I kept the weekend for the direct approach that I decided to do at the lake. I figured out doing direct in mall will be hard for me, and for the first time I maybe better find a sarging spot where I can make my approach in non busy place.
    I must admit, I fairly proud of myself to go direct after just only around 7 indirect approaches even though the results is nothing special and overall feeling is that i definitely could do much better. But i am still learning and so I have no doubt that I will improve as a time will go.

    I woke up in the morning in a good mood excited about the day today, went out, ate sushi and went to the lake. The main plan is make approach and get out of there right away.

    hb 7.5
    After arriving at the lake i see many people and my AA is start kicking. I walk long distance on my leg and cannot find a courage to actually approach. i even found myself in some moment realizing that anything i say to myself is an excuse, but still it was hard to approach direct when i never actually did it before (only one time long ago).
    on a half way i spot cute Asian girl, she is walking toward me and there is no one around. i really don't have an excuse to not approach. she stops few meters from me and starts dialing something on her mobile. I really don't have any more excuses. I come from a side, say "Hi". No reaction , she did not even hear me, then she notices me, and i deliver my opener "Hi, I know it is kind of forward of me, but i think you very cute and i wanted to come and say it to you". She answers "oh, thank you", giving me some very intense eye contact. I say to her that i better get to go and leave without even saying hi.
    I noticed that once i really decided to approach her the AA is disappear. That approach is also showed to me that while i do have game plan after initial approach i really need to stack some material together.

    With her I really just wanted to see what will be a girl reaction to direct approach.

    HB 9
    One of the most best good looking girls i saw, with amazing body toned body.
    As i make on my way back i spot this very beautiful girl laying on the grass all by herself. she is so good looking that i can actually see how every guy around looking on her with "i want you" eyes lol. I pass her at the first, then stop, then evaluate situation then decide to approach. I also kind of like the fact that this approach will push me out of my comfort zone and that everybody will watch me while i do it. So i look on her and go in. I come and notice that she listening to iPod, so i just stop in front of her kind of half sitting until she notices me, then i sign her to take iPod off. I deliver my opener she goes, "thank you, it is so flattering" , i then ask her how come she manages to stay on the sun for so long, and she tells me about her being half Italian. and then i stale. it creates awkward moment, i recover but too late. she loses interest, i try ask more questions. the more i am there the more I get the feeling that she doesn't want to talk anymore. So i say bye and eject. At the end she did not even give me eye contact or looked at me at all.

    As i walk from her I notice that everybody is looking. It is funny feeling but it feels good.

    Something interesting happened here:
    I go to Union station, thinking i can approach somebody there, as i go in i spot HB smoking outside, i decided to approach but she talking on the phone, so i just stop and sit not far from there and start to mess with my new blackberry.
    Suddenly out of nowhere some old guy comes out and sits right beside her, he looks fairly creepy even to me. 5 minutes after she stands and leaves the place.
    I continue to sit and wait for maybe another HB as at this time i am fairly tired of walking around. Lol the creep leaves, and comes back and 3 times like that. Can you say what the hell lol eventually i leave too.

    I go to the washroom and there 2 guys open me with opinion opener about if hat looks bad on an Asian guy. It did felt like i been opened just for sake of it. The guy had fairly nice body language but his hat been taking it all down making him look immature. I figured out somebody trying to sarge so i told to guy truth, told him that he is better off without the hat. Then we go outside of washroom and he tries to qualify me and make some comfort. He seemed to be a nice person. I just left after that pretty much.
    But it was one of an interesting things today.

    HB 7.5
    After walking some more i am heading to my living area. I feel like i did set number of approaches but over all feel that in this amount of time i could do more approaches and this is something i really need to start working on. By this time i want to go to bar and have some beer after walking for so long on this hot sun, but i decide i will go only once i make one more approach. Eventually after spending long time and not finding no one to approach i decide that i will just sit and wait, and when HB passes i will approach her, i feel i walked enough for today lol
    I sit and sure enough after not long time hb appears, i go after her and make my approach. She says "thank you" and i realize that with my approach i just fried all her brain activity lol. I extend my hand say my name she starts saying something very nervously, then cuts herself and says her name and shake my hand lol. I eject. Right before i leave she says "thank you" again lol.

    At this point i realize once again that with direct approach some stacked humor material just must!

