Things You Can Do To Get Her Horny
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    Things You Can Do To Get Her Horny

    Hey I'm looking for things to do to get my girl horny as hell whenever we don't see each other through out the day such as dirty texts, romantic things, etc.

    Any suggestions?

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    Dirty texts are fun, but only if you can write fuckin' poetry with them:

    You: You have no idea what I'm thinking about right now...
    Her: What?
    You: Coming to see you at work, bending you over in front of all your coworkers, pulling up that short little skirt while you feel my hot breath on your neck, and fucking your tight ass so everyone can see what a slut you are for me.
    Her: *melts into a pile of pussy juice*

    It's all about the fantasy.

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    Play a game where you send her emails to links of erotic stories that she will like, and she has to find one to send you back

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    Quote Originally Posted by CMPitts View Post
    Her: *melts into a pile of pussy juice*
    LMAO! Dirty texting is great.

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    pixxx and/or vids accompanied with a dirty txt

  6. Yeah man, depending on how far apart yall are and how creative you are, creative dirty stories/texts can really do the trick, trust me. Been writing some for one of my girls at an internship a bit away. She dared to read one of em at work....I didn't hear nothing for the rest of the day but how uncomfortable she was.... from how wet her panties got. Yeahhhhh. haha. Apply the same rules in the stories as you're told to use in pickup, blended with creativity. It's that easy.

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    Depending on her comfort level and where you two are in sex phase; also depends on what you two do in real life.

    Here is sample script, go along with what she's replying, not in particular order:

    Start with innocent:

    "I am thinking about you"
    "I am thinking about taking you by your hand and taking you up to my room"
    "I was remembering how sexy you looked the other night"
    "I am getting turned on thinking about your body"
    "What are you wearing?"
    "I am imagining you sitting on my bed, in short little skirt, no panties, tight t-shirt wrapping around your body"
    "I imaging kissing your lips, your neck, sucking on your earlobe, licking it, biting your neck"
    "You smell so good, it turns me on so much"

    Escalate "physically" by describing in details:

    "I want to start kissing you at your forehead, to your lips to your neck, around your neck"
    "Gently pulling your hair while sucking on the back of your neck..."
    "....sliding my hand under your bra...good girl.. your nipples are so hard"
    "..massaging your tits, playing with your nipples pinching them, as I am kissing all over you"
    "Making out with you, spreading your legs and putting myself in between"
    "reaching for your wet pussy, but teasing you by massaging your inner thighs..your lips are so sweet"
    "Going down on you, lifting your tight t-shirt and going between your tits"
    "teasing your nipple...while unzipping my pants, undoing my belt"
    "feeling you reach in my pants while I suck and bite on your other nipple.."

    Now you can get sexual with her...(notice how this gets more interactive with her)

    "I like how you pull my hard cock and play with like it?"
    "Why don't you get your lips want to taste it? don't be afraid"
    "put it all in your mouth...good girl.. yeah suck it with your lips..get it all in"
    "Do you like the feeling of it getting bigger and harder, like it's growing in your mouth?"
    "oh your feel so great, you're so's soo good"
    "you like getting fingered while i finger you?"
    "What do you want me to do with that cock? you want it in you? Deep inside?"
    "Are you a good girl? Do you think you can take it all in?"
    "You're so wet, are you wet for me? You want to feel me deep inside your tight pussy?"

    Now you can switch to sex (at this point you better off calling her and taking it from there by voice):

    "Why don't you bend over my bed/chair/table/etc, show me that wet pussy"
    "you're so tight for me, you feel my cock stretching you as i force it in?"
    "I want to pinch and twist your nipples as i drive myself deeper into you"
    "you feel how i am hitting you in your deep spot...does it feel good?"

    so on so on.

    You can throw a little role-play (rough) ideas:

    "you like getting fucked at work, like a bad secretary (or whatever job she has)?"
    "aren't you a good little slutty girl getting pounded over (whatever you bent her over)"
    "You like your hair pulled as i drive my hard cock deep in your pussy? you like a little pain?"
    "You're going to be hurt you wont be able to walk right after this....take it like a good little girl"

    Etc. etc. etc.

    Text message dirty talking is a good opportunity to "act out" some kinky fantasies. Tell her at the beginning:

    "What if on your lunch break i came by and met you in the parking lot...take you to isolated spot..."
    "What if after your work we met up in a bar and pretended to be strangers, i would approach you and..." (act out a scene where you would two end up fucking in the bathroom or alley)

    Do not jump into "SEX" in text messages right away. You need to get her in the mood, get her turned on a little. Start slow. Trust me, otherwise it will sound cheesy and stupid to her. Especially if she is shy.

    oh and don't use words like penis, vagina, 'tata', pee-pee, boobies, or other diminutive terms for genitals or body part. You two are not 5 and you can say: cock, dick, pussy, ass(hole), tits, nipples, etc.

    P.S. EDIT:

    If you use terms like 'slut' 'bitch' or whatever "derogatory" play words you choose, make sure she understands its only for play and it's only in sex. I would not do it in first text message sexting. Also, clear with her that she is ***YOUR*** slut not just anyone else's or in general. She wants to feel slutty with only you and only you and nobody should ever know about it.

  8. nice thread

    gotta try some of this

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