    I take a break and go to the bar, the beer never tasted so good lol

    HB 8 (indirect)
    I am getting out of the bar, realizing one beer really doesn't feels like drinking at all, walk to subway station and decide to approach someone more. I spot this HB sitting all by herself and smoking, so i approach and ask her about if there are any nice parks in the area. She is very engaged, surprised that i approached, very emotional and we have a nice conversation with her for about 5 minutes about different topics. Something says to me that she either drunk or under a drugs influence. It feels like later one, i feel big turn off, so i nicely say bye and eject.

    HB 7.5 (inderect)
    I arrive home and as i walk through the front door of my building i notice some HB running. I turning back, smiling and keep the door open for her. I then go "It must be your lucky day" and laugh. She laughing back we go into elevator. She is about in her late 20's. She is very engaging, playing with her hair looking on me, and we talk about whether and how it is nice that summer finally arrived. I got a feeling she wanted a number exchange, but she is my neighbor and we live in same building so i don't feel like going for it.

    Going tomorrow to sarge again for direct approach, but going to push myself to make the approach in much busier environment.

    I have some observations and positive and negative points to write about today sarging session. But i am tired to type, so will do it tomorrow, hopefully before i go to sarge.
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    Those observations is for myself to keep track and tell myself on what I need to work in my approaches.

    I seems getting very strong eye contact from the girls when I deliver my opener, they actually stare in my eyes. However, right after I finish deliver they shut down and try not to make any more eye contact.

    Seems like the better girl looking, the better she reacts.

    Positive points:
    I seems to get fairly good at situational opener, and naturally capable to have a conversation with HB, I can attract every time I open with situational opener. I definitely going keep them as a tool and use them.

    Direct approach boost confidence so much. It is amazing.

    I seems to have very good eye contact with the girls.

    I seems to have very solid body language.

    This no doubt most important point that I must to work on. Must stack some attraction material together, some humor etc…, otherwise I definitely fail to cross the line after direct opening. The girls just shut down, and if I don't have anything to continue it creates weird situation and kills everything. Saw it with HB 9 and HB 7.5 in my direct approach.

    I walk too much, need to find venue or street where I can stay stationary and just approach them. It is really getting tiring.

    Wasting way too much time to make my approaches, need to approach no matter how many people around (unless those people stationary too like in coffee shop).

    Need to vary between cute to gorgeous in my approach, seems that only one of them don't feet everywhere.

    Need to hesitate less, yesterday I let sleep more than 5 opportunities to approach.

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    Session: 4 (May 30, 2010) Sunday

    Planned approaches: 2-3
    Approaches: 1
    Numbers: 0
    Duration: 2 hours.

    Today was somewhat disappointing day. I did only one approach instead of 2-3 that I planned out.

    I starting to learn that going to lake is somewhat not always productive, as sometimes there just no single girls, they seems to be all with their bf or whoever.
    I missed few opportunities to approach, but overall in 2 different locations I couldn't find targets to approach, it was very strange. But seems happening to me sometimes. I guess it is a life, some days better, and some days worse. But still never less today could be a better day.

    HB 8 (indirect leading to direct)
    As I arrived on the sarging place. I decided to approach somebody right away as I remember how much time I wasted in my previous times, and sure enough I spot this hb 8 Asian chick with her dog. It was clear that she waited for somebody, but I decided not to make assumption and approach her anyways. I go in and open her "Hey, seems like your dog really enjoys the weather". I don't know how I came up with this line, but that what I said and it hooked perfectly lol. We spoke a little bit about dogs, weather, lake, etc.., then while talking I lead the conversation to what I am doing there, and I go and say "I basically walked over to the lake, saw you, and you looked very cute so I decided to come and say hi" , she goes " oh thanks" then goes to her dog "say thanks" lol, I laughed and answered " I was actually thinking very cute about you and not about the dog" lol. She say thanks and we continue conversation.

    Later on she say the bf line, that he is coming and currently looking for place to park, I stay unaffected, talk with her 2-3 more minutes than say "I better keep going then. Was nice to talk to you and I still think you very cute", say bye and leave.
    And that's it, after such a good start I walked through the beach and couldn't find no one to approach, I decide not to waste any more time and go to the street and approach there. I finally reach a street where I made approach yesterday and decide to sit and wait until I spot HB, but after around 20 minutes of no luck I just leave.

    I clearly missed few opportunities to approach, and my game is nowhere close to be able approach first good looking target, but still, streets today was lacking HB's compared to yesterday.

    It did not feel creepy today to approach, felt actually quite natural.

    Good points:
    I feel much more comfortable to approach HB now. The conversations skills is much better than they used to be for the non direct approach.

    Today when I approached HB I was not overwhelmed with the approach and actually made some decisions as for where to take the conversation. Huge improvement for me over the other days.

    Bad Points:
    Need to get more balls to approach any target i like when I see her.

    Need to prepare stack of material for my direct and not direct game.
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    Awesooooommme. Saw what you posted in the toronto get together forum and decided to take a look Glad to know your going out on your own, and actually putting the effort. But what i saw is that you sort of milk the opener. for example

    "I basically walked over to the lake, saw you, and you looked very cute so I decided to come and say hi" , she goes " oh thanks" then goes to her dog "say thanks" lol, I laughed and answered " I was actually thinking very cute about you and not about the dog" lol. (noooo) She say thanks and we continue conversation.

    thats milking, dont compliment more than once it just makes you look sort of....not desperate know what i mean. instead you could have negged and said "but the dog is way cuter, could i pet it?" (than you pet and talk about the dog and what she is up to today and blah blah.

    so that is just something i noticed. but overall good work. just keep in mind to change to introducing each other after opener rather than milk it.

    keep up the good work, lovin the journal!

    and whats good about writing a journal, is that you get our advice, and you spot your own mistakes. Allowing you to correct them and futher progress. Good thinking!

    looking forward to reading more

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    Thanks for the support.

    It is hard not to agree with you as what you say actually make a lot of sense, from my approaches I also noticed that talking about myself right of the bat make girl to lose interest, and I do tent to slip into comfort way before time. I think something funny and humorous will be much more calibrated to direct approach situation.

    With this girl, i had a feeling she did not understand me, and that's why I repeated myself. And after it I could say, she lost attraction very quickly. So my conclusion it might be what you said and I actually milked the approach, or at least that how she saw it, but it can be something from her culture back home, that once she realized that the guy is actually after her, her social defenses kicked on.

    It is something i will need to experiment more.

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    Before I go on, i would like to state a goal of my journal. I planing to keep it until 30 sessions, or until i start to get success, whichever will come first. I might continue after that but we will see, as if i will start to get involved with women it would be hard to keep things discreet by putting them online.

    Session: n/a (May 31, 2010)

    Approaches: 1
    Numbers: 0
    Duration: 1 hour.

    I decided yesterday to take some rest today and tomorrow from the sarging, and instead of going to sarge, rather to put some attraction material together to improve my approaches. So today session will not be counted forward. I also need to get some rest from approaching, otherwise I will burn myself out.

    However, my morning started from opening some hb 8.5 and since then, approaching been on my mind entire day.

    So I will make sure I take off tomorrow and after tomorrow from approaches and actually go through some attraction material, otherwise I will be lacking theory and my practice will not be as effective as it can be.

    Hb 8.5

    This one is quite interesting.

    Very hot girl, who is unfortunately working at same building as me (on different level), so while I opened her I would not take her number even if offered, I work at very good place and don’t look forward jeopardize it in any way or bring there any kind of drama because of pickup.

    We walk together into elevator, the time is 8:00 AM morning, I am half sleepy and she is so good looking and so way taller than me, that it woke me up in a second lol. While I standing there and debating open her or not, I notice her holding 2 coffee cups. And before I realized my mouth went and opened her with a question “2 coffees ?” , she goes “Yes”, me “and you going drink it all by yourself” with a big smile on my face, she started laughing, and was like “no, the other one for the friend”. The elevator cane to her level, she was already out, when she turned around with really big smile and said “Have a great day today”. I wished her good day as well.

    I made one more approach but it is not worth mention really. I spotted HB from fairly far, went to open her directly, but as walking toward her I realized it fairly old women. So I just came up with something about if she knows where the subway station around this area.

    The entire thing happened in park, she happened to be tourist and I think she got somewhat scared. So I kept my approach as polite and as short as I could, kept huge distance, and within half minute excused myself and left.

    My goal is not to scare women but to make their day memorable.

    Observation: something strange happened today, in the evening I had huge AA, but as soon as I spotted HB to whom I felt really attractive, AA went away, and some light warm feeling filled me. I am not really sure what to make out of it. But it was very strong change.

    There is not positive or negative today.
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    I consider PU session to be only a time that I actually allocate to work on my game and improve it.

    Session: N/A (June 1, 2010)

    Planned approaches: 0
    Approaches: 1 (direct approach)
    Numbers: 0 (almost)
    Location: Local Park.

    Today I had best interaction and basically approach like today is the reason why I got into PU in first place. As well today is first time when I let HB pass me, and then run after her and completely sincerely deliver my opener.
    I had the most solid interaction, with attraction so high from the girl, that I actually went and DLV myself, to make her feel less excited and nervous. In 3 words, it was amazing.

    I also had chance to test one of my attraction stacks prepared yesterday. Unfortunately it was too short and needed to alter as I went with conversation.

    HB 8
    Yesterday while trying to make some approaches to happen, I spotted nice park in the area where I live. So even though today I decided not to make approach session, I still decided that I will approach but will not stress over this, I also wanted to test out my attraction stack that I prepared yesterday. On top of it, I did not want just approach, but I wanted to approach moving target (as I seems to have problem with those).
    It did not work quite as planned. As I arrive in park, I realize that while something like Eaton centre is very loud and very fast and you don’t really have time to think or concentrate on what you fee and need to be quick on your feets, in park it is very slow and very quiet and if you have strong AA, you all alone by yourself to deal with it, and nothing around destructs you from your AA ... lol

    Yes, that as bad as it was. Put simply I spend an hour to battle it. And not seeing any attractive HB walking past me for very long time did not help either.

    As I sit and slowly go crazy with myself lol, I spot a girl walking toward my direction, and I notice that she is way better looking than many other HB that passed me, and I decided just do it.

    I run after her, she notices me running; turns around I look into her eyes and face and deliver my slightly changed opener “I know it is crazy, but you passed through me and I was thinking you absolutely cute, so I just had to come and say hi”. She started blushing and went “omg, so thank you, so thank you”. Just her reaction itself was well worth the approach. I went on with introduction. Joked that this probably happens to her all the time, on which she assured me that no, it doesn’t. I ask her what she is doing and where she is going, we speak a bit about it, and about what she study, apparently she studies a PHD in some very smart field! I notice she is in a bit of rush so I offer to walk with her a little bit, big, big mistake, it almost looked like supplication. Never will I do it again unless there are no other choices. I felt like I seriously DLV myself with that.

    We talk about my work which is DHV on its own. After that I go with my weather routine that I developed yesterday that allows some very very light and appropriate for a day game kino. Later we talk about traveling, her culture (Italian), foods, dancing (she passionate about dancing). I keep it fun and tease her even when qualifying and building comfort, when she says something I liked I would acknowledge it and reward her with some compliment. We spoke about bunch of subjects.

    She was so attracted and nervous (in a good sense of it) that I actually felt pity for her and told her that she is nervous but I have a secret to tell, and that I am nervous too. Almost immediately I noticed that it was mistake.
    We almost reached her grocery store when I went for the phone close, offering her future meet. She stopped, looked on me and told me bf line, she told me “I want you to know that I would love to go with you out, but I have a bf, and he would not be happy with it.” I said to her there is no problem and I understand and it was really pleasure to talk to her, wished her best and left disappearing in crowd.

    Healthy women will allow you to pick her up even if she has a bf, she might not go with you or not give you a phone number, but she will let the process to happen and will enjoy it fully. It is just natural for women to enjoy seduction and know that she is wanted.
    Interaction with women is like playing a musical instrument, if you make mistake she let you know right away.

    My attraction stack did a good job, I still will spend some time seriously tweaking it, now when I have an idea what to fix, it was very convenient as well, and few times I even felled back on subjects I outlined in my attraction stack.

    My modified direct opener did a way better job and much more congruent with me then the one I used to use.

    It was a first time that I even had a chance to run attraction and qualification and comfort and closing from beginning to the end. I am sure I will improve and tweak my game. I am still in the beginning with only around 14 approaches done, with only 4 of them being direct, and I already have a game plan to which I actually stick.

    I tend stupidly DLV myself from time to time.

    I run attraction material even when I need to switch to comfort or qualification, as a result she was very attracted and did not know what hit her, but probably did not know me enough to be fully comfortable with me.

    I tend to repeat subjects, big no and no. Whatever happens I should not repeat topics.

    I know it sounds like too many negative points and few too many screw ups but in reality the interaction went very well, and I believe she would give her number. For example when I would get stack she would pick up on conversation (happened 2 times and in both times I recovered very quickly by throwing some random subject), in both of them however I lost some value. Every time I lost value I could actually see what happens to her attraction and how drastically it goes down, I also noticed that attraction can be partly recovered.

    Over all amazing interaction and it is amazing how fast an attraction and connection can be developed with complete stranger who just minute ago did not know and did not even cared about my existence.

    I still going to take tomorrow off will probably approach but will not make a big deal out of it.

    On this line I will finish for today.
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